Chapter 10:

I'm trying to read him and figure out where he's taking this. I can't stop my lips from quivering. "Right." I finally say. "I don't care who you kiss. And you shouldn't care who I kiss." I realize this is going in the wrong direction, but I can't help it. I do it because I'm incredibly jealous right now and I hate how vulnerable he makes me.

He raises an eyebrow. "And who have you kissed?" He asks.

"Oh, Mike and a few other people." I say trying to sound nonchalant.

His eyebrow rises higher but he looks a little hurt. "Really?"

I nod. "Of course. Why would I lie about that? It might have been the best kiss I've ever had." I say to him.

Now he really seems hurt. "Well, I'm happy for you two. Let me know when the wedding is." He says and I realize he purposely threw those words out there because they were words I had said to him when I thought he and Tanya had rekindled a flame.

"Will do." I say trying to hide everything in my body that makes me want to collapse. "He might very well be the love of my lifeā€¦ or death as the case may be, since I'm not entirely living."

He seems really hurt now and possibly jealous. "Well, what I came over here to tell you was, I was about to pull away. I know you don't really care. But I was, if you hadn't have gasped, I would have pulled away. With Bella, it's not what I've always wanted. To be honest, I've always had this image of how the right person kissing you should feel, and that kiss wasn't it." He says, I'm about to speak but he stops me. "I know you think there's some huge romantic love story going on between Bella and I, and that's not true. I just wanted you to know that, before you start coming up with crazy stories to try to show me how much you don't care." He says and I had almost forgotten how well he knew me. He releases my arms and turns. He begins walking away.

I bite my bottom lip. "Wait!" I blurt. He slowly turns to me. "Those were all stories. I haven't kissed anyone, not since my change anyways." I say and he somewhat doesn't look surprised. He also looks relieved. I walk closer to him. "Because, well truth is, there's only one person I've thought of kissing my whole death existence." I say.

He gives me his famous perfect half smiles. "Do tell." He whispers.

I lean in close, inches away from him. "It's Emmett," I breathe and I smirk and look up to him. I shrug and then I start laughing. I run away from him. I hear him laugh and I hear him chasing me. Soon he wraps his arms around me (because I let him) and turns me to face him.

He leans his head down and his forehead rests on mine. "Why didn't you tell me?" He whispers.

"I thought you would judge me. I mean Emmett is married and all." I smile.

He smiles but looks down to me like he wants me to be serious. "All joking aside. Why didn't you tell me Annabeth?"

I shrug. "I thought you wouldn't like me back. I feared rejection. I feared losing my best friend. All of the normal reasons a girl doesn't tell a boy she likes him." I say.

I look up to him but I don't move because his forehead is rested on mine and this is the closest we've ever been and I don't want it to end.

We stand there for moments, each of our foreheads touching and taking in each other's closeness. Finally he makes a move, he gently guides me even closer to him, he leans down and at that moment I go breathless. A door slams shut and Edward and I both go stiff. I casually slide out of his arms but he stays close to me. I look up to see Alice leaning over the balcony that leads to my room. I glare at her and then I watch as she jumps onto the railing and then comes and joins us. She giggles but I'm still glaring at her. Jasper jumps down from where she was as well and runs to her.

He smirks to me. "I tried to stop her." He says. "But you know Alice." His smirk grows as his arm wrapped around her waist.

"I can't believe I almost missed it." She says.

I look to Jasper and beg him to take Alice somewhere else. He smirks at my feelings and he tries, he really does but Alice won't budge.

"It's weird," she says and comes out of Jasper's arms. She stands inches from Edward and I and walks around us and looks up to the sky and around us. "In my vision, it was different."

I look down at the mention of her visions of Edward and me. Edward clears his throat but it's more of a fake clearing of his throat. I look to him. "What vision?" He asks Alice.

At that moment, as if to get Alice a free escape, Carlisle came out and asked us all to go inside.

Alice looks to Jasper and then back to us. "Right, I almost forgot, I had a vision. Carlisle wanted to talk to all of us. See you inside." Alice says as Jasper leads her inside.

Edward and I begin walking towards the front door. When I'm certain Alice and Jasper have made it inside, I quickly grab Edward by the arm and pull him to the side of the house. I don't want to miss this opportunity. I stand on my tiptoes and my lips crash against his. His arms wrap around me and they lift me off the ground. He kisses me back passionately as if he wants more and he's wanted this for a long time. I wrap my arms around his neck. He guides me back and my back presses against the side of the house. His tongue grazes over my lips and I savor the taste of him, all of it, I want to remember this rush of so many feelings whirling inside of me, just in case this is just some lapse for him.

After a while I pull away, breathing deeply from the kiss that I didn't take a breath during. As vampires, we don't need oxygen, but it's a habit for me. I look to Edward and our eyes meet because he is looking at me as well. He's out of breath as well. His forehead rests on mine and he closes his eyes.

"All this time," he says breathlessly.

I smile and nod. "All this time." I repeat his words back to him.

"Edward? Annabeth?" Esme's voice calls.

I sigh. "Time to go," I say. He nods and reluctantly his arms come from around me and his forehead lifts off of mine. He takes my hand in his. I look to the hand and then I smile back up to him. "Are you sure?" I ask, knowing the meaning of him taking my hand after a kiss like that.

He smirks and nods. "I've never been surer of anything." He says.

I smile bigger and nod. He leads me out from around the corner and we walk up to the house together, as a couple.

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