Part 1: The Accident

It was night, the rain was falling and all looked bleak and foreboding as Mark drove to meet his friend Jonathan.

Their assignment had been relatively easy, and Jonathan had asked Mark to drive Cassie home. It was a terrible night, with lightning forking across the darkened sky.

Cassie had been under pressure to sell her dead parents home to a developer. Jonathan had intervened, finding an alternative to both the developers problems and retaining Cassie's inheritance.

Mark snorted in admiration, as he steered through the darkness. Only Jonathan could have successfully made all parties come away with something. That guy was something else.

Mark found his attention drifting to Cassie's look of relief that had flooded her face when the developers had become invested in another project, something Jonathan had put together. Cassie had been so thankful, even promising a portion of the money from the sale of her parents home to go to charity.

All sides won. Even charity got a look in.

That was Jonathan all over. What a guy.

Mark leaned forward and chuckled to himself as he turned on the radio. There was nothing much on, some warbling ballad by a man he had never heard of before. It was not Mark's type of music, but he felt on top of the world tonight. So the song wasn't perfect, he could deal with it. Maybe even hum along.

Not Mark's music at all, but something that drowned out the constant pattering of the rain on his windshield.

In fact, it was becoming harder and harder to see through the driving rain. Mark kept roaring through puddles which splashed up relentlessly.

Half a mile to go, and Jonathan would be grinning at him as always, job well done.

A blinding light suddenly distracted Mark from his driving, and he squinted, startled. It was hard to see, and then suddenly ...

A car in front.

Within seconds there would be a collision, and Mark hit the brakes with sudden intensity. Everything became confused and seemed in slow motion, the seat belt straining at the sudden weight of Mark being thrown forward.

Mark's quick reflexes stopped one car from hitting another, yet now his own vehicle was spinning out of control on the rain soaked road.

"Jonathan!" Mark yelled, hoping the angel would hear him somehow. He shot a hopeful look at the passenger seat, which was empty. No Jonathan.

No angel to help him this time.

The car spun wildly over the edge of an embankment, taking the railing with it, and crashing into a ditch. One moment seemed to last for eternity. All sounds melded in that moment - the squealing tyres, the railing buckling, a panicked cry from Mark's lips. Then his head was hitting the steering wheel, and he felt an eerie calm descend over him, along with an all-consuming darkness.

Jonathan stood in the doorway of Ricki's. A small bar with the developers celebrating over the land he'd found for them, and a small smile curved over his lips.

The colour drained from his face, and his hand reached out sudenly to clutch the doorframe.

The Boss was telling him something bad had happened. Something bad had happened to Mark.

In an instant he knew exactly what had happened - a flood of images came to him, everything Mark saw before he had lost consciousness.

Jonathan's hand gripped the doorframe as he heard Mark call his name desperately, and the frame broke as Jonathan's hand crushed it.

Jonathan ran out into the rain. He knew where he had to go, and immediately.

If Mark didn't get help soon, he would die.

To Be Continued ...