It was innocent fun. A fling. A way to relase sexual fustration and for 19 year old superstar Inuyasha Tashio, that was a must.

Ordinary Day

Cold air made random goose bumps along her exposed body. Curtians pulled and air conditioning turned all the way up, she layed on the bed in only his boxers. The roar of the train filled the room making the windows tremble. The familar smell of pine meant he was home, sitting up she flung her self off the bed and walked out into the hallway."I'm home." Smiling at the voice that rang in her ears, she pushed the kitchen door open. The sunshine colided with her milky white skin and blinded her for a moment. Before she could make out what was in front of her, she was pressed against the door and that rock hard body she couldnt get enough of. Before she could regain her sight his lips were crashing onto hers. It had been a week since she felt him and she was gonna make the most of it. Wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck she returned the passion.

When your a international "teen" superstar, sex comes easy. But its risky. If it hit the tabloids your reputaion could be forever lost. This is how it was for Inuyasha...I mean Mr. Tashio. One of the top actor/singers in tokyo at the moment, Mr. Tashio finds it hard to give up his sexy, innocent, boy next door image. Thats when this all started. My name is Kagome Higurashi. I am curenntly Mr Tashio's fuck buddy. Can you blame me? Hes sexy and needs some realese, who am I to deny him? About two years ago my mom was hired to be the secretary at his recording studio, we hit it off right away. Soon after we were making out in her office, but it wasnt enough, for either of us, so every week we would meet up at a random hotel and go at it. Now a days I'm at his house almost everyday just waiting for him to have some free time. And when we get together...Its like magic.

"Miss me?" The only answer he recived was and long lick along his jaw bone. He leaned back to get a look at her openly nude chest before smirking at her. She brought her legs down and stood on her own. Somehow words werent enough, she didnt need to tell him how much she missed him. She needed to show him how much she needed him. Pulling the boxers off her hips, and pulling at his tie she bit his lip and proceeded to taking off his clothing. Before she could finish unbuttoning his shirt Inuyasha swept her off her feet, layed her on the kitchen table and tore his remaning garments off...all but his tie which swung losely at his neck. Attacking her chest, he crawled over her. This was normal for her. When he got there they were quickly intertwined no matter what room of the house they were in. Kagome rarly ever wore much clothing, that way she wouldnt have to throw away clothes Inuyasha ripped off of her when he was in a hurry or just couldnt wait, which was offten. Even though he was somtimes rough or left bite marks and scratchs, she loved the rush of it all. It was her drug, he was her drug. She found herself missing the feel of him all over her right after they were finished. It was sometimes to much to deal with. She was lonley alot, somtimes she felt dirty for sleeping with a man that wont even ecknowledge your exsictance when they were in public, but it was all worth it when he was on top of her, hearing him pant and say her name, It was like a fairytale.

Things were simliar for Inuyasha. At first he would come around every week or two to get his fix, but lately he found himself coming home almost every day when it was possible. He loved how she melted at his touch and how he could mold her emotions like clay, make her beg for more, make her scream his name. Somtimes he would come just to see the look on her face when he toyed with her sensitive spots. Her moans filled the room and bouce off the walls. He countinued to plunder her insides, digging for that one spot that would put her over the edge. As always he found what he as looking for and her voice couldnt be found as she skwirmed underneath him. Hitting his peak Inuyasha finished it off and as always his name was screamed, filling the whole house with her voice. Rolling off of her to catch his breath Inuyasha laughed alittle.

"Its been a while since you were that loud." A pink flush turned to a red blush as she looked over at him.

"I missed you." She slid over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, with her face laying on his stomach. "I could tell, atleast you didnt pass out this time." She chuckled and sat up before hopping off the table. "I'm going to shower. Wash my back?" Inuyasha leaned up and smirked. "Only if you wash mine." Kagome giggled before winking at him and running off down the hall.

"I'm sore." Kagome rolled over onto her back and rubbed lotion on the bite mark on her inner thigh, Inuyasha chuckled. "Sorry, maybe you shouldnt taste so good." That was his way of saying he was ready for another round. Inuyasha leaned over and kissed the red inprint of his teeth. "I have to be at the diner in a hour, and dont you have somewhere to be Mr. superstar?" She saw the dissapointed look on his face and sent him a smile before sliding her skirt on. His sigh was heavy. "I dont know why you wont let me help you out, I dont like that prick boss of yours."

"I'm not gonna take money from you Inuyasha." Even with her moms secretery job, Kagome's family couldnt affored to live. So she got a job at a diner, her boss was a old perverted man that hired girls as waitresses so they could run around in small skirts and half tops. Inuyasha hated the guy, says he reminded him of a pedifile that he knew when he was younger. But Kagome knew it was because she flirted with that gross man for a raise every now and then. She did what she had to do to live, and if she took Inuyasha's money she would feel like a common whore, like all the other girls lining up around the block to get a peice of Inuyasha. In a way she was like them, only Inuyasha actualy trusted her to not go and spill the truth to the nearest reporter. Even thought Inuyasha was almost tewnty, his manager made it very clear that if they passed him off as seventeen, he would be more popular. She was right, and being a seventeen year old star meant no sex, he had to be innocent and pure. It didnt bother Kagome that there relationship, if you could call it that, was a secret. What botherd her was this movie deal he wanted. In order to get it, he had to pretend date his co-star, but Inuyasha took it upon himself to not only take her out, but fuck her too.

"You going out with Kikyo tonight?" Why did she ask that when she knew the answer would make her heart sink? "Yea, I meant to tell you. Dont be here later ok?" That meant he was going to fuck her right here in the house she had been staying in, waiting for him. "Your gonna fuck her here huh? Why?" Pulling her shirt over her head Kagome sat on the bed and pulled her knee highs on. "Why not?" Her breath couldnt be found, she stood and laughed before sliding her feet in her shoes and turning to him with a smile. "Guess I'll have to find comfort eleswhere tonight, see ya Inuyasha." Gripping her bag and tossing it on her shoulder Kagome waved once more before leaving the room. The house was so comfy, she knew she would miss it. When was the next time she would be here? Probobly not for a while, knowing Inuyasha he would want to meet her at a hotel instead of his house again. Hoping the smell of his house, the smell of him, would linger on her skin, Kagome walked out the back door. Looking around for anything suspisious, she slid into her car and pulled off at fast as possible. The bite on her leg began to sting, she rubbed it trying to releive some of the pain. I hope that doesnt bruise. Pulling into the parking lot Kagome looked in the mirror and applyed lip gloss and eye liner. Her face was still a bit flushed from her actions earlier that morning.

Inuyasha hated make up on her, he said it did her no justice. So she never wore any when she was around him, even though she liked the way it made her lips look. With a sigh, Kagome walked intot he diner. It was a very clean place with a retro theme, tiled walls and waitresses on skates. Kagome made her way behind the bar. "Kagome! Your late get to work!" Gritting her teeth, she ent the fat man a smile. This was going to be a long day.

The sun was low in the sky but the humidity was still killing her. Finaly making it home, Kagome walked into her room and fell back on her bed. She reached for her remote and turned the tv on, and how eles was on tv but her secert love Inuyasha. His music video had just started. Quickly discarding her clothes to a near by hamper Kagome began to sway to the music.

They got a lotta girls
Who know they got it going on
But nothing's ever a comparison to you

She couldnt help look over her shoulder at his wonderful golden amber eyes and feel like he was singing to her. The conection she had with him was almost unreal. Though she knew Inuyasha didnt even write this song, she felt as if the lyrics meant something to him. She wanted so much to ask him but he told her before he didnt want to talk about work with her. She was there for one reason, a dirty reason. Not that any of that mattered to her.

Now can't you see that your the only one I really want
And everything I need
Is everything you do?

The feelings that were filling her up inside were incredible. She was in love with him, she always knew she was but its not like he felt the same way. He wanted her for one reason and one reason only. SEX. Thats all she was to him, weather she liked it or not. She'd rather be his fuck buddy then no one at all. Even if she was no one to him in public, at leats she could have him all to herself when they were alone. If only they could spend more time together...that wasnt going to happen and she knew it. This was reality...her reality and his. He was nothing to her yet everything to her all at the same time. The thought of it alone was enough to ware anyone out. But this is just how is was.

Any girl walk by, don't matter
'Cause your looking so much better
Don't ever need to get
Caught up in jealousy
She could be a super-model
Every magazine... the cover
She'll never, ever mean a thing to me


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