Part 2 : Through the Rain

Jonathan had a list of things he should never do.

It was standard angel etiquette. The first rule of being an angel was not using special powers unless authorised by The Boss.

Materialising at the scene of an accident was a punishable offense, but he had no time to think of the consequences.

He appeared at the driver's door, like a ghost, and solidified instantly.

Jonathan knew he was in trouble for that, but he didn't have the time for angel etiquette. He grabbed the door forcefully, and pulled it from its hinges easily. Jonathan discarded the door, and reached inside - lifting Mark from the wreckage and folded him into his arms.

Jonathan looked up at the sky, his face wet from the incessant rain. He shook his head, and mouthed "I'm sorry," before materialising both himself and Mark into the emergency room at the nearest hospital.

The second rule angels adhered to was ensuring the majority of people didn't know the identity of an angel. Jonathan materialised into the waiting room, seen by all the patients and hospital staff - as shocked and stunned people regarded the two wet men with disbelief.

"He needs help" Jonathan begged, looking towards a doctor. "He's been in a car accident."

The Doctor shook his head in an attempt to focus, and came forward, signalling to his staff. "We'll take it from here."

Jonathan reluctantly allowed the medical staff to lift Mark onto a gurney, and watched them carefully as they took him away.

Trembling, Jonathan put a hand to his wet brow. He was shaking, and not from the cold. There was something he could sense coming off Mark in waves. Death. The scent of death was all around him. On his hands and the smell was on his clothes.

Jonathan walked away into the restroom. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. His features set in a cold expression. "I won't let you die, Mark." Jonathan vowed.

It turned out that Mark had a bleed on his brain and needed immediate surgery to relieve the pressure. The operating theater was grim, Mark was growing weaker by the second.

Jonathan appeared as the nurses gasped, and turned to the doctor. "I need you all to leave the room. Now."

As the medical staff fled, Jonathan walked up to Mark's side. He was pale. Inside, he was waging a desperate battle to survive. Outside, he was still and seemed at peace.

Jonathan put his hand to Mark's head, and closed his eyes. He could almost feel the pressure building under his fingers. The pressure suddenly eased, and Jonathan removed his hand, his eyes still closed.

One second, it seemed as though Mark had lost the fight. The next second, his eyes flew open and he gasped for breath.

"Jonathan!" Mark gasped, recognising the figure standing above him. "What happened?"

Jonathan smiled down at Mark, his face gentle and kind. "You were hurt, Mark. In a car accident. I came here to help you."

Mark sat up, his hands feeling his upper body. "Car accident? I don't remember it. Jonathan?" Mark looked up at his friend. Jonathan looked very sad. "Jonathan, what's wrong?"

Jonathan smiled sadly at Mark. "I have to go."

"Why? What's happened? Are you okay?" Mark stood up, looking into Jonathan's eyes. "What happened?"

"I broke some rules, and I have to go back." Jonathan looked at the floor, tearfully. "I might not see you again, Mark."

Mark's face fell. "What did you do, Jonathan? What rules did you break?"

Jonathan smiled. "I haven't got time to explain. They are recalling me. Now."

Mark looked helplessly at his friend. "Jonathan! Don't go."

Jonathan was fading even as the words left Mark's lips.

He was gone within seconds, leaving Mark standing in the operating room alone, alive, and fearing the worst for his friend.

To be continued ...