A Shitennou's Lament


The moon is beautiful tonight.


But so is Terra.

My home.
Our home.

But it's gone now.

I remember...
the Golden Kingdom
in all its glory.

I remember...
The night of the Masquerade Ball...
When we entered the ballroom...
And gazed down at the dancers.

But it's all gone now.

The gardens where we would meet...
Whether in Spring...
Or fall.

The sun has set on those precious memories...
Forgotten in the endless tides of time.

Our grand and glorious kingdom
Shining golden in the sun...
Has fallen into decay.

All its beauty and splendor
Is now frozen...
Till nothing is left.


Our time has stalled.
The moon continues to rise.
And the sands of time continue to shift.
And still we wait.

I wonder...
Will we be remembered?
Or will we be forgotton?

The Silver Millennium was forgotten...
As if it had never existed.

I wonder...
Will we, too, fade from memory...?
Like a leaf dropped in a river...?
Like the Autumn leaves fall..?
Like the ice melting in Spring...?

I wonder...
Can you even hear me...

Or are we already forgotten
Like the ruins of our home?

We...the Shitennou of Terra...

This is our Lament.

A/N: I wrote this poem a while ago. I'm surprised I never posted it. Well here it is. And here's the link to the vid I made of it on youtube:

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