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Chapter two.

Rolling my eyes I pulled Sal down to ear level. I whispered something in his ear and he laughed.

"Bella, I can't do that!" He said choking on a laugh.

"Well, why not? It's not like you'd get fired or anything." I pouted. I stared him down with my big brown eyes. "Please?" I whimpered like a puppy being butchered.

"Any normal person would accept it as a nice gesture and move on. A normal person would feel flattered. Possibly any normal-" I glared at him.

"And? I'm not normal." I stated in a serious tone.

"Fine, but if I get in trouble I will personally see to it that you get the full blame!" He sighed and picked up the three dollar muffin and swiftly walked to Edward Cullen.

I saw Sal say something and Edward reply. I heard Sal say something like, 'she also asked me to do this'. Sal then dumped the muffin, quite forcefully, on his stupidly hot hair. I choked on my tea and burst out laughing spraying my tea over some balding Chinese man. Edward was in shock. And I could tell he was on the verge of screaming.

"Oh God I'm so sorry!" I squeaked whipping the man's hairless head with a napkin.

"Young people." He sighed rolling his eyes before moving to a far away teenager.

"Sorry." I called after him.

I turned around to see what I had missed only to find a very angry looking Cullen.

"Isabella, you could have just sent it back nicely or left it." He said evenly. I could tell he didn't know whether to laugh or to scream. Edward Cullen screaming made a lovely picture in my head. Steam blowing out of his ears, his face red, epic pic? I think so.

"Well, I'm having a shitty day so I needed a laugh." I replied smiling.

"At my expense of course." Edward's mouth twitched as if he were going to smile.

I considered this before replying. "Yes, at your expense." I cocked my eyebrow.

"Well... now I need to laugh." He said before picking up a large white cake from the display rack and dumping it onto my head.

I stood outraged trying to wipe it from my head. He laughed then smiled in a way that made me want to kill him. I sighed for the millionth time today. I then took a sip of my tea to find it stone cold. I then tipped the whole large cup over his head.

"See? All better."

"That's not fair. Now you can't wash your hair." He said in amusement. I felt water soak my top.

I stared at my chest to see my white top show my poka dot bra. It stuck out so much, my size D boobs were on show. To say I was going to die of embarrassment didn't even cut it. I glared before shaking my cake ridden head and made a swift exit.

The door made a soft bang as I shook the crumbs from my hair. I thought about running to the truck so the cake wouldn't wash in my hair. I made a glance back and saw that Sal was kicking Edward out. Good 'ole Sal. Customers didn't know whether to be outraged or in hysterics. Well this was normal for Edward and I.

Since meeting freshman year we took on a steady friendship. Nothing major, just asked how one another was from time to time. We went on group things together had a laugh. I haven't seen him all summer. Mostly because he avoided me. Though when we were friends we got kicked out of Wall-Mart, banned for life from Patty's Panties Lingerie store and had a food fight in the cafeteria. We even shared a kiss at the beginning of sophomore year but decided we weren't right for each other. Later that day he fell in with the popular crowd when he saved Lauren Mallory from being hit by a car.

I continued to walk to the truck slightly pleased with the fact I had also gotten him back for ditching me for complete bitches. I smiled at the thought of being friends again. The rain started to get harder and I heard the first shrill off thunder. The begging's off a storm. My train of thought then went straight back to Edward. Getting him thrown out of Starbucks is a nice start. I chuckled loudly at the thought.

"You know, only crazy lades laugh in a storm with cake in their hair." I heard his beautiful voice say as he walked with me.

"Well, then I'm crazy." I said seeing a lamp post. I griped it with my hand and swung round. "Want to be crazy with me?" I offered with a smile.

"Hmmm, well dancing in the rain seems so much better than going home to a warm house. So yeah I'm crazy too!" He exclaimed before taking my hand. Only being the klutz I am, I fell on him. For anyone watching it was like dominoes. Once I fell so did Edward. He then proceeded to fall straight into a four inch murky puddle.

I couldn't help but collapse as I tried to contain another outburst. My efforts were wasted because the look on his face was hilarious.

"Sorry. But that was so funny!" I screamed with glee.

I calmed down and saw he was still sitting there. I smiled and sat in the puddle with him. We stared at each other and he giggled softly. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

"You know, we're practically sharing a bath, right?"

"Well then you need soap." I said in a child like voice. I picked up a dirty clump of leaves from the gutter sitting next to me and flung it at his chest.

"Oh you didn't just do that." He said getting up pushing my sitting body into the gutter.

"Oh, but I did." I retorted. He had an evil glint in his eye. I saw him catch a look at a mud further up the road.

"Oh no you don't!" I said running down the road. I saw my truck and fiddled with that damned lock before prying the door open. Getting in I locked the doors. A flash of lightening made me jump. I saw a figure get in and I almost screamed before realising the muddy guy was Edward.

"Get out. You've got your own car." I was quite happy kicking him back out into the cold rain.

"My brother Emmett left to go back to college today and he dropped me off here. So like yeah can I get a lift? Please?" Using the pouting look I used on Sal. Except Edwards was hypnotising.

"Call your dad or something." I smiled at his inconvenience.

"No cell phone reception. You're stuck with me Swan." Sighing I reluctantly started the engine.

"Fine but I'm dropping you on at the school. I'm so not driving up your long arse drive when it's this dark."

He looked smug. God I wanted to slap his perfectly structured face. I drove as fast as I could, avoiding small talk. I stopped and he got out. We exchanged goodbyes before I began the five minute drive home. I wanted to scream at the thought of going home to her. That woman.

Ok, so I'm really overreacting. But I guess I've had enough of her. And I hope Charlie does too. I turned the car off and sat there. I closed my eyes and listened to the lullaby of the rain. I thought back to Edward. I didn't know he had a brother. Emmett. Where had I heard that name before? It hurt to think as I was so tired so I decided it was time to face the music.

I opened the front door. All was silent except for the TV. I walked through the dimly lit yellow hall. I put my keys in the glass bowl by the door and took of my coat and carried it in my arms. The dampness seeping through my skin.

"Dad?" I called.

At that moment the sounds I thought was the TV, were sobs. Wondering what on earth it could be I saw Charlie at the table crying with a note. Dumping my coat on the couch I ran to him.

"What wrong Charlie?" I panicked.

"Your mum's gone. Run off with some postman. She left a note." His body was overcome with more sobs. Taking the note from him I began to read it.

'Dearest Charlie, I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore. The flame in our marriage has been dead for a long time. I found love, with our postman if you can believe it! I'm happy, and I want you to be happy for me. I understand that you'll miss me but try to forget about me. Bella's fine, she doesn't need me. Good bye Charlie. Love Renee x'

Ah Renee the most subtle person ever! I could murder her. Charlie doesn't cry. Ever. And this witch of a woman has reduced him to tears. If I see her I will actually run her over this time.

After trying to comfort Charlie I decided to cook him roast chicken with vegetables. And to cheer him up I also made blueberry pie. He ate nearly every scrap. He even gave me a weak smile. But I still saw the shattered man that was his ghost.

He went to bed early that night. His sobs were glued to my brain. I tried to clear up but nausea from cleaning up the leftover made me end up puking in the sink. I moaned before throwing up again. I repeat, worst hangover ever.

Clearing up the puke I locked up everything and continued to bed. Changing into pj shorts I climbed into bed. I could just about hear the soft snore from Charles room. I couldn't help but frown. He doesn't deserve to go through this pain.

I'll miss her. Not now, maybe not any time soon but I will miss her. She is my mum after all and as much as I hate it I love her. Though she'll never be forgiven for doing this to Charlie. When I find her, which I will, I will hurt her. Nothing too bad, a slap round the face, punch to the gut. I don't know what I'd actually do if I saw her but it will be a confrontation she'll never forget.

I fell asleep quicker than I thought. I woke up to a sunny sky and blinked in surprise at how bright it was. Getting up I walked to the window. I leaned out and felt the heat on my skin. I stayed there breathing it in, in a nice relaxing trance. I was pulled out the trance when my cell phone buzzed an incoming call. Groaning I answered it.

"Hey, what do you want?" I said into the phone.

"Wow you're actually up!" Angela replied in mock shock. "Anyways, since it's going to be pretty hot today, a group of us are going to La Push. Want to come?"

I considered this for a moment. It wouldn't do Charlie any good to see me moping around. Plus tomorrow was school so this was my last day of freedom.

"Yeah, I'll go." I smiled into the phone.

"Cool, pick you up at 11. You've got 15 mins, so hurry up!" She said quickly before hanging up.

"Bye." I said softly into the silent phone.

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