HELLO READERS! Yes, this is my debut. Sorry, I am not a great author. I write when I want to, unless fans ask me to write more. (Reviews are golden, by the way. They give me more motivation to update faster. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) If you're like me, you're sick of scrolling through pages and pages of Eli/Clare pairings. I think, if it were real life, those two wouldn't even give each other a second glance. I mean, I love Clare. But I don't love the Eli/Clare pairing at all. So! I made this! Keep an open mind, please. This story will start off very slow, but will include violence, self mutilation, pain, love, happiness, sex, etc. Which is why it's rated M. If you are under 18 then I would hope you have the maturity to handle it if you decide to read it anyway. And on with the story!...

x x x x

"What the hell are you talking about?" The voice was shrill, very high pitched... so high pitched that I would have never expected my voice to get that high, even when I was singing I could never reach that note and here it was. Perhaps, people should throw bad news out of nowhere at me more often before shows and maybe I could have a better vocal range.

"Don't raise your voice, Addie , I have good reason. Dad is out of prison so we need to get far away from here. We're moving, Adeline." Damien, my brother, said. He was also my guardian. Since our mother passed away and our father was thrown into jail for having a meth lab in our basement, Damien was the only family I really had.

"How far is far?" I groaned. Of course, Id go wherever Damien wanted to go. And I sure as hell didn't want to be anywhere where Dad could find us. He was a total tweaker and I had no doubt in my mind that he has already gone on a hunt to find his meth to last him until he found us. I would not let that happen. It's not like Minnesota really held anything for me, anyway..

"Canada. So... yeah. We're getting out of the country. I have our visas ready and everything is set up. I'm sorry it's sudden, Addie, I just didn't know how to tell you all of this... we leave in the morning because in 2 days you start at your new school." Damien grinned, wrapping me up in his arms..

"Grreeeattt, Damien." I rolled my eyes, pushing him off me with a smirk.

x x x x

I was nervous, especially since the atmosphere in Canada was totally different. But I was excited, start over, make new friends, be someone new. Not to mention the drinking age was lower than in Minnesota. I only had 3 years to wait until I could waltz into a liquor store and purchase some booze, legally. C'mon, what kid isn't excited about having that sort of freedom?

I did my morning stretches, always determined to keep my thin figure. I couldn't afford to get a whole new wardrobe when most of the things I owned required me to be tini tiny. Not that I really minded. I needed something to keep me eating healthy and to keep me exercising.

I pulled on a pair of massacred thigh-highs, making sure the garters held it up nice and snug and wore a pair of black short shorts and a cut up band tee. Of course, not forgetting my signature leather jacket and my sexy caged heels. I was certainly one of a kind and the type of girl no mother would want to see her son with. And that was just based on looks. Beyond the rough, edgy exterior that I showed off to the world, I really was shy and sweet, side from the sarcastic, to-the-point and take-no-shit-from-no-one attitude. I was someone who never, ever pretended to be anyone else.

I painted on my thick eyeliner and messed up my long, platinum blond locks and went on my way to Degrassi High School. I wondered if there were people as out there as me at this school, or if it was another cheerleader, preppy bitch and jock ruled school. Not quite my cup of tea, but I'd handle it the same as I'd handle anything. Degrassi was definitely in for a treat.

Damien dropped me off at the school and I wasn't surprised to see heads whip around in my direction, most of them probably afraid I was going to come up and rip their heads off if they looked at me wrong. I couldn't stop the laugh that crawled out of my throat. I looked over to see a girl with a haircut that SHOULD only be worn on a 30 year old woman looking at me with her mouth ajar. I assumed she was a bible banger and was only staring me down because my outfit was probably considered promiscuous, even if technically her friend beside her wore less clothing than I did. The girl started to fumble with a pair of glasses that was sent tumbling out of her hand when her friend knocked them out of her grasp, only to be pumbled by a hearse where they were crushed.

'Wait... what the hell is there a hearse doing here?' I thought. I was starting to question the sanity of this school and how safe it was.

The hearse stopped and the door opened to reveal the cutest male specimen that I had ever laid my eyes on. He walked over and picked up the crushed glasses, handing them to the girl. "I think they're dead."

"Oh... um... it's okay,. I don't need them anymore. I, uh, got laser eye surgery." The girl said, shifting her gaze nervously.

"You've got pretty eyes." He smirked.

'Mysterious dark boy certainly is the little devil, isn't he?' I smiled and made my way into the school.

Of course, I could not deny that I was attracted to the guy, but I had had enough problems with boys in the past. I would not initiate any relationship with a guy like that. Especially the bad boy type. Of course, I was more inclined to become friends with guys than girls, and he was definitely someone I wouldn't mind building a friendship with. School had been in session for two weeks by now and people were confused to see a new face walking around, but I paid no attention, only continuing my way to the school office.

When I got there the old lady behind the counter was on the phone, gabbing away at someone. I didn't know what about and didn't bother listening. I merely tapped my long fingernails on the desk in attempts to annoy the old lady and get some service. The lady's teeth looked like they had beef jerky wedged way up into the crevices of her teeth, making her smile the freakiest thing I had ever seen. It was so bad that I was convinced no amount of floss could get rid of that gunk.

"How can I help you?" The lady asked, looking me over with a disapproving glare.

"Er... I just need my schedule. My name is Adeline Moravec." I couldn't lie, this lady was intimidating. If anyone scared the shit out of me, it was old people. They are not afraid to bend the rules to beat a child. No, sir.

"Just one minute." The lady coughed and hacked like she was trying to purge a giant flem ball from her throat. Luckily, she came back with my schedule, free of any gooey green substance.

"Do ya need someone to show you around?" She said in her crackly smoker's voice.

"Uh. No, thanks. I'll figure it out." And without another word, I turned her heel and walked away... very quickly. Anything to get away from the demon secretary.

"Mrs. Hackfield can be pretty freaky, huh?" I looked over to see a very girly-boy. Actually, I was sure it was a girl, but decided it wasn't appropriate to say anything.

"You mean that lady is actually married?" I snorted, trying not to laugh.

"Was. She's widowed." The girl-boy said, adjusting his/her hat.

"Ah, that figures. So, I'm Adeline and you are..?"

"Adam." He/She said. I decided to refer to her as a he until he admitted that he was actually a her.

"Nice to meet you. So, Adam. Would you mind telling me where my locker and my first class is? I am severely freaked out about how big this school is." I glanced down at my schedule, that I had yet to analyze. "It seems I have Writing and Poetry with Mrs. Kwan first."

"Yeah, no problem. The lockers are this way, but my friend Eli could probably show you to your first class. He's in the same one. My class is on the other side of the school first hour."

I followed Adam, trying to ignore the stares I could feel from all directions, picking me apart. It wasn't that I was scared, I was more annoyed that people kept staring, so I couldn't help snapping at them. "You know, if you all keep staring I'm going to chop off pieces of your hair and make voodoo dolls of you and stick pins through your knees."

That seemed to make most people shift their gaze while some people looked amused, including hearse boy who Adam was approaching.

"Hey, Eli. This is Adeline, Adeline, this is Eli. I wanted to know if you could show her to her class. You both have Writing and Poetry and if I do it I'll be late." Adam said and Eli nodded with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, no problem." He grinned at me and I smiled back.

"Alright, well here's your locker Adeline. 242, right? I need to get going. Thanks, Eli! See you guys later!" Adam waved and ran off to wherever it is he had to go.

And I was left alone with mysterious dark hearse boy. Butterflies swarmed in my stomach and I knew... this boy was going to be the death of me.