My Sister is the Transfer Student?

"Settle down kids!" Faren-sensei called for attention. All the students Immediatly grew quiet. They had all heard the news, a transfer student, in this class? It was so rare that noone wanted to miss it. Not even the delinquent in the back. "As I'm sure you all know, we have a new transfer student, and some of you, okay all of you are anxious to meet her. I want to go over the attendance before they come in, so that I won't get reprimanded. Not to mention she's running a little late." This was followed by a bunch of groans and idle chatter amongst freinds. All the students wore one of the three school uniforms, in various colors. The uniforms represented what afterschool program you were in, and only the lower level classes, F, D, and common class, wore the traditional school uniforms that Japan was famous for. This was Heroics class, where the best of the best from any age group learned what the school, Hero Academy, was really for. The three afterschool programs were Hero, Medic, Engineer/Info. Each program had factions in it that worked together to reach the goal of each program, and in the factions were clubs, then battalions, then squads.

"Hey, Rock," Roll, a Hero-program student with waist-length blond hair tied in a green bow near the bottom said. Her uniform was pink and black with her personal emblem on her chest in the middle, it was a red sircle with a yellow triangle point-down on the highest part of the circle, so that it would look like a heart if it had a point at the bottom, witch it did, below the raised circle. "Isn't your sister transfering to a new school today too?"

"Yeah. So?" Rockman, another Hero-program student who's uniform was blue, in various shades, and had his personal symbol on his chest as well.(notice a pattern yet?) His emblem was a red circle with two black triangles, points inward, and a line connecting them so that it would make a diagonal line from the bottom left to the upper right.

"So, wouldn't it be an awesome coincidence if the transfer student was your sister?" She conntinued, giggling now from excitement. She and Rockman were childhood freinds and she therefore knew his sister fairly well. She also knew that his sister had no emblem of her own.

"No way. You know she's not the type who would-" He was cut of by the teacher clearing her throat.

"Before I let her in, and she is on campus now," This time there were a bunch of cheers at her statement, "I would like to tell you a little about her. She lives alone with her adoptive brother, and is quite a genius. She is allowed to cut classes at any time with the exeption of Homeroom, P.E., and Heroics classes. She has a PhD in..."

Rockman had been growing paler and paler as Faren-sensei spoke, because she was describing his sister! There was no way, he had thought, and now here it was, there was only one person in the entire world with that many PhD's...HIS sister! And at that moment she burst through the door.

"S-sorry for being late!" She managed to pant out as she ran into the room. She wore a Hero-program uniform, sort of. She had on a dark-blue jumpsuit, and light blue boots, that much was true. But she had things on over the jumpsuit. She had a light blue mid-thigh length skirt on, a light blue T-shirt that covered her upper torso, and a dark-blue mini-cape that covered her chest and shoulders. She also had a light-blue scarf on that was tied in the back and fell down in two tail like ribbons that fell to her ankles. Her ankle-length light-blue hair was tied back at her shoulder blades by a blue ribbon that was tied in a bow and fell to her waist. Her bangs were long enough to cover her eyes if she tilted her head down, and she had an american style blue bookbag slung across her shoulder. She also wore her infinity-pocket belt, which was a little big for her, on her waist like a fashion accesory. Everyone was staring at her. "I got lost on the way here."

Finally eveyone started to laugh at her. Exept Rockman, Roll, Faren-sensei, and four others. In fact, Faren Sensei was angry enough at them to say "Shut up already!" Followed by swift compliance. "Everyone, this is Hikari Saphire, Hikari Rockman's little sister."

"And if she get's any greif from you guys you will answere to me!" He told them. Needless to say that got them scared.

"Sit behind Forte, the guy in the back, untill I figure out where the best place for you to sit is." Sensei said.

"Very well, sensei." She walked over to her new seat, bowing and saying a polite and quiet "Hello" to Forte before taking her seat. And proceding to stare out the window and doodle in a sketchpad she took out of her bookbag.

When class was over they had ten minutes to talk, and for some reason a group of guys were all acting like complete idiots and trying to get her to pay attention to them. They called themselves the "Astekus Saphire guard." or something similar. And they would not leave her alone. In fact, it was as though they all had one mind. "Can I help you with your homework?" "Can I get you a glass of water?" "Can I escort you somewhere?" "Can I..." She was as polite as could be while refusing someone, but her patience was wearing thin.

"Rrrrrr..." Forte, who also wore the Hero uniform, his was black and his emblem was a black circle with a white slash through it in the same direction as Rockman's, was fed up with it. "She keeps telling you no, why don't you take the hint and GET LOST ALREADY!" they ran, fast. For engineers, anyway.

Saphire was releived that they had left and whispered, for her, a quiet "Thanks," which, given that her voice is normally quiet, was pretty darn quiet. Only to find that another headache was headed her way, in the form of her brother.

"Why?" He nearly shouted. "Why did you transfer?"

"Because of travel problems, you know that." She answered timidly.

"Okay, let me refrase that. Why did you transfer here of all places!" Forte raised an eyebrow at that, but didn't get involved.

"I was invited?" She spoke even quieter, if that's possible. Her brother's voice had gone from outraged to cold and detached. Which ususally ment he was close to losing it. Unfortunatly.

"By who?" He continued to ask.

"S-someone who E-mailed me...I-i don't know who..." She flinched when he turned away, feeling thuroughly sorry for anyone who annoyed him now.

"What was that about?" Forte asked, for once interested in someone else's buisness.

"Nothing. Just some things in our past that are better forgotten... If you want to know, ask him, but wait for him to calm down first..." This was as close as she could get to talking about it... And the reason why she didn't like talking to people all that much.

"Why should I wait for him to calm down?" He could take Rockman, couldn't he.

"You've obviously never seen him fight mad before, or you would not have asked that question." Was all she said in reply. But it was all that she needed to say to get her point across.

"Oh...Point taken."