Disclaimer: Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso-sensei and I don't own any of it because if I did I would f*ck sh*t up considerably.

Ciel sat out in the garden alone. His mother and aunt had taken Lizzy inside for a nap. Who knew ring-around-the-rosy could be so tiring?

Boredom taking over, Ciel looked up at the maple trees with round, cerulean eyes that shined in the sun. He felt small on a regular basis, but he felt even smaller compared to the trees towering over him. He wondered if even his father felt small because of the trees. He really wasn't sure what grown-ups thought about.

Regardless, Ciel went over to the tree closest to him. If he stretched and stood on his tip-toes, he could just reach the lowest branch enough to hoist himself up. He was only about four feet off the ground, but he already felt less small.

Enthusiasm burned inside him as he grabbed another branch, and another, and another.

Ciel halted his ascent to take a breather, hoping he hadn't triggered his asthma.

Now he was really high up!

Really, really high up….

Ciel's stomach lurched a little and his skin paled. How was he going to get back down? What if he fell? The boy tried to call out for his father to come and get him, but no sound came out. Fear had closed his throat, and he couldn't even manage a whisper.

Tears of panic started to well in the his eyes and he whimpered.

"What now?" Ciel thought, afraid he might be stuck up in the branches forever.

A rustle of leaves from the branch above him startled Ciel out of his thoughts and caused him to grip the tree trunk to keep from falling. A big black bird was gazing down at the boy with eerie red eyes. Ciel swallowed hard, ridiculous fears returning. What if the bird ate him?

The bird tilted its head to one side and stared intently at the trembling blue-haired boy, apparently studying him. Ciel started to tremble slightly. Had the bird looked…hungry?

The bird watched the boy, guessing his thoughts. The poor human had obviously mistaken curiosity for hunger and murderous intent. Now the only thing in the bird's eyes was amusement.

Ciel looked away from the crow back down to the ground and then shut his eyes tightly, knowing he was going to die no matter what. He would fall and go "splat" like the bugs his father hit with a rolled up newspaper, or the scary bird would eat him. Ciel clutched even tighter, if possible, on to the trunk, holding on as if it were his mother come to shoo away the bird.

The bird's amusement turned to sympathy and then guilt when he saw the child shake with fear and realized he was what was frightening the boy.

The bird flew under the child and spoke to him in the boy's mind. He had a deep, smooth voice and tried to sound pleasant while reassuring the boy he meant no harm. Ciel ignored the impossibility of a bird being telepathic and climbed onto it's back like it had asked him to.

The bird's amusement returned when he heard the boy giggling as they soared back towards the Earth. The blue-eyed boy slid off the bird, still giggling, and smiled at his fear-now-turned-friend.

"Thank you, Mr. Bird!" the little human chirped happily.

"What is your name, boy?" the bird asked mentally.

"I'm Ciel! Ciel Phantomhive. What's your name?"

The bird ignored the beaming face for a minute, considering.

"What is my name? I don't have one…"

"Okay! Then is it alright if I name you?"

The bird nodded in response, watching as a childish impression of a man in deep thought appeared on Ciel's face. It was kind of cute to see such a small boy acting so serious.

"How about….Sebastian? My puppy is named Sebastian! Is Sebastian okay?"

The bird, amused once more, nodded again.

"Yes, my lord."