Sooo, I have a confession. I am using some material from the Degrassi episodes for this story. Though, they are going to be changed and, as you can tell, I have switched the chain of events around a little bit. So yes, I know that Clare's broken glasses and the Dead Hand ticket contest are not in the same day, or even remotely close to each other, but that's just how I decided to do it. There is reasoning behind my madness. I've also come up with another plan for an Eli and OC fan fiction.

Should I start it now, or finish this one first?

It's been really difficult for me to update this, just because there are things I wanted to do differently, but it's a little late now to go back and change it. I just want to note that I wont quit this story even if I start a new one, but I want to hear everyone's opinion. It may take longer for me to update this as a result and if it becomes too much one story might go on hiatus.

Sorry, this one is really short, but I'm having difficulties writing right now. I'm trying my best though.

x x x x

When I got to Eli's house, I was surprised to find that his house wasn't a dark castle surrounded by a creepy black iron fence. It was a simple, brick house. It was an innocent looking home, side from the hearse parked in the driveway, everything was normal about it. I can't say I wasn't hoping for something more interesting. I walked up to knock on the door, but it swung open before my knuckles touched the wood.

"Oh, hey. Are you here to see Eli?" It was a woman, with frizzy blond hair and bloodshot eyes. She had a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.

"Er, yeah. I'm Adeline." I smiled shyly, hoping that she would just send me off.

"Yeah, okay. I'm Eli's mom, they're downstairs. I'm going next door to avoid the shitty music they keep playing down there." She weaved around me and wobbled off.

I walked into the house, looking around mildly confused. I mean, I had never been here before. How the hell was I supposed to know where the basement was? I awkwardly walked around, afraid to open any doors. His house smelled like cigarette smoke and marijuana. It seemed like they kept the house relatively clean, with no pets.

Music started playing, and I decided my best bet was to follow the sound and in no time I found the stairs, hopping down every step until I saw Adam strumming chords on his bass while Eli played guitar. I was surprised to see an entire recording studio downstairs. All the stuff was pretty nice, the drums, the guitars, the microphones and amps and to be honest, I was extremely excited. I hadn't been able to sing and jam with people in forever and I missed being in a band.

I walked closer so they noticed I was here and the music ceased, Eli smirked and Adam looked extremely uncomfortable.

"Hey Adeline." Adam said, turning to walk to the computer and messing with it.

"Hi Adam." I replied. 'Did you tell him?' I mouthed to Eli and he shrugged.

I couldn't help, but blush.

"Are you mad?" He asked.

I shook my head and looked around more. "Nice studio, Eli. Can I sing a song? You know Cherry Bomb by The Runaways?"

"Are you kidding me? Let's do it!" He smiled, standing up with his guitar. Adam walked over with his bass, too.

Can't stay at home, can't stay at school

Old folks say, you poor little fool

Down the street I'm the girl next door

I'm the fox you've been waiting for

Hello daddy, hello mom

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!

Hello world I'm your wild girl

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!

Stone age love and strange sounds too

Come on baby let me get to you

Bad nights causing teenage blues

Get down ladies you've got nothing to lose

Hello daddy, hello mom

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!

Hello world I'm your wild girl

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!

Hey street boy what's your style

Your dead end dreams don't make you smile

I'll give you somthing to life for

Have ya, grab ya til your sore

Hello daddy, hello mom

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!

Hello world I'm your wild girl

I'm your ch ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!

"That was amazing! I didn't know you could sing. We should totally start a band!" Adam grinned, jumping up and down excitedly.

"Dude... what the hell are you doing?" Eli raised an eyebrow at Adam.

Adam looked back at him, unsure of what to say. I assumed Eli didn't know that Adam is a girl yet, it was amusing to watch. Adam had slip-ups once in a while and always said outdated man things.

"That would be amazing, Adam. Do we know any drummers or guitarists?" I looked at the two boys.

"Sav plays guitar! And we can put up flyers at school and have auditions for a drummer." Adam grinned.

"Perfect" I smiled back at him.

x x x x

Eli and I wrote our poem about music, since it was one thing we were passionate about and, now, one thing we shared with being in our band. We all pondered a band name for hours until we actually picked one. Kurmudgeon! Based on the word 'curmudgeon', which means grumpy old man, but we thought it would be more interesting with a 'K' and an exclamation point. It made it sound like you had to yell the band name, instead of just saying it. Adam had left before we started writing our poem and it was getting pretty late.

"So, Adam is already working on the flyers for the auditions. I'm sure we'll have no problem writing music, right?" Eli said, doodling on the paper we scribbled our poem onto.

"Yeah. I want it to be collaborated, though. If we're going to be a band we have to be close to each other, right? Be able to talk about everything. So I want the music to be about all of us." It was still weird to be around Eli. I wasn't sure how he felt at this point. Did he still like me? Or did he throw those feelings away when I denied him?

"Yeah. Sounds perfect." Eli smiled.

There was a crash above us and both of our heads shot up to see the ceiling shake. Then two people started yelling and screaming. I looked over to Eli who squeezed his eyes shut. Then there was another crash and more screaming before footsteps made their way down the steps where a man stood, who looked like he had never seen a razor in his life because he had a long, scruffy beard and a stickly thin body. His eyes were bloodshot and looked super angry. My heart was pounding so fast.

"Ohhh damn, look at that! Eli, who is your lady friend? Didn't even introduce her. Guess there's no point, she'll probably turn out like the last one, eh? Six feet underground." He advanced on me and I immediately stood and looked to my feet, suddenly a little more scared. What the hell did he mean by that?

"Dad, we're just friends. We're not together." Eli said, giving his father a cold glare.

"Didja know that, missy? Eli's last girlfriend died because of him. Because he's a fuck up! Just like me!" His father put his hand on my shoulder and his face was real close to mine. It was so close that the booze on his breath burned my nose and made me nauseous.

Eli jumped from his spot and ran between us. "I have to take her home now, Dad. It's late."

"Well, alright. Don't kill 'er, though. Can't afford that again!" His Dad laughed, running up the stairs and I looked to Eli sadly. I wasn't sure what his Dad meant, but I didn't want to ask. I was scared of what his reaction might be. Apparently he read my mind.

"Before you get the wrong idea, I didn't physically kill her. It's just something I've blamed myself for. Still do." He sighed. "We got in a bad fight and she was really hurt. She took off on her bike and got hit by a car."

I was surprised. Who wouldn't be? Anything I had ever went through, any pain that I had ever encountered couldn't compare to Eli's love getting taken from this world. Yes, I was used and lied to and cheated on, but that is far worse than anything that could've happened to me and he was still willing to allow his heart to be broken all over again. And I? I was being a coward. A selfish coward, even though my feelings were definitely not the only ones involved, but that didn't stop me from wanting to know him better first. It didn't stop me.. from needing time.

"I'm really sorry, Eli." I took his hand, caressing it with my thumb. "That isn't your fault, though. What happened is purely coincidental. You shouldn't blame yourself for that."

"I know that, it's just difficult for me to think any other way." He looked down at our hands entwined. "But I think, if that didn't happen I wouldn't have met you. And that's definitely something I don't want to give up."