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The Show

All that year tensions had been running high, but Gryffindor and Slytherin house respectively were worried for the two in question, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Hexes, fistfights and pranks had been frequent the entire year, except lately it had gotten worse. The two had foregone violence in exchange of verbal abuse, insults and quick wit traded faster than the rest of Hogwarts could follow.

It all came down to one day. The Great Hall had been quiet at breakfast, nothing had happened in a week and bets were being taken to see who would break first. Ron and Harry were certain Hermione would remain cool, but Pansy and Blaise had ten galleons that she'd explode first.

After breakfast, as students were making their way to classes, it happened.

Draco had brushed past Hermione and shoved her to the wall, chuckling, 'Sorry Granger, didn't see you there.'

And then Hermione went for him. 'Didn't see me? Well, of course you didn't see me! Your inflated ego is so big I'm surprised you can see your own feet. You are foul, a loathsome creature who will never know true human affections. And why? Because you think you are better than everyone. Let me tell you something, boy,' she pushed him away from her and held up her head to stare at him straight on. She began to advance, 'Harry flies better than you. Ron is kinder than you. Blaise is better looking than you. Pansy is a hundred times more calculating that you. Ernie Macmillan has better contacts in the ministry than you. Neville could poison you with plants you've not even heard of. Crabbe and Goyle are stronger and tougher than you. Millicent packs a better punch than you. Lavender knows how to woo people better than you. Ginny is braver than you. Seamus' sandy hair is nicer than yours. Terry Boot is wittier than you. Luna knows more about magical creatures than you. And I beat you at every test. You have nothing. Give up.'

They were face to face, and the crowd had closed into a tight circle around them, wands at the ready, waiting for the first spell to be cast.

Draco bowed his head for a moment, before looking back up to meet her gaze.

'You're wrong,' he whispered, a smile creeping onto his face. 'I do have something.'

Hermione was grinning at him, much to everyone's confusion.


He reached out to place his hand on her cheek, and the crowd took in a deep breath. Hogwarts had expected a show, and it was a show they got. After all, seeing Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini faint at exactly the same time was shocking.

'You,' he said, before kissing her.