Bad Call

Author's Note: I own none of the King characters, materials, or content. Also, when I read the end of Frenzy I thought that the ending was a bit unrealistic. I love Xander and David and all, and this is not because of anything against them… but I believe that this ending would have been a lot better. I believe that the beginning sentence was exactly what it said from the book but after that I think I copied nothing else… hopefully. If you want me to write more please tell me, if not then that's okay.

"You!" Taksidian screamed. He aimed at David again, but was too late. David rolled out from under Taksidian's foot towards his parents frantically. His brother Xander grinned, his plan for using that metal plate to stop Taksidian's dagger had worked!

"You're too late!" David exclaimed as he ceased rolling. He sat up and leaned heavily on Mrs. King who wrapped her arms protectively around her youngest son. Mr. King shielded them both with his body. "Too bad Taksidian, you lost!" David shouted. Taksidian stared in shock for about a moment before his assassin instincts kicked in, not to mention his evil instincts. Suddenly, Taksidian felt a really hard tug on his clothing.

"I never lose!" Taksidian screeched. He suddenly flashed a grin that caused the family to shudder. "I never lose," Taksidian stated confidently. With that he flicked out his knife and threw it! Where will that go? That's no where near Da-David thought before he heard a heavy thud!

"XANDER!" Mrs. King screamed as her oldest child fell limply to the floor with a dagger in his shoulder. The boy screamed in pain when Taksidian struggled towards him and grabbed his shirt collar. Mr. King leaped into action and ran at Taksidian who tore his dagger from Xander's shoulder and held it out threateningly at Mr. King.

"You kept me from winning this, but you won't be around to enjoy it!" Taksidian hissed at Xander. Xander merely grimaced in pain and stared pleadingly at his father who shook his head helplessly. Then both Xander and Taksidian tumbled into the doorway with Taksidian laughing all the way.

"Xander…" Mr. King whispered, and he slumped on the floor. Mrs. King walked up to him and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. David strode over to his parents slowly, his face frozen with shock.

"We have to save him!" David hissed through his teeth. Mr. King glanced weakly at him. It was clear to David that he was beat. "Dad… it's not hopeless you know. We got mom back, so we can get Xander back. Also, now we know where he took him right?" David reminded his father. Mrs. King nodded and took her husbands face in her hands.

"If you don't want to go… don't," Mrs. King whispered. David stared at her in confusion. "I will though!" Mrs. King added. With that statement she stood up and took David's hand in hers. "David, you're injured, you can't go," she murmured gently as she gestured towards his cast. David shook his head defiantly. "I thought you might say that, but do take it easy, ok?" Mrs. King asked him. David nodded solemnly and looked at the portal with a fiery determination in his eyes. Then, both mother and child looked at each other, glanced back and Mr. King and opened the portal. Suddenly, a hand joined theirs together.

"We all go, or not at all!" Mr. King explained. He smiled at his family. "Besides, Keel, Nana, and Jesse will look after Toria," he told them. They glanced at each other again and stepped through the portal, to rescue their lost family member.