Notes overall: Each chapter will be a different prompt. There are only going to be 20 prompts, and the characters I'm going to use are Spencer, Morgan, Emily, JJ, Garcia, Gideon, Hotch, and Rossi. Each story will only have 5 sentences
Warning: Some spoilers for all seasons depending on prompt.
Summary: 20 prompts for the BAU team. Chapter One: The music was like a heartbeat.
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Notes for this chapter: This idea was taken from matthew gray gubler's unauthorized documentary episode 10, just with raves, not gay clubs

1. Raves

The music was like a heartbeat, a heartbeat that the countless victims had lost when their lives were so quickly and unjustly taken. It's that knowledge that people can be so cruel and twisted to end a human life such brutal ways that led Spencer to where he was.

Raves were the big thing among teenagers and young adults and since he was young and looked even younger, he fit right in. Normally, he would be embarrassed by the way he was dancing, but from where he was, grinding with a couple of faceless people, he can see a handful of others dancing in almost the exact same way.

The music is turned up so loud even he can't think, which means he can't remember the past, which is exactly why he was there, in the empty warehouse with a few hundred people, all with their own reasons to forget.