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Bella Swan is an average girl, but likes her life. She goes to parties, dates hot guys. Though one drunken fling at a party is about to change all of that. Pregnant at 17 isnt the worst thing that could happen. No knowing who the father is however, and dating the most amazing guy however is. AH.

Chapter one.

Chapter one.

Why do I get myself in these situations? It's like the time Jessica Stanley hit a deer while pissed out of her head and then got sent to jail for three months and her driver's licence suspended junior year. And the time Angela Webber assaulted Ms Clarke for having an affair with her dad, the towns Vicar. My situation is so much worse. Ok extreme exaggeration but I just woke up naked and I'm pretty sure I slept with someone and I'm freaking out! And even worse... he's some guy I just met from the end of summer party. Oh crap.

I looked around and tried to figure out where I was. It wasn't hard seeing as it was now 11am the sun was coming through the window at full force. I was glad to find that I was still at Laurens house, though it was hard due to the pounding head ache that made me want to cry out in pain. I turned to see what kind of low life I'd fallen into bed with but I found a bare space in the bed. Seems he beat me to the punch. What. A. Dick. I found my poka-dot bra, and my Bridget Jones knickers and my shoes. Where the hell was my shirt and shorts?

Searching the light blue carpet I looked for something to wear so I could actually walk out. Spotting a large plaid t-shirt, which I guessed was his, I picked it up and put it on. It had E.M in italics on the label. Sounds like a fancy designer top that I've never heard off.

I attempted to sneak through the hallway with the shirt on until I saw my shirt hanging from the ceiling light. What the fuck! I sighed and just carried on. I was so not in the mood to be jumping with this hangover.

I picked my bag up where I left it when I arrived. I had hidden it by a plant pot because I had a feeling I'd either lose it or some goon would throw up on it. I started a slow jog to my once blue but now rusted red Chevy truck but my head and my stomach wouldn't allow it so I just prayed no one saw me. I chucked my stuff in the back, the bag making a clunk as it came in to contact with the cold, hard metal. The movement my arm made was enough to make me throw up by the tyre. What a lovely start to the morning.

The drive home was a slow one, even though it was only four blocks. I don't remember what vodka shot got me so pissed but I reckon it was the sixth or seventh. Who knew I was such a lightweight? I tried hard to remember the stranger, but I could only vaguely remember the orgasmic look of his buff body. God I'd probably crash the car if I start thinking about the muscular body that had gotten me in to bed. He was good, but sadly that's not the point; getting home without anyone spotting me with a wide top that just about covered my arse however, is the point.

I'm actually really happy that I'm strongly against thongs because I'd be in a lot more trouble! Thank you Bridget Jones for understanding hatred of thongs, I thought with a smile. I loved that film.

I pulled up and regretted that I hadn't timed this properly. Charlie – my dad – was at work as the chief of police, my mum – Renee – doesn't work so she was at home. I squinted my eyes at the living room window and saw the TV on and my mum in some stupid stretchy thing. Dancing in the front room watching a work out video wasn't her idea of fun but I guess she's doing another fad. Funny seeing as the yoga lasted just four days. I would've rolled my eyes if it hadn't been for the fact I was in a desperate need to get inside.

I jumped out and squatted by my car. It was shielding me from the road that ran just outside out front yard. Walking up to the front door wasn't an option, as was running across the yard. I decided the only option was to swallow my pride and run to the door and upstairs. I internally groaned at the thought.

Waiting for the all clear I sprinted across the yard and up on to the peeling white porch. Fumbling with the handle for a bit I managed to open it and run inside. Flying up the stairs and into my room I emptied my stomach for the second time out of my open window. Note to self; no more vodka! I don't remember the last time I had a hangover this bad. I mean seriously!

After having a shower and sipping water, I decided it was time to call Angela and ask if she remembered anything that happened yesterday. I could only remember about twenty minutes of the party before it got spotty and blurry. It's like a bad 1940's TV. It goes a little something like this... get there, dump bag, have a beer, then mingle, dance, have more beer, somehow get caught up in a competition where a group of people see who can down the most shots in one go – winner won a pizza discount – then nothing.

I dialled her number and waited patiently while fiddling with a key ring of the pyramid in Vegas Charlie got for me a few years ago.

"Hello?" Angela's tired voice asked.

"Hey Ang, its Bella." I said.

"Oh, hey Bells, what's up?" She yawned into the phone. I could hear her coughing and thought myself lucky. She sounds ill.

"Nothing, just wondering what happened last night as I can't remember anything. And by the sounds of it, you're suffering from the same 'super hangover' I'm suffering from." I joked weakly.

"Argh, you know it. I think I've thrown up more today than I have in the last year. When did hangovers get this bad?" She whimpered. After silence for a few seconds she started talking again. "I don't remember squat, sorry. I vaguely remember you getting friendly with some guy and Eric falling off the back of the sofa but that's pretty much it."

"Ok thanks. And the more you drink the more you have to pay for it. I'm going to go now. Thanks again Ang. Hope your heads ok."- I laughed at the image of Eric flying off the sofa before replying, "Don't worry about it. Just wish I hadn't been that pissed, you know? It seriously sucks not knowing. I mean, how far did we go? Did we do it or didn't we?" I sighed

"Guess I'll never know."

"I'm really sorry Bells, I wish I could tell you, though I think you'd be more disturbed at all the gory details than pleased." She laughed but it was silenced quickly by a groan. "Ok I have to go chuck! Talk to you later babe!" The line went dead but she didn't hang up fast enough. And the two seconds of audio before she went was more than enough to make my stomach start churning again.

The reason I lied about not knowing if we did it is because, although Ang means well, gossip would get around fast. Oh Chiefs daughter did the dirty with some random guy. She wouldn't mention anything as it's not a defiant 'Bella's a slag!'

After cleaning up the vomit I decided to go downstairs. Mum might not have noticed but I'm hoping she at least cares enough to notice the gagging sounds that have been echoing around the house for the day. Then again after her little 'trip' to the post office, last month she's been a little preoccupied with the new post man Phil.

I've always been the mature one of the two of us. Renee acts more like a friend to me than a mother. I know her well though, too well actually. There are some things about my mother I would rather not know! Like the fact that's having an affair with the previously mentioned postman. I haven't looked at her the same way since I overheard them talking explicitly on the phone a few weeks back. I don't know why I haven't told Charlie, he deserves to know; I just don't want hurt him. A small part of me thinks that he already suspects something but if he does he hasn't acted on it. I guess he loves her too much to care. I think he loves Renee more than me at times, which I can kind of get, though it still bugs me when he chooses her side in a fight instantly. I'm guilty 'till proven innocent, is the way he sees it.

I crept down the stairs just in case mum was in. Contrary to what I had said before, I really would prefer it if I didn't have to deal with her today. I wasn't in the mood to get in to yet another argument with the infuriating women.

I heard giggles and whispered words from the plain living room we had. Only expecting mum on the phone to her new flavour I walked straight in. Doing that was a huge mistake however, mostly because seeing your mum on the couch half naked with some sleezball lying on top of her isn't the thing you want to walk in to. I slammed the door shut and went straight back up stairs. No doubt had my cheeks tinged red. Ugh that's vile! And while your kids in the house too. That woman has no shame! It's disgusting. Stupid adulterous whore!

'Like you can talk. The hooker really doesn't swing far from the pole.' A bitchy voice said. I rolled my eyes. It's like I have no control over my thoughts these days!

Throwing on a pair of skinny jeans and putting a top I grabbed my car keys and bolted out the door. I saw Renee and she had a look of horror in her eyes. Not shame that she got caught by her kid, or hurt because she finally realised she's a crappy mother. But horror at the thought that I would ruin Charlie's happiness by exposing her for the slut she is.

I didn't even give her the satisfactory of an argument that she wanted to ensue. I sighed and climbed in the cab. I fiddled with my keys and eventually I turned on the engine and started backing out of the drive way. She ran out of the house looking terrified.

"Bella! Honey, this isn't what it looks like." She cried as she stood in front of the car. If I wanted to get out then I would have to drive forward. And if this pathetic excuse for a mother didn't get out of my way I would run her over.

"Get out of the way Renee." I growled. She shook her head. I sped forward and made a sharp turn missing her by mere inches. She screamed and ran back in the house.

"You tried to kill me!" She cried. Actual tears came out of her eyes.

"Whatever." I muttered and drove of down the wet high way.

I decided to drive to Port Angeles to Starbucks. Nothing but a sweet tea could help me drown my sorrows. No more alcohol. Well at least for awhile. If I wasn't so annoyed I could've smirked. I'd drink again, but I wouldn't touch the vodka.

The road was slick and although it could've been dangerous considering my tires didn't harbour ant grip, it did make it easier to drive.

Charlie brought the truck as a replacement for the 16th birthday car Grandma Clem's got me. A 2008 Toyota prius, silver, was a nice car, spacious, comfortable and all in all an awesome car with no problems. It didn't break, hardly needed gas. I loved that car. But I woke up one morning to see a cracked windshield, the front two tires slashed and the engine shot. It's sitting in our garage still damaged. Dad knows who did it, but he refuses to tell me. I'm saving my pay check at Newton's Store where I worked every other day during the summer at $7.00 an hour for eight hours each day. Another hundred and I can take it to the way overpriced mechanics in Port Angeles. $1000 saved.

For now though, I'm driving this crappy truck. It has an old smell, breaks down a lot and is slow. Charlie, bless him, managed to get this for a hundred bucks from his friend Billie Black in La Push. Another $100 or so and I can get the Toyota fixed. Next payday I'll have a total of $2680. But take away gas, food, clothes and everything it'll get halved to $1800.

After the thirty minute drive that turned into fifty because of my crappy truck I finally arrived. I parked outside. Somehow luck was for once on my side because as soon as I stepped inside it started torrential raining.

"Hey Sal, can I get a tea please?" I asked the twenty year old employee. He was the son of the owner so he automatically got a job. I took a seat at the counter. It was a bar styled Starbucks and had class. Something that seriously Forks seriously lacked.

"One strong tea with milk and two sugars coming up." He smiled. I smiled back. He was a great guy. Tall, muscled and cute.

"How much?" I asked. His prices were always going up or down so I never knew how much prices were.

"It's on the house Chika." He said in that attractive Mexican accent I loved.

"Thanks." Who was I if I refused a free drink?

Sal was a mate. A really good friend that always serves me and is a really good person to talk too. We dated for about a month but went separate ways. Although we two different people we really understood each other. Although being friends was better. After a few minutes of reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Sal came over with a big chocolate cup cake.

"Wha-" I didn't even get to state my confusion before he nodded to a guy in my Bio class.

I sighed. Guys always thought the way to a girls heart was buying them something. It was pathetic. With bronzed hair, slightly muscled and leanly tall, it was none other than Edward Cullen. The douche.

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