1 Dream

Eyes everywhere were looking at me. The eyes were staring in disgust. They were staring like I was an animal that had done something wrong to its trainer. But why? I had looked down to myself and saw I was wearing a dress. It was a beautiful Dress. The dress had nice ruffles at the bottom, and with a black belt that had a polka dotted flower on my waist. There was only one problem with the dress. It was covered with blood gushed all over it. I started to freak out and many questions began to pop in my head. How did I end up here? Where did these people come from?

I got up and started to run when I realized that I had blood all over my hands. I looked at everyone around me and they just stood there staring. I screamed help to them, but they just stood there. Just then I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw it was my best friend Gabriel. I hugged him and hoped that he can take me out of this horror. But instead he pushed me away and looked at me. I was so confused, he began to mumble something.

"Sorry" Was the first words that came out of his mouth.

"For what Gabe"

Gabriel Had pulled a mirror out from his pocket and put it in my face. I looked at myself carefully in the mirror. Just to see what he what he wished for me to see. When I looked horror filled my gut. There was blood all over my mouth, just like my dress. I opened my mouth to scream, when just then I saw it. Vampire teeth. The fangs were in my mouth. They were sharp, knifing and ready to cut through. I dropped the mirror and looked right into Gabriel's eyes. That's when he staked me.