C H A P T E R * F O U R

By Stargirl

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* * *

Serena gritted her teeth and paced the living room floor, throwing a glance at the glowing red numbers of a clock. She'd just tell him that the plans had changed and he wasn't needed anymore. Simple.

Someone knocked on the door and she stopped in her tracks, mind fading to blank slate. They knocked again, sending her scurrying for the door. She tucked her hair behind her ear, taking in a breath as she opened it, mind racing with her rehearsed speech.

Her empty world pivoted and danced. Words shriveled at her lips as she gazed at the young man, caught in a chilling blue gaze… He was young. Granted her last protectors had been young, but their case was rare. How could someone look so cold? She stepped back, hardly realizing it. "Heero Yuy?" she cautioned, scraping frantically for her speech.

"Hmn." His eyes flickered, but she couldn't guess its meaning.

Her chin lifted, her stern voice coming to her rescue. "I'm sorry but there has been a mistake. Luna wanted me to tell you that your services are not needed and to apologize." She kept her stiff position, but her eyes began to dart around. He wasn't saying anything. Why wasn't he saying anything?

He stared back at her. He may as well have been a statue. But no… a statue couldn't unnerve her. Not with such intensity. "Are you deliberately not listening to me?" she snapped, spurred on by her unsettled nerves.

Heero shifted, lifting his head. "I don't believe you," he said, his voice a dissettling monotone.

Simple in it's torturous impact. Her hands tucked into fists as she fought for her composure. "Excuse me?"

His eyes glittered, the closest thing to a reaction she saw of him. Could it possibly be amusement? His lips still settled in their emotionless line.

Serena just gaped at him as he stepped inside, closing the door. Her mouth snapped shut and eyes flamed. "Look. I don't care who you are, but your mission is canceled, got it? You don't have to protect me. I'm sorry, but you came here in vain."

He grunted and walked into the room. Serena followed, patience fraying like her temper. She glowered at him. "I refuse protection. Do you hear me? Leave!"

He dropped his two bags, leaning against a wall with his arms crossed.

He wasn't going to leave, she realized in bewilderment, her breaths coming in tiny huffs. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing for him to protect her? She surely couldn't mind the guy dying. But at the arrival of bitter tears, she forced the thought back. No matter who, the death of another would weigh on her hurting mind. Her mind was like glass, each guilt and broken friendship another pound on its sheer surface, a shrieking crack journeying through it… threatening its collapse. She shook her head, turning her attention to Heero Yuy. She clenched her teeth at the trembling in her jaw.

She would not be protected. Damn Luna. She swung around, storming into her alien room and grabbing the bag of clothes that Luna had brought her. Averting her eyes from Heero Yuy's steady gaze, she searched for the jacket she had…borrowed… from that morning. She slipped it on, wary of the screaming tissue of her wound that still stuck to her shirt.

"Where are you going?"

Monotone words. She cringed and then glared at him. "Make a guess." Then she left, hurrying to the elevator and hating the slow ride down. Would he follow her? She wondered. No, he wouldn't bother. He didn't seem the type to care about anything but his mission. But his mission was vetoed. With a whimpering thought, 'please leave,' sent to the man in the penthouse, she hurdled out of the elevator the moment it opened.

The sound of the steady rain had faded in her ears as a natural sound in the past few hours, and she had very well forgotten it. She sighed at the sight of the icy pellets of water through the hotel's glass windows and doors but didn't stop. She couldn't stop, couldn't face the memories poisoning her mind or the young man upstairs. She still felt numb, hurt, her spirit restless and confused at what to feel. Blinking back the tears, she pushed out of the building, staring up at the sky with the rain splattering and slipping down her face, soaking her clothes on impact.

He didn't know why he followed her. He contemplated the reason, unfazed by the rain drenching his clothes and matting his hair over his face. The rain-blurred sight of the girl kept in his vision between his dripping bangs. He should have left. The woman, Luna, hadn't mentioned that the girl the girl wouldn't comply with the arrangement. His eyes narrowed at the thought.

He turned the corner, thoughts grim. What would he do when he caught up with the girl? This wasn't part of his mission. For a few blocks he simply followed her, his movements silent and quick. Though he had a feeling it wasn't needed. This girl wouldn't know she was being followed even if it was by a Gundam. He grimaced, turning around the next corner. His walk stilled, gun in his hand in an instant. Cursing into the rain, he ran forward to the girl's crumpled form.

He froze, swinging his tearing gaze around the trees and buildings. Nothing. He frowned harder and sank besides the girl and searched for a bullet wound. He paused, fingers hovering over her jacket as he glimpsed red on her shirt. He peeled away the flap of the jacket, probing the red-stained area. It was crusted, an old wound. Why wasn't it attended to?

She had passed out. He slipped his gun into his jacket. Then he stared at her a moment, raindrops splattering and slipping down her face, silver blonde hair pooling around her head, light against the black cement. Nothing shone in his eyes, not a flicker of emotion, but they shadowed a darker blue as he picked the slight form up and carried her back down the street.

* * *

Luna pursed her lips, red tipped fingernails clicking on her teacup as she stared out the French window. Gardens spread in waves, sun bathing the fields of grass and flowers. Cherry blossoms blew from their brittle branches and swirled in the wind. The Kingdom of Lunaria boasted as glorious as ever, its peaceful beauty an everlasting gift to its people. But not even its sights and wonders could touch Luna's sullen mind.

She sighed and turned to the open room furnished with white couches, gleaming oak tables, and potted plants. A sleek piano graced a corner, a handsome man with long silver hair sitting before it. His fingers set on the keys and he begun to play, hands drifting from one languid note to another. The melody sung throughout the sunlit room, light with intricate sets of notes but with the perceivable longing tone that could attract a soul.

Luna sat down on a couch, setting her teacup on the end table next to a vase of pink and white flowers. She shut her eyes, allowing herself to sink into Artemis' music. Her nerves were thin, her weariness great. Darkness hung over her spirit, so unlike her surroundings. Light was everywhere, but it was the shadows she knew she had to watch out for. God be with them.

* * *

Luna stepped onto the podium, smoothing out her cool gray dress-suit with silver buttons, her face a neutral mask as she faced the people from distinguished members of the Lunarian alliance to news crews.

Like it or not, a short speech had been in order. She pursed her lips and clasped her hands as she reached the microphone. "The Lunarian Kingdom is based on peace. We esteem for high goals. Foolish expectations some may say," she paused and lifted her head, "but what glorifies a life if not dreams?"

There is a threat to our dream. Though our ally, the Sanq Kingdom, is discouraging a motion for war, we will fight for our dreams if need be."

Her jaw firm, she stared at the assembly as if there wasn't a blaring white light in her face.

The murmurs rose, but one person called out above the others. "Miss Delcrae, is it true that the Princess is dead?" The others quieted and she sucked in a breath at the anxious faces.

She saw Serena in her mind but pushed it away and answered, "I am unable to disclose any information." She lifted her hand up at the onslaught of questions. Obviously they did not comprehend her words or tone. "I will take no more questions, thank you."

* * *

Anger lurked behind his calm surface. Or perhaps just a fearful intensity. He stared at the collected woman on the screen before him. Luna Delcrae, a damnable woman. His fingers drummed against his desk. A frustrated storm billowed inside him. He always got what he wanted.

Silver-blue eyes narrowed on his sculptured face, lips thin. He rose from his chair and wandered to a table against the wall, pouring himself a drink. A movement in the ornate mirror stationed above the table made him pause. He saw himself, a richly dressed man with ebony hair pulled into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. Averting his gaze to the reflection of the stiff man in back to him, he stood straighter. "Report."

The man paused, as if reluctant to relay his message. Delios frowned harder. "Out with it," he demanded.

"I'm sorry, your highness. The men returned without finding her. One…hasn't returned. We fear him dead."

Delios stared into the mirror at himself in contemplation. After a moment he chugged down his drink, the bittersweet liquid sinking down his throat. He turned and strided to the entrance of the room. Without turning, he spoke once more to the man, voice threatening beneath his off-handed tone. "Find Mina Kalintti. Do whatever it takes."

* * *