Chapter 1

Author's Note:

This is my first fan fiction, and I made this story like a year ago I just didn't know where to put it and I didn't want to hand write it…so here it is! :)

SM owns everyone in my story except Alex…


Alex is a Cullen who has been away for the past 20 years, she was a nomad during that time, though she still ate animals, she just wandered. She finally decided to come home. This story is based after Twilight but before New Moon. So it's that summer…

The Cullen House, late at night, Edward is at Bella's house. 3rd person point of view-

"!" Alice squealed. She had just had a vision of Alex calling to tell them that she was coming for a visit. Alice couldn't wait, Alex LOVED shopping with her and Rose.

"ROSE GUESS WHO I JUST HAD A VISION OF CALLING!" She yelled up the stairs, not that she needed to but she was excited.

""Uhmmm…I don't know…who?" Rose was walking down the stairs.



At that moment the phone rang, the girls looked at each other both faces mirroring the other's.

"Hello?" Alice was the one to answer, "HI! Alex! So when are you coming? Uhmmm…hold on let me put you on speaker, Rose wants to talk too. Kay, now you want us to do what with Edward?"

"Ok, well you know that one girl Victoria? Well send me a picture of her, you said she was still kickin' right? Well, I figure I could come dressed as Victoria, ya know with a wig, red contacts and that kinda stuff, and let him open the door –WITH Bella there- and see what he does. It would be HYSTERICAL! What do you think? Can we make it happen?" Alex answered

"Haha, as if we COULDN'T. The only thing is we would have to block our thoughts, and get a picture…but I am sure we can do that." Rose answered

"Yes! This will be SO much FUN! Oh and I was thinking of coming down…in about a week, I got to pack and everything…I'm in Texas so…it will still take a few hours to get up there in my car…So talk to you later! Love you guys! Oh and don't tell anyone else it will be hard enough keeping ya'lls thoughts to yourself."

"Ok love you too!" Alice and Rose answered then hung up. "This is gonna be SO much fun! " They said together, then laughed.