Ginny was even happier this year to be going back to Hogwarts for her fourth year. She would be sitting with her best friend in Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood. Ginny was laying in her bed, daydreaming about the last night she and Luna had spent together.

"It's so beautiful out tonight," Luna murmured, absently stroking Ginny's hair, as the other girl was laying with her head in the blond's lap. *Not nearly as beautiful as you,* Ginny thought but said, "Yeah, I think it's always beautiful here at Hogwarts." "I agree," Luna smiled down at her.
Ginny felt a blush heat her cheeks as she smiled back. Luna returned her gaze to the stars as did Ginny after a few more moments of gazing at the pale beauty.

Ginny was shaken from her reveire by a scratching at the window. It was an owl. She got up and opened the window. The owl landed on her bed, holding out it's foot so she could take the attached letter.

Dear Ginny,

I can't wait to see you at Hogwarts. I've missed our long talks while we looked upon the stars. And of course I missed how we would sneak off to the Room of I'll see you tomorrow, which I don't think is soon enough.



Ginny read the letter twice, her heartbeat quickening as she read how her friend had signed it 'Love'. *How can I ever tell you how I feel?* Ginny thought, and with a sigh she out the letter in her trunk, hearing her mum call her down for dinner.

When she got down there she took her normal seat. With her mum still in the kitchen Ron said, "Why Ginny, you look alittle bit lovesick." Harry and he shared a laugh while Hermione glared at them. "You're full of rubbish," she retorted, feeling her face grow hot with anger and embarrassment, if even he could notice how could she hide it from Luna?

As Hermione and Ginny sat in Ginny's room Hermione asked, "So is there something wrong?" "No, it's nothing," Ginny smiled. "Oh... Okay...," Hermione said.
Ginny didn't like lying to her best friend but it had to be done, Hermione wouldn't want to be friends with her if she knew.

(On the train)

Ginny took her and Luna's normal compartment in the back. Ginny sat with her feet on the seat, her back against the window. Luna came in and sat opposite of her, her nose in the Quibbler. When they were about halfway there Ginny got up and sat beside Luna. With a glance at her she laid her head in Luna's lap, and they stayed like that till they had to go change into their robes.

(Two nights later)

Ginny quickly walked through the corridors and out the door to the grounds. She walked quickly to the edge of the lake. She sat on the grass, waiting for Luna.
Not long later Luna sat beside her. They sat, just gazing at the stars.
"Luna?" Ginny asked softly. "Yes?" Luna asked. "I love you," Ginny murmered. Luna was silent for a few minuetes. Ginny sneaked a glance at her. She was gazing at the stars. "I love you too, I'm just surprised it took you so long," Luna said smiling. "Wh...what?" Ginny exclaimed. "I've known you had feelings other than friendship, I was just waiting for you to say something," Luna replied, smiling at her. Ginny blushed bright red. "Oh you're so cute," Luna said softly before leaning over and softly pressing her lips to the redheads'. Ginny kissed back, smiling into the kiss. When they finally came apart, both were smiling. They kissed a few more times before standing up. Holding hands they walked back up to the doors. Finally they parted as Ginny went to her common room and Luna continued to her's.
As she fell asleep that night, Ginny smiled, she finally got the girl of the stars and her dreams.