CH. 13

The weeks that followed were, dare I say it, wonderful. Who would have thought that Draco Malfoy could be so caring and gentle, his track record sure did not give it away. Every night I would go to sleep in his arms and every morning just like this one I woke up in his arms. I noticed that every morning I would feel something poking me in my backside. Normally he would quickly leave the bed and take care of it, but today I had another idea, I couldn't help the way I was feeling. I wanted more out of our relationship and I know he wanted more, so I was not going to deny myself the opportunity of becoming closer to Draco.

I turned over and began to rub my hand up and down his naked chest stopping when I got to the beginning of his boxers. After that first night of him wearing boxers to bed he has been doing it ever since. I loved that he did it because that just meant when we slept we were closer to each other. I placed one slow kiss to the center of his chest before I felt his fingers combing through my hair. I look up to his face and see that he was waking up.

"What were you doing", he asked smiling.

"I was just giving you a kiss, did you not like it."

"Of course I did, but next time, I would prefer you start up here with my lips"

"Ok, I will remember that." He started bending he head down to kiss me, but I stopped him. "Maybe we should brush our teeth first I'm sure we both have morning breath."

"Hermione I don't care about that, I want my morning kiss." He reached over to get his wand and performed a scorify on both of our mouths before he attacked my mouth.

He pulled away slightly and gave me a smirk before bending down to kiss me again. He rolled away from me and sat up against his headboard. "So, what do you want to do today."

"Well I was thinking that you could teach me some things."

"Well I can not believe what I am hearing Hermione Granger wants me Draco Malfoy to teach HER something. I can't believe you are admitting that I know something you don't. So what is it you would like me to help you with."

"Well now I'm not so sure if I want to do it at all now." He just laughed at me and pulled me closer and asked me again.

I sat in silence for awhile until he grabbed my hand and kissed it, I looked into his eyes and smiled a little. "Well it has to do with our relationship."

"Ok, what about it."

"Well, I want more"

"More." He looked at me a little before he came to a conclusion on what I was talking about. "Do you mean more, as in sex."

"No, no. I'm not ready for that yet, but I would like to do other things with you besides kissing."

"Ok, do you have anything in mind on what you would like to do."

"No, I was hoping that you would have something in mind."

He looking at me smirking, "well how about I start and you can just tell me if I'm heading in the right direction."

"Um, ok."


I have wanted awhile to hear Hermione say she wanted more. I have been wanting more every since I found out I was in love with her. Sometimes I thought she knew how much I wanted her and she was teasing me because she would only wear a tank top and her underwear to bed and she would press herself completely beside me so it looked as if we were one. It seemed as though her skirts where getting shorter and her shirts were getting tighter, or maybe it was just me.

I know I have to take it slow with her or I may never get another chance. I have no idea how my veela side with react to being as close as I am hoping I will get to her. I don't want to do anything that will harm her, I hope I can control myself during it.

When I see that she is laying down in front of me, I just want to ripe the rest of her clothes off, but I know I can't. I crawl the rest of the way up her body, settling my body on top of hers. I prop her legs up so that they are on either side of my body. I settle between her legs, my erection placed tightly up against her heat. I hear a low sigh come from her and I know she is going to enjoy this.

"Are you ok"

"Yea, keep going"

"Ok, let me know if I'm going too far." She nodded her head. I start kissing her to make her relax, it takes longer than normally, but she settles in to kissing me. Her legs begin to slip so I wrap them both around my waist, she moans loudly in my ear, then I look into her eyes letting her know I want her to keep them there. She nods quickly before going back to kissing me.

I work my hands up her body til I get to her breast, when I cup one, she stops kissing me. "Is this ok, you know I will stop all you have to do is say the word."

"No, its, fine", she said out of breath.

"Ok." I fondled her breast, while kissing her neck, she shifted a little and it made me dig my erection further into her panties, she let out a loud cry. I pulled my hand down to the edge of her shirt so I could lift it up off her, I wanted to see her body with my own eyes not just my hands. As her shirt was going higher she suddenly stopped me. I looked at her face, "whats wrong."

"I'm not ready to be naked in front of you yet."

"Why you shouldn't feel ashamed, you have a beautiful body. I can tell that by just looking at you with clothes on so I know that it can only get better."

"Can we still wait", she said in a small voice.

"Of course, I was just letting you know that you don't need to worry." I went back in for a kiss and she greedily responded. I let go of her lips and made a trail of kisses from her neck to the tops of her breasts. I continued to thrust my hips into her soaked panties. I made my way back up to her lips, I could tell it was getting harder for her to breath, her hands were gripping my covers, and the look on her face was of pure shock. I knew that her body wanted her to let go, but everything was so new to her that she just couldn't do it. I slipped my hand between the two of us and rubbed her nub from the outside of her panties, that seemed to do the trick, because she started vibrating and calling my name.

"Just let go baby, its ok." I thrust my hips harder and faster, while making quick work of my hands. When she finally let go, hearing her scream my name and pull my hair sent me over the edge. When I was emptied out I tried to roll to the side of her but she pulled me straight down on top of her.

"Just stay here for a little bit", she said clearly out of breath.

I nodded tiredly and snuggled myself so that my head was resting on her breast and she was combing my hair with her hands. Her doing that could easily put me to sleep and I would have if my cum didn't start to stick to me. The feeling was getting to be too uncomfortable for me to continue to lay like this without a shower. I moved to get out of the bed, but Hermione called my name asking, 'what I was doing.'

"I'm going to take a shower, its getting uncomfortable down here" I said waving my hands around my crouch area. She looked like she was confused at first, but the look of realization came over her quickly and I saw her begin to blush. "Would you like to join me in the shower, we could save water. She looked as if she was going to say yes, before she slowly shook her head no, and saying maybe next time. That led me to believe that she was coming around and her being naked with me would be the next step. I couldn't wait. "Ok I was just asking, I'll take mine now then you can take yours, then we will go from there ok?"


This was the first shower that I have taken where I didn't have to take matters into my own hands. Hermione and I have taken the next step in our relationship, I cant wait to take the rest of them, I can only hold myself back from my veela instincts for so long. I quickly took my shower, and hopped out so she could get in. When we were both fresh we had breakfast in the common room.

"So what do you-" before I could finish want I wanted to say we heard knocks on the door.

Hermione quickly got up to answer it, I leaned over so I could see who it was, and to my disappoint it was Weasel and Potty. Those two really get on my nerves they are always taking Hermione away from me. Every time they come around all I see is red.


This mornings adventure with Draco was more than I thought it could be, I had never felt the feelings that he has managed to make me release before. I still wasn't ready to be naked in front of him, but I think I was quickly getting over that. The more he asks the more I just want to tell him yes.

When we heard the knock on the door, I got up to answer it, things always seemed to go better if I answered the door rather than him. When I saw that it was Harry and Ron I knew that Draco would not be happy about it. I had noticed that when ever they came around his demeanor would change. I knew that he didn't like them, but it was alarming how quickly he became mad when he saw them, he would become more possessive with me the more they came around. Maybe when we finally brought our relationship out of hiding it would be better for all of us.

"Hey guys, what are you doing here"

"Can we come in Hermione", said Harry.

"Umm..ok." I moved out of their way to let them in. When they saw that Draco was sitting on the couch they both quickly turned around to face me.

"Hermione, why don't you come and hang out with us in the tower, so you can get away from that scum", said Ron.

"Watch what you say Weasel, you are in MY common room, said Draco.

"This is Hermione's common room too, so I will say what ever the bloody hell I want."

"Ron stop I don't want to break up a fight between the two of you."

"Hermione what the hell is wrong with you, have you been breathing to much of the same air as Malfoy. Why are you defending him, you should be happy I want to hex him."

"Ron stop acting like that, I told you that I don't have a problem with him any more, he is civil with me, so I am civil with him."

"Civil huh, this look more like your attempting to be friends with him. Have you lost your bloody mind, we have to get you out of her right now. I'm sure he has done something to make you think that he could be a decent person or someone you can be civil with.

Ron grabbed my arm and started yanking it, leading me out of my common room. I don't think he knew but he was he gripping me to tightly. I tried to dig my hills into the ground to not just let him drag me away. I didn't want to use any vampire strength on him, I didn't want to hurt him. My hand was slipping out of his when I was suddenly free and I fell to the ground. I looked up and saw Ron being held in the air by Draco by his throat. Ron's face was turning blue, I knew if Draco didn't let him go soon he was going to kill him. I got up and started to pull at him along with Harry trying to make him let go of Ron. "Draco stop, your killing him", I yelled. When he turned and looked me his eyes were blood red, I told him to stop again and he finally dropped Ron without removing his eyes from mine.

"What the hell is wrong with you Malfoy you almost killed him", said Harry while he was checking over Ron to make sure he was ok.

Draco ripped his gaze from mine and looked at Ron and Harry, "don't you ever touch her again. Now get out", he growled.

Harry quickly picked up Ron and headed for the door as quickly he could. He just stepped out the door when he turned and looked at me, "Hermione aren't coming. You can not want to stay here with him after what he did to Ron."

I could say nothing I just looked at him. I was torn I wanted to go with Harry to make sure Ron was going to be ok, but a greater force wanted me to stay with Draco. I'm not sure if is because he is my mate or the fact that there is a small part of me that just wants to stay with him more in this moment. "Ron's right something is defiantly wrong with you", with that he took off running and the door closed behind them.

Draco came over and was looking at my arm where Ron had grabbed me, he was gently examining it. "Draco, why did you do that. Why did you try and hurt Ron like that, you could have killed him.

He raised his eyes to mine, "he was hurting you."

"Draco he didn't know, he never meant to hurt me. But you could have killed him, he was turning BLUE", with each word I said to him I was getting angrier with him even though my heart ached as I felt this emotion for him.

He tired to grab my hand but I snatched it away from him. "I didn't mean it, I was just trying to protect you. I love you, I couldn't bear to see you in pain right in front of me."

"I wish I could believe that you didn't mean it, but I saw the look in your eyes, and they didn't say that you were sorry, or that you even cared about the fact that you were hurting someone." I turned to leave to head to the infirmary to check on Ron, when he grabbed my hand.

"Where are you going"

"I am going to check on my friend, to make sure that he will be ok"

"Hermione he is ok, he walked out of here, lets just get back to our alone time"

"He was hardly walking Harry had to practically drag him out of here. I can't believe you think that I could just go back to what we were doing when I know that Ron is not ok. Now let go."

"Hermione, come on don't go. I did it for you."

"NO, you didn't. It was all for you. I would never want you to hurt Ron."

"Well if you have to go, I'm at least going with you." He started heading for the door when I grabbed him back.

"No your not, I'm going alone. I need to make sure that the three of us are ok. And I'm sure they will not want to see your face there."

I left quickly so he didn't have time to stall me from seeing my friends. I would defiantly need to talk to Ginny. I had so many questions and problems whirling through my brain that I needed her help to get them all straightened out.


On my way to the dungeons all I could think about was the fact that Hermione left me to see about that Weasel. I can't believe she blamed me for what happened, if he would have kept his hands off of her then none of this would have happened. They should have never came to our room anyway, this was my time with her alone, I have never done well with sharing that feeling has gotten worse with the fact that I am half veela. Just thinking about everything was making me upset, I wanted to be with her alone with no one else but instead I was on my way to see Blaise because she is mad at me for something I have no control over.

When I got to the entrance to the Slytherin dungeons I said the password and walked right in. I saw Blaise immediately, sitting on the black leather couch, talking to a couple of guys in our year. "Hey Blaise, I need to talk to you, now." he said a quick bye to the other guys and walked over to me.

"What are you doing down here, aren't you suppose to be spending time with Granger."

"Yes, I'm suppose to but some things happened and she left."

He started laughing then he said, "you mean to say that you did something, that pissed her off, and now she doesn't want to spend time with you. Come on lets go upstairs and you can tell me exactly what you did. I know it will be funny."

When we got to his room, I told him everything that happened, and just like he said he would he started laughing. " You mean to tell me you almost killed Weasel, with our bare hands. Then you expected her to still want to spend the whole day with you. Has the fact that you are a veela made you daft and blind."

"it's not like it was my fault, its not I can control it, he touched her and I just snapped,"

"Mate you did a little more than snap, you almost killed him, she had to make you stop. I think you need to owl your dad and get some help with calming the beast within or your going to do some serious damage, and you need to tell Granger about the veela, her knowing will be a big help she will be able to avoid situations that she knows will make you mad until you can control it better."

"Yea, I know. I need to tell her, but I just need to get back in her good graces before I throw this at her."

"I'm sure she will take it better than what you think. I also said you need to owl your dad."

"Yea, yea. I'll owl him, but im going to tell Hermione first."

"Alright mate, well since Granger doesn't want to be around you today, lets go play Quidditch with the guys."

"fine, but I want to see her first just to make sure she is alright."

"I'm sure she is, she can take care you herself."

"I don't care, I just want to see her."

"Wow, this veela half makes you whipped."

"Shut up, lets go find her."

"Fine, you think she will be with Ginny."

"Yea, probably. Lets go"


When I got to the infirmary, I took a deep breath outside the doors then pushed them open looking for Harry and Ron. I found Harry sitting by a sleeping Ron's bed. I said his name as quietly as I could with out waking up Ron. When Harry say it was me that called his name, his eyes became dark I knew I was not looking into the eyes of my best friend. He took my arm and lead me away from Ron's bed.

"What the hell are you doing here."

"What do you mean, I have come to see how Ron is doing."

"Like you care, you just watched as Malfoy tried to kill him, you stood by and did nothing. Has staying in a room with him changed you that much."

"Harry, how can you say that. I was in shock, I helped him as soon as I could."

"No, the Hermione I know would have hexed Malfoy into next year if she even saw him look at Ron in a way she did not like."

"Harry, I am sorry that I am not up to hexing as much as I was during the war. I think I have had enough of hexing for awhile, haven't you. I didn't come here to argue with you, I just want to know how Ron is doing. Is he going to be ok."

It seemed like Harry and I just stared at each for awhile before he finally said, "Madam Pompfery said that he will be ok, that he just needs to let his throat rest for a few days, before he can talk again."

"That's good, I'm happy that he will be ok."

"She also said that if he was in the situation he was in for any longer than his trachea could have been damaged and he could have lost the ability to talk or even worse he could have died."

I cant believe what Draco almost did. How could he get so mad at someone, to almost kill them. I never seen someone change into a different person right in from of my eyes.

Ron started moving a little on the bed, Harry turned back to me and said, "I don't think you should be here when he waits up. I know he is going to be upset."

I didn't argue with Harry I knew he was right, I just turned and left heading for Ginny.


I rushed inside Gryffindor tower, I knew if any of this stuff was going to make sense to me I would need to talk to Ginny. She always knows what to say to make all my thoughts align just right. When I walked in I didn't see her in the common room so I moved on to her room hoping she would be in there.

Luck was on my side, she was laying in her bed doing homework. "Ginny I need to talk to you."

"Oh, hey Hermione. What's wrong you look a little red in the face."

I took a deep breath and told her what happened, she didn't say one word to interrupt me but I knew from the facial expressions that were forming on her face with each new thing I told her, that when she did talk I was going to get an ear full.

When I finished I was slightly out of breath and I could feel the tears pouring down my face. Ginny gathered me in her arms, rubbing my back in soothing circles.

"Do you feel better now that you have gotten that all out."

I nodded, "well, I think you need to have a talk with Malfoy, you need to ask him what is really going on with him because, the whole possessive thing was cute in the beginning but I think it is now getting to the dangerous side, I mean look what he did to Ron. I know my brother can be annoying at times, and that Malfoy just wants to spend alone time with you, but this possessive side is getting a little out of control.

"I know I need to. It was just so weird that the fact that he could have really hurt Ron did not even faze him, he just wanted to get back to our day. Harry is starting to get suspicious of me as well. This whole day has gone to bloody hell."

"Hermione I think it is time that you told the guys what is going on between you and Malfoy, I know it will be hard telling them because we both know how those two can be but I think it is for the best. You wouldn't want them to see you out kissing or something. But first you need to sort things out with Malfoy, then talk to the boys."

"Yea your right, you are always a big help to me Ginny."

"I do what I can. So how is Ron doing, I should go see if he is awake yet."

"Harry said that he will be ok, he just can't talk for awhile, do you want me to walk with you down there."

"Sure, I know your only doing it so you can stall the talk you need to have with Malfoy, but that's ok. I don't mind the company", she said smirking at me.

I said nothing I just lifted off her bed and walked downstairs. When I cleared the final step I saw Draco and Blaise walking through the portrait hole. "What are you doing here."

"I wanted to see you and I knew you would be here, so here I am." He walked towards me and leaned down to give me a hug, but I moved away. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get so angry with him, but you know how I feel about having time with you."

"That's not an excuse to do what you did, just because our time got cut a lttle short" I said with my head low, I couldn't even look at him.

"Ok, I'll work on it, will you just come back with me.

I could see in his eyes that it really didn't matter to him, if Ron was going to be alright, "We need to talk"

"Alright lets go", he grabbed for my hand but I pulled it away.

"why do you keep doing that", I could tell he was getting frustrated.

"I will meet you there I told Ginny I would walk with her to see Ron."

"Its ok Hermione you go ahead with Malfoy, I can get there on my own", Ginny said.

"Nonsense I will walk her down there" Blaise said.

I stared at them for a second before I finally gave in and turned to Draco saying 'lets go'. Lucky for me there were people walking around, so he didn't try to grab for my hand again.

As soon as we got in our common rooms he unleashed his frustrations out on me, "what the bloody hell is wrong with you Hermione, I have been nothing but good to. I make one little mistake and I'm put back to square one when we were hardly talking to each other. I had a right to be angry, I don't get much time alone with you where we can really be ourselves, and those two idiots you call friends came in here and ruin it. You had to expect I would blow up at them."

"Blow up YES, but try and kill one of my best friends, NO. Its not them who ruined it, it was you. All you had to do was let me talk to them, I would have got them to leave like I always do."

"You always take all day to get them to leave, I didn't want them wasting a second of our time together. I don't like sharing."

"See that's, what we need to talk about, your so possessive of me. If a guy looks at me, you glare at them. If a guy tries to sit by me, you growl at them until they get up and move. And Merlin forbid if one of them tried to talk to me you would try and hex them. You think I don't notice you looking at me all the time while we are in the Great Hall."

He racked his hands through his hair, pulling on it harshly. "Fuck Hermione, I don't know what you want me to do. I can't help it that I want you all to myself."

"I want you to tell me what is really going on with you, and don't lie to me."

"Hermione, its nothing. I'll try not to be so possessive."

"No, don't tell me its nothing. I saw your eyes when you looked at me, when you were holding Ron. Your eyes were red."

He yanked on his hair one again, before he blew out a deep breath. "Will you come sit down with me, I promise I will tell you."


This was it I was finally going to tell her my secret. This really was not the best time to tell her , with her being mad at me, about hurting her friend, but that wasn't my fault. I just couldn't control myself. He brought it on himself the moment he touched my girl. Maybe when she hears my side she will not be so angry and cold towards me.

She came to sit on the sofa beside be, but she wasn't as close as I wanted her to be, so before she could say anything I slide her closer to me, she was practically in my lap now. She tried to move back to her original spot, but I held onto her tightly. "Hermione, stop. Just sit with me." She finally gave up, and fell into me. I rubbed her arms and back for awhile, I was getting so lost in it that I almost forgot that I was suppose to be telling her my secret. I heard her clear her throat and I looked up at her.

"I don't think you are going to be able to concentrate if I'm this close to you."

"I can, I'm sorry its just been awhile."

I took one finally deep breath in and let it out. "I'm a veela."