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Alex's POV

As soon as we returned to the house Em, Mom and Dad immediealty rushed out to check on me-or make sure I wasn't going to rush Bella. But whatever. I knew it was cause they loved both of us and didn't want her hurt and didn't want me to have the overwhelming guilt I knew I would have if somehow I did hurt her. Eddie and Rose each had my hand, I always had to hold their hands, it wasn't like with Alice where she was only a little bit taller than me so it wasn't as awkward. If I tried to do that with Eddie and Rose I'd be two feet off the ground with my 4" 10' self. Their grips also tightened as I neared the house, I was fine though. My thirst was completely under control.

"You sure?" Edward asked obviously caring for his girlfriend

"Positive! It's not like I have had any for quite some time…in fact…I honestly don't think I've ever tasted any…I might be the cleanest one here!" I smirked back at him then spun behind Rose when he went to mess with my hair.

We all burst out laughing as we heard Bella's faint response, "Not as clean as meeee!"

I smirked and yelled back, "I've never even had MEAT! Like when I was human! Strict vegetarian, crazy Mom and no dad." The smirk left my face as I thought about my human life, only Edward knew exactly what happened, ironically, Carlisle didn't and he would've been the first to know I'd have thought. I was born to be a vampire-literally.

I heard gasps all around and I shook myself out of my reverie to notice everyone was looking at me-even Bella in the third-story window. I realized I had been projecting my thoughts-everyone had heard.

I cringed into Edward my face against his chest not wanting to see all the confused looks. He was stroking my hair trying to comfort me, although he and I knew it wouldn't work.

"Alex…would you like to share your story? You don't have to, but that is an…interesting thought…" Daddy told me, stepping forward and pulling me to his chest.

"Sure, ya'll have a right to know I suppose…" We walked into the living room and Edward disappeared in a flash after asking if it was alright if Bella listened and getting his psychic affirmation.

Once we were all settled, Bella snuggled against Edward, me against my father, Mom on my other side with her arm around me and everyone else sitting in various love seats next to their partner, I began my sad sob story which I wished I'd never have to tell again.

"Well…my "Mother"-Lou Anne- was originally from Italy. Volterra, Italy. She was the receptionist for the Volturi. The three brothers adored her, they could tell there was something special about her, but they didn't know what. At that time Eleazar was visiting and he met Lou Anne and was astonished by the power she held. Not in Lou Anne specifically, but within her…in her ovaries I guess? I'm not sure…" At this point I looked up to see Emmett and Jasper with totally confused looks on their faces. I looked at Edward who was pinching his nose and shaking his head and Alice and Rose who were looking at their husbands like they were complete morons.

"Ovaries are where women's eggs come from." Mom told them while trying to not sound like everyone in the room thought they were complete idiots and failing miserably. Their faces when it registered was hilarious and we all took a minute to relish the hilarity of moronic family.

"Anyway", I resumed when all the laughter died down, "Eleazar didn't mean to tell Aro, but Aro was doing his usual 'farewell' handshake, to see what Eleazar saw while he was here and found out about Lou Anne. Aro immediately sent Heidi out to find a handsome young man, who wasn't important in the community and was not to close to Volterra. He didn't want 'an ugly child with such extraordinary powers' because he's just shallow that way. Lou Anne had no idea what was going on when she was brought to the Chamber Room in the middle of the night and found no one but my 'father'", I said his name with disgust, the man was a terrible person, "Roger. He had been hypnotized by Heidi, that's another power she has, and was standing there naked as a jay bird. Before Roger could move Heidi grabbed Lou Anne and hypnotized her as well. There, in the middle of the Chamber Room…I was created. Lou Anne was sent to Texas to raise me as a well-mannered Southern belle, and that she did. However, the plan was kept secret from me. I didn't realize that there was a plan til one school day I was feeling sick so Lou Anne ran out and the Volturi called and left a message. I heard every word. I think that somehow they planned it…or someone was just feeling guilty because they explained everything on the message. I was so sick I ran away. I took every single penny from Lou Anne, she was a terrible mother anyway, she yelled at me a lot and would hit me everynow and then…," I snuggled into my parents more after this taking a deep breath to calm me down before continuing. I had to continue to remind myself that this was all in the past and I wouldn't ever have to be afraid again. "Anyway, then I ran away. I was about 14 and a half at that time, I ran to Vegas…I know it was terrible but I was…a more developed 14 year old and knew that I could get a room and a job there with no questions…and I did…I didn't want to. But-butbutbu-I needed a roooom aaa-n he pro-promised he wou-wouldn't…." I wailed out then was cut off as Rose whipped across the room and pulled me into her arms. I curled tighter into a ball and just rocked and rocked while Rose whispered sweet nothings into my ear and Mom rubbed my back and Alice took my hand and smoothed circles into it.

I didn't have to look up to know that all the men in the room where beyond angry, I just hope they weren't at me…I knew I would never find anyone, who'd want someone like me? Who did what did? I knew it, it was one reason only Edward knew what really happened-and he only knew cause I was thinking about it the first few days and I made him swear to secrecy. The family needed to know the rest though but I couldn't talk just yet.

"Would you like me to finish Allie?" Edward was apparently the first to get his emotions in check, probably because Bella was here, I nodded and whimpered my assent.

"Well, after the "man" that owned the hotel and strip club raped her, he threw her out onto the floor where all the strippers were getting ready to go out and made her perform. Right after her first time. She did, because he threatened her life if she didn't, then she went to the top floor of the hotel and threw herself down the staircases and out a window…which is where Carlisle found her and changed her." Edward sounded disgusted. I knew he'd hate me, I was sure it was all an act. That made me sob harder and Edward gasped when he read my thoughts and rushed to me and picked me up out of Rose's arms and assured me that nobody in here judged me, they all hated the man. I whimpered and snuggled into his arms wishing I could just sleep for an hour. But I couldn't so I stayed in his arms for a while longer til I was all sobbed out.

"There're almost here!" Alice practically yelled. We had all forgotten about the impending doom that was waiting for us from the Volturi. But getting my story out made me feel more ready to fight. They had made my younger years a complete lie. They made a woman who's only care was vanity become a Mother. They had ruined me. But he Cullens had fixed me. There was no way I was losing them.

"Take Bella somewhere safe. We have a fight to prepare for." I said with complete authority and strength.

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