Moments with the Panther and Berry

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Dedicated to Sly because half of these moments were inspired by our amazing skits.

Chapter One: Firsts

Grimmjow and Ichigo were sitting in a crowded restaurant booth with Rukia and Orihime, since they were basically the only ones who accepted the blooming relationship between the Espada and the Soul Reaper. The two couples when on double dates like this several times a week. Sometimes, it was pure perfection to escape the thoughts of the war and Shinigami duties.

"So, Ichigo," Rukia began, immediately capturing the attention of everyone in the group with that authoritative voice of her. "Tell us exactly how your relationship started."

Orihime's stormy gray eyes brightened and shimmered with interest. "Yes, tell us, Kurosaki-kun," the girl practically squealed. Nothing excited her more than a good love story.

Chocolate eyes grew distant as he recalled the memory. A hand grabbed onto the blue haired Espada's, lacing their fingers. "It all started with that first battle, but we didn't realize our feelings until that second battle." Ichigo mused.

"Tell us about it," Orihime persisted.

A smile that was usually only seen in battle graced Grimmjow's face. "Allow me to spin the tale, Ichi-brat."

"Do tell, Grimm," Ichigo said.

"So, it all started like this…."

"Let me go!" Ichigo yelled, straining against Kensei. "This is what I've been training for damnit!"

"You can't," Kensei said calmly. "You aren't ready."

Just as the orange haired teen was about to reply, Shinji appeared, pulling Ichigo from Kensei's grip. "Just let him go," he said.

With that, Ichigo ran, headed toward that all too familiar Spiritual Pressure. Soon enough, he found himself facing an Espada. A blue haired Espada who made his blood boil with more than anger.

"Hey. I've been lookin' for you, Shinigami." Grimmjow half growled.

"And I've been waiting for you, Arrancar." Ichigo hissed, voice dripping with venom. Brown eyes widened as he noticed the loose sleeve of Grimmjow's jacket, waving in the breeze. "Grimmjow. What happened to your arm?" He couldn't hide the concern that laced his voice.

"Oh, I got rid of it." Grimmjow stated arrogantly. "Because I'm only gonna need one arm to defeat you."

Within a second, Grimmjow's claws were aiming for Ichigo's jugular vein. Ichigo blocked the attack with a swing of Zangetsu.

"You've improved, Soul Reaper." Grimmjow analyzed.

"Oh, I've learned more than how to dodge," Ichigo stated confidently, summoning his twisted Spiritual Pressure and calling forth his mask.

"W-what the fuck is that?" Grimmjow stammered.

"I don't have time to explain it to you," Ichigo said. With a burst of speed, he launched himself at the Espada.

"Before that fight, I had never taken any damage in a battle. It was invigorating." Grimmjow's voice was nostalgic.

"And how, exactly, did that lead to your relationship?" Orihime questioned, eyes filled with confusion and curiosity.

"It was those eyes," Grimmjow murmured. "Those golden eyes. I hated them because they hid those deep brown orbs from me. When I realized that, everything clicked into place."

"And I had realized my feelings for Grimmjow long before that. During that first battle. I was just waiting for him to catch on."

"Sue me, I'm slow." Grimmjow said, earning a chaste kiss from Ichigo which caused Rukia and Orihime to gush over their public affection.


Thirty minutes later, the gang had left the restaurant and was headed to the local Ice Cream Parlor.

"I scream, you scream we all scream for-" Orihime sang as she skipped down the street, fingers intertwined with Rukia's.

"Ice cream!" Rukia finished with an amused smile.

"Since we're talking about firsts, Ichigo, why don't you enlighten us on your first kiss?" Rukia pestered.

"Are you some kind of closet yaoi fangirl, Rukia?" Grimmjow questioned.

"Not at all. There's nothing closet about it. It's all in the open." She said with a smirk.

The smart mouthed Espada was speechless.

Rukia's smirk deepened.

"My first kiss went a little like this…" Ichigo began.

Rain. Ichigo hated the rain. Somehow, though, walking through it wasn't so bad, knowing that every step he took brought him closer to his Espada.

Ichigo and Grimmjow had picked up a habit. Every Thursday at sunset, they would meet in the park beneath the Sakura trees. So, Ichigo found himself stomping through puddles of water, getting soaked, just to see his blue haired semi-lover. 'You can't call us lovers. I mean, we haven't even kissed yet,' Ichigo thought sulkily.

Heading into the entrance of the park, brown eyes immediately began to scan for blue and white. He smiled, heart skipping a beat, when he spotted the Arrancar sitting on a bench, pink Sakura petals falling around him. The male's hair was plastered to his scalp from the rain, and his clothing was sticking to his skin. Ichigo thought he looked breath taking.

"Hey, brat," Grimmjow said. Brat, Shinigami or Kurosaki; Grimmjow usually greeted him with one of these names. "I was beginning to think you stood me up." His tone of voice portrayed indifference, but his eyes held relief. Those eyes always gave him away, and Ichigo knew to pay particular attention to them.

"You should know that I'd never do that, Grimmjow." Ichigo's voice dripped with sugar.

"Surprisingly, I do. I'm just paranoid, y'know?" Those electric blue orbs begged for understanding.

"I know. So am I. If we get caught…" Ichigo trailed off. The thought of separation caused a lump to rise in his throat. He was shocked for a second. He shouldn't be this attached to the Sixth Espada.

Grimmjow's hand came up, fingers closing around the orange haired teen's wrist, pulling him onto the bench. The sudden pull caused Ichigo to stumble, and instead of landing next to Grimmjow, the boy fell into the other man's lap.

"Well," Grimmjow said, smirk tugging at his lips. "This is better than my original plan."

Ichigo blushed a lovely shade of crimson, moving to get up from Grimmjow's lap. "Hold on, Ichigo," Grimmjow said.

Brown eyes widened and locked onto blue pools. That was the first time Grimmjow had used Ichigo's name. "Where do you think you're going?" Grimmjow purred.

"I- I was just-" His stammered explanation was cut short. Cool, eager and hungry lips pressed against his soft, willing ones. Grimmjow's hands came up to cup the boy's face, his tongue darted out, inspecting the boy's bottom lip.

Ichigo's arms snaked around Grimmjow's neck, fingers weaving into blue locks. As a sharp bite was placed on his bottom lip, he gasped, opening his mouth in a little yelp of pain. Grimmjow took that opportunity to thrust his tongue inside.

Ichigo's mouth was hot. Beyond hot, it was like an inferno. Grimmjow's eager tongue swept over every crevice. His tongue won the fight for dominance easily, and he ran the appendage over teeth, cheek and the roof of the boy's mouth. The taste of Ichigo was intoxicating. Itr was like a mixture of sugar and honey. Incredibly sweet and addicting.

The need for air caused them to pull apart. Grimmjow still held Ichigo's face firmly in place, resting his forehead against the teen's. While the air continued to rush to his lungs, he placed several light kisses to the boy's lips.

Ichigo's fingers began to scatter the droplets of water in Grimmjow's hair. "Amazing," he whispered.

Those electric blues were full of wonder. "Fuckin' incredible, Ichi." He breathed.

As Grimmjow's lips began to explore the sensitive skin of Ichigo's neck, the rain stopped, but the Sakura petals continued to fall.

By the time, Ichigo finished his story, pulling himself from the memory, the foursome had entered the quiet, colorful ice cream shop. Orihime immediately ran to the counter, ordering a mint chocolate chip cone with sour gummy worms and caramel. Grimmjow and Ichigo made a face at the order while Rukia laughed with interest and asked for a lick. Whether she wanted to lick the cone or the girl, the boys weren't really sure.

Both men could tell that the raven haired girl had more questions. The curious stares she was giving them made it obvious. "Spit it out, Rukia!: Grimmjow and Ichigo said in unison.

"Well… Never mind. You won't tell me anyway." She said with a slight laugh and a sheepish smile.

"Oh for the love of-" Ichigo started.

"It's kinda ironic that she'd ask that question here," Grimmjow said, smile growing at the deep blush that was spreading across Ichigo's cheeks. "I mean, it all started with ice cream."

Of course, they weren't going to give the girl details, but that didn't stop them from remembering.

It was an unseasonably hot Saturday, and Ichigo found himself yearning for the cold tingle of ice cream. When he voiced his desire to Grimmjow, thin blue brows furrowed in confusion.

"What's ice cream?" He asked, voice curious.

"You've seriously never had it before?" Ichigo's tone was disbelieving. At the shake of the head from the Espada, Ichigo stood, pulling the blue haired male from the shade of the tree they were lying under. "Well, now is the time to change that."

In the distance, Ichigo heard the unmistakable jingle of the ice cream truck. He broke into a slight run, pulling the other male along with him. They reached the truck just before a swarm of children crowded around it. "Hi," Ichigo said, aiming a smile at the ice cream woman. "Can I have two chocolate chip cones, please? Double scoop."

The sweet purr of a voice spilling from the boy's lips was enough to make the woman, and surely the entire stock of ice cream, melt. It also earned him a free cone.

Spinning on his heel, he left the ice cream truck and the slightly drooling woman. He found Grimmjow leaning against a brick wall. He walked over, handing the ice cream to the blue haired male who eyed it curiously.

"Lick it," Ichigo said bringing the treat to his lips. He shivered as the cool snack made contact with his hot cavity.

Grimmjow brought the frozen food to his lips, biting a huge chunk from the congealed mess. "Holy fuck!" He yelped, grabbing his head with his free hand.

"I said lick, not bite. If you eat too much, you'll get brain freeze," Ichigo scolded.

"Why didn't you tell me that sooner?" Grimmjow hissed, pain in his head dulling.

"Oh, I just thought that for once, you'd listen to me."

Electric blues narrowed the cone suspiciously before taking a small, tentative lick. "Oh sweet fuck! This is fucking amazing." Blue eyes lit up with wonder, and a child-like smile spread across his face.

Ichigo laughed. "That's so cute," he practically gushed. "Could you mind the F bomb, though? There are kids around."

Grimmjow scoffed. "Tch, like they're paying attention."

As if to prove him wrong, a little girl tugged on her mother's arm, pointing at the couple. "Look mommy. Their hair is funny!" While it was true that blue locks and orange tendrils stood out, that kid was rude.

Grimmjow growled. "Someone needs to be taught some manners."

You've got no room to talk, Grimm," Ichigo said through a chuckle.

Grimmjow was about to retort when a large drip of ice cream dripped onto his hand. Ichigo turned him, back facing the crowd of children. "Here, I'll take care of that." Chocolate brown eyes shimmered with mischief. A sly tongue darted out, lapping at the drop of ice cream.

"Damnit," Grimmjow breathed as Ichigo's tongue continued to trace the fingers clamped around the cone.

"There, all better," Ichigo said, stepping back to look at the Espada before him. "What's the matter, Grimm?" He asked, eyes full of teasing light.

Grimmjow sucked in a shaky breath. Without warning, he pulled the orange haired teen away from the wall and into a wooded area. In the seclusion of the trees, Grimmjow fused his lips with Ichigo's, pushing the boy against a tree.

Ichigo had no objections to being pressed against the tree. Not when he was alerted to the existence of a certain bulge in his lover's pants.

Grimmjow's mouth forced Ichigo's open and, with more force than necessary, began to plunder the area, evoking breathless and needy moans from the youth.

Ichigo liked it when Grimmjow played rough. But this little make out session was different from all the others. The insistent thrust of the other's hips against Ichigo's steadily hardening erection was proof of that.

"I want you, Ichigo." Grimmjow's voice was husky, hungry.

Ichigo momentarily forgot how to breathe. The moan that had wanted to leave his lips was stuck in his throat. He had wanted to hear those words for oh so long, and now that he had, his only reaction was to fuse his lips with the Espada's once more. "Take me, Grimmjow," he finally managed.

With that, fingers deftly undid buttons. Ichigo's clothing slid from his body in such a way that Grimmjow wondered if it had actually been there to begin with. Ichigo's eyes darkened as Grimmjow removed the layers of clothing that covered his body. Why the blue haired male insisted on covering up that body that had to be a gift from the gods was beyond him.

Grimmjow shed the last of his clothing, all the while drinking in the sight of of Ichigo's lean, muscular and slightly tan body. He wasted no time coating his index and middle finger with saliva and positioning them at the boy's most private area.

At the intrusion of the first finger, Ichigo hissed. Involuntarily, his muscles tightened to prevent further intrusion of the digit. "Relax," Grimmjow purred. When the blue haired man used that tone of voice, Ichigo was helpless to resist.

Grimmjow managed to distract the orange haired teen by placing small nips and licks to his neck and shoulder. He couldn't resist leaving a large red mark on the juncture of neck and shoulder.

Just as Ichigo got used to the first finger, a second digit was added. Luckily, the discomfort was gone. Grimmjow seemed to be searching for something as his fingers stretched him. He found out just what the other man had been searching for when the most incredible wave of pleasure assaulted his senses.

Grimmjow smiled as he found the small cluster of nerves hidden deep within the younger male. He knew when he hit the spot because Ichigo threw his head back, body pressing against Grimmjow's and a loud, deep moan escaping his lips.

"Grimm, please…" Ichigo's voice dripped with need and Grimmjow was overwhelmed with a desire to fulfill it. Without further prompt, he pulled his fingers out of the boy and slowly slid his member inside.

"Fuck, Ichi," Grimmjow gasped. The feeling of Ichigo's tight inner walls surrounding him was intense. He yearned to thrust into the boy, poinding him into the tree, but he resisted. He had to give him time to adjust.

"Move, Grimmjow," Ichigo begged after a few seconds of adjustment. By the small thrusts that were beyond the other's control, Ichigo knew it took every bit of will power within the man to hold back and not pound him senseless.

Grimmjow didn't need to be told twice. The thrusts started out slow, no where near deep enough to hit Ichigo's prostate. The boy longed to have that spot stimulated, so after a few minutes of agonizingly slow thrusts, Ichigo felt it was appropriate to command, "Harder, Grimm. Faster." Deep brown eyes filled with a burning need, a longing that served to fuel the fire within Grimmjow's stomach.

"Ahh, right there!" Ichigo moaned, one hand weaving into Grimmjow's hair while the other wrapped around the Espada's neck. His legs were wrapped around Grimmjow's waist, and without the tree, he would tumble to the ground. "Ungh, yes. That feels so good." Ichigo's voice was a purr of content.

Grimmjow's thrusts became sharper, hips thrusting faster and faster into the boy as the heat in his stomach began to build.

Ichigo could feel it. Just a few more thrusts, and he would tumble head first into the waiting tornado of pleasure. He longed for it; the pleasure that would come with release.

Grimmjow dug sharp teeth into a sensitive earlobe, lapping at the droplets of blood that seeped from the incision. With one more hard thrust, he took the plunge into a blinding world of white. His seed shot deep within the boy, and he began to tremble as he emptied the content of his member. "God, Ichigo!" It came out as a strangled half shout.

Ichigo felt an explosion of pleasure as he dropped into the white abyss. He felt his seed splash onto his stomach and Grimmjow's hand that had wrapped around his member to pump him through the sensitive minutes of his orgasm. When he finally came down from his sex high, blue orbs were staring at him intently roaming up and down his body, stopping to watch as his cum spilled from Ichigo's entrance when he pulled out.

Grimmjow smirked. "Was it as good for you too?"

Ichigo blushed, wrapping the blue haired man in a tender kiss. "Bet your ass it was."

With a shake of the head, both men pulled themselves out of the memory. "Can we get chocolate chip Ice cream?" Ichigo asked, eyes hopeful.

Grimmjow smiled. "Promise to keep your hands, and any other body part, to yourself?"

Ichigo blushed a light pink. "What, you don't want a repeat performance?"

Rukia watched in amusement, and Orihime smiled. The chestnut girl might have been a bit ditzy, but even she could guess what the conversation was about.


To be continued.

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