C H A P T E R * O N E

By Stargirl

My first try at a crossover; decided to wander over the line of straight sailor moon. ^_^ I don't believe in haughty crossovers or quick attempts to throw one or more of them into the other dimension (though I've read some that have pulled it off successfully). I prefer to concentrate on the story as a whole, and find it easier by giving this an alternate reality trait. I will most likely incorporate things that exist from the story and play with them, but it will be largely on my own whim (and yours if you send me some ideas!). Since I'm so fond of making unfeeling guys "feel" and messing with their heads, I chose to pair Serena with our beloved Heero. Hope you enjoy this! Hugs Star

* * *

An angel... so beautiful and young, gazing about with crystal clear

eyes and long soft blond hair. She drops to her knees, huddling her

figure. Long slender wings battered and in a state of chaos. Fire swarms

around her, lava colored flames blaring heat and consuming everything.

It dances in the pupils of the angels eyes, taunting with it's promises

of pain, emptiness, and utter destruction. A force that even a brave

little angel might not win against.

The Angel's Fire...

Serena's heart thumped loud and hard within her chest. Glazed blue eyes peered around, flashing lights and people blurring as her head swirled and body swayed, sirens and shouting a chaotic blare in her ears. Her head and shoulder pounded and seared, and she held her breath, afraid she would fall to the road as disorienting wave washed through her. She stepped forward hesitantly, glass crunching beneath her sneaker. Something was dripping down her forehead, oozing its way over her eyebrow and edging close to a wide blue eye. Dazedly, she reached to swipe at it, and her eyes locked at her red smeared fingers. Only then did one of the paramedics look up and notice her in alarm.

Instantly, she drew back from the attention, not quite sure why. The need to hide like a kid facing a nightmare. "I'm fine," she croaked, her mouth feeling parched.

The paramedic's fingers probed at her shoulder, a sharp sting bringing a wince and cry as she brought her own hand to the tender wound.

"You're one hell of lucky girl," the man breathed, a hand swiping through graying brown hair. "You were IN that car?" he questioned with unbelieving eyes.

Car? Serena blinked, forcing some kind of thought into her clogged mind. Finally she turned her head. God. It could barely be called a car anymore. A sick light feeling trickled through her with an uncontrollable shiver. The silver sports car was toppled, a monstrous fire consuming it.

"Mina?" she squeaked, her throat constricting. Her arms shook and she dropped to her knees, a concerned paramedic in tow.

"Ma'am?" He tried to get her to look at her. "Had someone else been in there with you?"

Lips trembled. Serena said nothing. Her skin too hot and tingling outside, and too much emptiness and convulsing inside. Her eyes, trained on the wrecked car, could barely perceive the destruction.

"Serena, we have to get out of here," Mina had cried not even hours ago, grabbing her arm and stressing, "Now!"

Eyes wide and startled, she froze until being dragged out of the apartment. The fear so great, she sent endless glances to her friend as they thundered down the stairs and jumped into their car in front.

She buckled and bit her lip, watching the firm determination of Mina's face...and the worry in her eyes. An hour, then two, passed, and gradually, driving on the road with the windows down, warm air blowing on their faces and only the random streetlight passing by, both of their muscles began loosening.

Safety; a wonderful feeling of safety. Mina smiled over at her, blond hair, much like her own, whipping in the wind. A musical bring startled them though, and Serena dashed for the cell with a relieved smile. "Amy, Raye, are-"

"Hello Serena." The voice was calm, the purr of tiger after it's prey.

Chaos struck her. Her stomach turned sick as the man began to talk. So sick, and tears blurred her wide eyes. Mina had tensed and watched her, swerving the car only once.

They're dead. They had to be dead.... Killed. The guy on the phone didn't say it, but everything screamed the sordid fact to her. Her best friends.

The voice from the phone began to clear, to taunt and mock her and send shivers through her body. As ridiculous as it was, she deeply wanted to strangle the phone and pretend it was him. "....You'd do best to give up now, your majesty, or you'll find yourself even more alone without a certain blond pip of a protector...."


Her hand clamped over her mouth. Calm down, calm down, she ordered to the overpowering rush. Mina was safe, right beside her. Safe. But before she knew it, a side note of words came carelessly over the phone. "Oh, and I would get out of that car of yours if I were you, Serena. You know how dangerous those things can be, after all."

"The car!" escaped abruptly from her throat, even as she heard the dial tone from the cell. Mina jumped and lost control of the wheel for a moment.

"Don't scream like that, you almost gave me a heart attack!"

And she was on the brink of one. "We got to get away from the car! Now. For Christ's sake, stop!" Her voice sounded higher, hysterical. She felt trapped, and suppressed the need to shake Mina into stopping the car. Run, run.. death was right around the corner if they didn't RUN!

Why weren't they stopping? Their speed hadn't even slowed! "Mina, stop the car," Serena cried.

"It w-won't," Mina stammered.

"What?" Serena yelled.

"The break!" Mina screeched, and her wild leg stomping on the break became terribly obvious.

Serena's heart stopped. "We have to jump!" came the sharp thought she immediately voiced.

Mina glanced at her, soft blue eyes wide. "You're crazy! We're going sixty miles per hour!" She stopped and took a steadying breath. "Look, you're probably just overreacting."

"How can I be overreacting?" Serena demanded shrilly.

"I-I'm a good driver," Mina insisted, "If I plan it out, we could survive a crash."

"A crash," Serena echoed softly. "Mina," she all but choked. "This thing is going to explode not just crash!"

Mina's head started to shake back and forth. "No... No," she began to insist before she stilled, eyes frozen somewhere on the dashboard. Her tongue peeked to lick her lips. "Do you now how to disarm bombs?"

"I m-might..." she shook her head, "I don't know!"

"I think I know where it is," Mina murmured,

With horror Serena watched Mina scoot down from the seat, carelessly abandoning the wheel. The car swirled and Serena rushed to grab onto the wheel, shaking as she brought it to a straight path again, knuckles white in her grip. She unbuckled her seatbelt, scooting closer to get better control of the wheel. "What do you see?" she ventured after almost screaming from cramming into another car. God, the city! They were on the outskirts of the city! All those people and cars and--

From the corner of her eye she saw Mina narrow and strain her eyes at something before widening in horror. "Out!" she screeched, and before Serena could register it, Mina shot up, manicured hands grabbing her even as the car swirled out of control. The door swung opened and Mina roughly shoved. The moving cement rolled in her vision as she stumbled to it, her body screaming on impact. Her breath stopped, chest tight at the pain even as she rolled helplessly across the road.

Everything stopped. Everything exploded. A huge noise lunged to life over screeching tires, lava like colors and heat the only thing she was aware of. Glass shattered and debris fired everywhere. Something sharp hit and carved into her shoulder. Her body froze and convulsed with pain, stars dancing in her head with darkness quickly consuming her.

"Can you handle the guilt ?" A voice echoed in the murkiness of her mind."What guilt?"

"Of causing so much death of course..... causing..... so much death death........."

She screamed.

"Ma'am!" Someone shook her, persistent. Her head jerked up to the paramedic, at first her eyes murky as if after waking up from a nightmare that seemed too real. "Ma'am, are you okay? Was someone else in that car?"

Before realizing it, she nodded. The man's light blue eyes softened. "What was her name?"

Serena stopped, just staring at the man. Mina's name? To record her death... Mina Kalentii had just died in that car, she thought. One of her best friends and protectors. No... not just that, her LAST friend and protector. Emptiness started to claw and tear at her insides, such raw aching pain. No one to run to. No where to go. Her eyes stung like a prison to her tears, the onslaught brutal, doubled only by another realization. He would come after her any time now.... But--

The paramedic sighed, bringing her back. "It's okay," he said, patting her back, "we'll just get you fixed up. You can tell us la-"

"Serena Tasal," Serena murmured, jarring the paramedic. "Serena Rose Tasal. She's the one who was in that car... she pushed me out." Slowly, she rose to her feet avoiding the paramedic's arms that stretched out ready to help her steady. She withdrew a step. Then another.


She retreated further, letting the coarse blanket around her shoulders slide to the torched ground, allowing the chilled air to touch her skin. She looked around, praying for no familiar faces, no one to witness who she was.

The man edged toward her, arms outreached. "Please come, you're 'hurt,'" he stressed.

It could work. It would. Her breath sounded ragged, felt ragged, but she could do it. She didn't feel anything in her body, nothing hurting. Vaguely, she thought that it was odd that she couldn't feel the pain, but it was pushed aside. It was a blessing. She turned, her legs wobbly and hard to control, but nothing screamed in them from the movement.

Reassured, she ran. Swerved around startled people and darting away from those who called after her. She was fast though. She was the princess, she had to be fast. Had to be the best. The one who had to be protected… A shrill note inside her laughed. Why? Why her? What made her worth it? What could justify the deaths of her friends?

"I wonder.... Can you handle the guilt?"

She turned her head, as if she could escape the memory of the words as they plagued her in torrents of echoes. She cried out, a frustrated grunt of fear and pain as she averted her direction, unsure of where she was or where she was heading.

Just run. Run from everything. The pain, the death, the fear. Hide...

It felt too much like instinct.... but she grasped it. Air clogged in her lungs and she bent over to breathe. Her skin felt eaten all of a sudden, and it tingled, her mind blurring into the dark mess. Make it go away... Just make all of it go away....

* * *

Okay, this is how it is. I have started WAY to many stories (roughly 16 novels, many novelettes and shorts)- If I get enough of a response for this story, I promise though, to give an effort for getting a plot and chapters and even, amazingly, an ENDING. Such an elusive things those endings are... =sigh= Okay, overall, my fuel is your response, how much and powerful fuel... is up to YOU- kk? :D And remember, if you want something to happen, got an idea that tickled you that you think would be good for the story, (like who IS the caller on the cell?? I don't know! Can't decide) I'd be more than delighted to hear it! I seem to be in the mood to write it at the moment, so any inspirations or ideas would further insure a speedy next chapter! Should Relena play a part (bad or good), should Darien have a part, maybe the guy on the cell phone? How should the "princess" thing fit in, no matter how much alternate reality is centered round it. :D Where do the G-boys fit in? Should they be on her side or against her at first??? How do they find her? So many things I'm unsure of, would love any opinions and preferences from you guys!!

hope you guys liked it! ^.~ hugs star