A/N: Ok, this is my first Wicked fan fiction so please be nice, I saw it last Thursday and since then I can't stop listing to the soundtrack, I just finished the book and I just can't stop thinking about it so I think I can say now I'm completely obsessed with it, so now I want to try a little fan fiction. I've been looking for these everywhere, but just couldn't find any so now I'm going to do one, enjoy

1)You listen to only the soundtrack and nothing else.

2)Every time you watch Wizard of Oz as few things pop into you head

A)You get really mad at Dorothy when she kills the witch.

B)When you see the witch or scarecrow you can't help but grin because you know of their secret

C)You dislike the tin man and lion because the witch try to help them and they thank her by trying to kill her

D)You think the Wizard of Oz is a total baster.

3)You wish that Elphaba and Glinda were real so you could be friends with them.

4)Every time you listen to Wicked or see something Wicked related you dream about being in the musical or even living in Emerald City.

5)You beg your parents to buy you money so you can teach it how to talk and fly.

6)You want to be in the musical so bad that you don't care what part you get, you could be a flying monkey and still be happy.

7)You want to dye your skin green, have black hair and black dress with a lovely pointy.

8)You want blonde hair, an amazing fashion sense, a lot of friends and a wand that actually works so if you want a ball gown you get one.

9)You call your dad father or pop sickle.

10)You can't wait to get home from school or work so you can get your Wicked fix.

11)You want Elphaba's laugh so you practice every day for hours

12)You practice the hair flip and high giggly every day

13)You cry because you wish it was all real!

14)You run around the yard on a broom and try to make it fly

15)When the neighbor 's ask why you are doing that you say in your best Elphaba voice "Well we can't all come and go by bubble."

16)You pray every night that they put the musical on DVD and make a Wicked movie.

17)You think about getting a Wicked tattoo.

18)You get depressed because you think about the night you saw it and wish you could do it all over again.

19)Your fashion sense changes every day one day you wear all black the next all pink.

20)When someone wants to date you, you let them know about your Wicked obsession and how you might even have a Wicked wedding and then you watch them run away and wonder why you're still single.

Ok guys please let me know what you think. Please keep in mind that this is my first Wicked story and my first obsession list story so please don't throw water on me. Anyway I'm thinking about keeping this list going so let me know if you want me to and if you have any ideas to add then let me know and I might put them on here. One more thing if you feel guilty because you done some of these things don't, I've done some of them and I'm thinking about doing some like the running around the yard on a broomstick, it sounds like a lot of fun to me and let's not kid ourselves it would be so funny to see