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Here's a small story involving the mall scene, shortly after Buffy blows up The Judge, from Xander perspective.

It's AU, not cannon.

Xander finally gets his revenge against Angelus.


The ringing in his ears was going strong-The blame for his condition could be placed between the shoulder-fired missile and the explosion, when the missile impacted with The Judge, disintegrating most of the powerful demon, and reducing the remaining pieces into airborne bluish bits.

Xander barely heard Buffy's orders to help the screaming, panic-stricken, civilians out of the mall, to get them past the vampires guarding the doors. A quick glance provided proof that the Scoobies had things under control-The minions had either ran, or been dusted after a brief, but intense fight with either Buffy or one of the Scoobies. Xander was proud to have taken down three of the damn things-One with a crossbow he had 'borrowed' from Buffy's large weapons collection. But after looking around he spotted Buffy again-She was heading up to the second level at a full run, and Xander could guess she was going after Angelus. His hesitation was brief enough . . .Xander debated whether to stay and help his friends, or go after Buffy and guard her back. He gave another quick glance around, and sprinted off after Buffy.

Xander gleefully watched from behind the stacks of construction materials as Buffy shoved Angelus's head through the side of a glass display case, then up through the frame! He wanted to cheer, howl, and act like every fan of a sports team about to get that final goal and finish the game as the one, and undeniable champions!

Then Xander watched and listened with stunned, incredulous, disbelieving horror as Buffy just let that damn murderous bastard go!

It was Angelus's smirk that did it, Xander decided later. The smirk on that creature's face as he was allowed to walked away! After enduring weeks of terror and uncertainty at that thing's hands, something within Xander broke free. Xander's crossbow rose up without conscious thought or effort.

The beating Angelus had taken from Buffy had clearly affected the master vampire. Without that distraction, Xander was certain Angelus would have caught the crossbow bolt. Xander's face neither moved nor twitched, as the bolt penetrated Angelus's chest and reached the vampire's still, leathery, dead heart. But internally, Xander watched with savage satisfaction as the creature's eyes widened in shocked surprise before falling into dust. After two hundred and forty-seven years of terror, blood and history, Angelus was finally nothing more than construction debris awaiting a broom and a dustpan.

He quickly and silently escaped back down to the main floor. Leaving Buffy alone, standing in her still silence.

Done! Done! Done!

This story is complete. I hope you enjoyed it. And thanks a bunch for reading it!