Opposites Really Do Attract

By: dg.17

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Ch. 1

The buzzing of his wand woke him up to the brightness of a new day. He got out of the bed wearing only dark green boxers heading to his bathroom to the shower. Before going into the shower he turns around and looked at himself in the mirror and gave himself one of the Malfoy's famous all-knowing smirks. After getting his fill of looking at himself he quickly discarded his boxers and headed into the shower to take one of his marathon showers.

Finished with his shower he wraps a towel around his waist and stood in front of the mirror to style his hair, which really consists of him just combing it out and letting it fall where it may, he had long since it grew out plus he had been told numerous times by women that they liked it better that way, it added to the mystery that he so wanted to uphold.

He left the bathroom to put on his clothes that his personal house-elf, Pixie, had chosen for him to wear. Once finished he sat on his bed and opened his desk draw for his potion. When he looked at the vial he noticed that it was empty. Realizing that, he rushed out his bedroom and quickly headed for the breakfast room where he knew his parents would be, he desperately needed to talk to them.

When he got down stairs he noticed that both his parents were engaged in activities and he knew enough from experience that he his news would have to wait until they were both finished. So his sat in his chair, which was to the left of his father while his mother sat at the right of his father. He filled up his plate and began to eat when he heard the 'hoot' of his owl Santo. Santo landed on the table and Draco quickly took the envelope from him. His owl quickly took off once he was released from the weight of it.

Immediately Draco noticed that it was a letter from Hogwarts knowing that it was most definitely his school list. Opening the letter up he found that he was correct and indeed that it was his school list, but he also found another letter inside he quickly read over it and then placed the letter down. When he looked up he found that both his parents were staring at him.

"Well, who was the letter from", his father asked?

Draco looked down at the letter then back up at his father and said, "Hogwarts; it was my school list and apparently I am the new head boy."

His father gave him a smirk and then they both congratulated him. He gave a tight smile to both his parents then went back to his breakfast mostly just staring it around his plate.

Both his parents picked up on the fact that he didn't seem too excited. His mother spoke first, "Draco darling, what's wrong you don't seem that happy about your good news."

Draco continued to stare his food around for a little longer then he looked at his father and spoke, "I need to talk to you guys about something very serious."

"Well, talk" his father said.

"Well when I went into my drawer to take my potion I found that it was empty, meaning that I don't have any more, what am I going to do?"

"We all knew this day was coming when Severus died in the war." "This is really good news Draco you need to start looking for your mate, you know what will happen if you don't, you will die of loneliness."

"I guess I don't really have a choice do I, seeing as I don't have any more of the potion that could help me keep all this together. Do you know how long it will take for the Veela to take over?"

"It's not that it is taking over you, you will still be you, it's just that you will start having urges to find your mate and that you will not rest until you find her."

"That's just great", he said getting up from the breakfast table.

"Where are you going sweetie", his mother asked.

"Diagon Ally, I need to go pick up my books and supplies for school also I need to just get out and think about what all this means with that he headed for the Floo room.


Hermione had just gotten her letter from Hogwarts telling her the books and supplies that she would need and that she would be head girl. She quickly ran down the stairs to find her parents to tell them the good news. When she ran into to the kitchen she found them sitting very close in a very deep and heavy conversation. She made her way farther into the kitchen, they must have heard her because they jumped apart and stared at her.

"What's wrong she said?"

"Sit down Hermione, your father and I have something to tell you that we should have told you a long time ago."

Hermione took the sit in front of her parents and looked at them both forgetting her good news. "So what do you have to tell me?"

"Well there is no easy way of saying this so we are just going to lay it out in front of you as best as we know how," her father said.

"Well honey you are half vampire."

"What! You have got to be kidding me", Hermione laughed. When she looks at her parents neither one laughed if anything they had a pained look on their faces. "Oh Merlin you guys are serious how can this be."

"Well, you get it from mums' side." "The vampire side has always there but it doesn't become dominant until you turn seventeen"-

"But I turned seventeen a month ago and you guys didn't feel the need to tell me then", Hermione said interrupting.

"Honey honestly we tried but this is not an easy thing to tell someone, but we're telling you now and there a few things you need to know."

"And what would those things be am I going to start craving blood, am I not able to go out in the light anymore?"

"No sweetie nothing like that but you will need to find your mate, all vampires have one."

"What! I can't believe that all this is happening to me."

"I know it sounds strange but you need to, you cannot live without your mate, you may not feel like you want one or even need one now but once your vampire instincts come in you are going to want to be with your mate you're not going to be able to resist. You will do anything necessary to get your mate." "Now we must warn you that you will become jealous easily, so you will have to control yourself so that you do not get out of hand."

Hermione sat there listening to everything her parents were telling her and she was just trying to take in everything she had just heard. Finally after sitting at the table listening to her parents go on about vampires for so long she only had one thing in mind that she really wanted to know, "do I have to drink blood?'' she asked with a sick look on her face.

Her mother laughed, "no dear but you will have to drink the blood of your mate and as much as it pains your father to come to terms with it, you will have to consummate during the mating, it is very important that that you do that and make sure your mates blood is the only blood that you drink because if you drank another you could die."

"Are you telling me that I will have to drink the blood of some boy and then have sex with him and how in bloody hell am I supposed to find this so called mate?'' she said rising with angrier with every word she spoke.

"Well yes honey, you will need to do all this to complete the mating ritual and about finding your mate that will be fairly easy because he will be at Hogwarts, because you spend so much time there then it is quite obvious that he will be there, and don't worry you and your mate will be very much compatible and on some level that you may not even know yet you are already in love with your mate."

"Wow", was all Hermione could say as she looked at her parents. She finally stood up and was heading for the door when her father caught sight of something in her hand.

"What's that you have in your hand Hermione?"

Hermione looked down and without turning to her parents she said, "My Hogwarts letter I'm going to be head girl," and with that she went up to her room to lie down and process all that she was told today. Merlin knew she had a lot to think about.

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