She's feeling a little dizzy and it's funny cause she didn't think it was true, that you'd literally feel your head spinning. They're both silent, the air has gone cold and an involuntary shiver goes through her but she bites her lip to repress it, snuggling a bit closer to him. He freezes up for a brief moment, not expecting that level of intimacy, already reeling from the light touch of her hand on his shoulder and the feel of her other hand in his.

They rock gently to the none-existing music and suddenly he's glad they didn't dance at the actual ball because this is so much better. He's even glad they fought and he made her cry, hell he's happy she slapped him. Because it made him realize how much he wished things were different, because it made him seek Seira out and ask her what do to, because if he hadn't she wouldn't have smiled her know-it-all smile at him and told him to go after her, and if she wouldn't have told him he would never have found the guts to do it.

He wouldn't have ran until his lungs felt like they were bursting, he wouldn't have found her under the big tree on the school grounds, and he wouldn't have felt like he'd do ANYTHING to erase that look of utter defeat and sadness from her face. He wouldn't have kneeled down and begged her forgiveness, he wouldn't have said what he said and lastly he would never have asked her to dance...and if he hadn't they wouldn't be here in this moment.

Outside it was cold, but inside he was burning, the touch of her hand was burning into his skin, his senses were tingling, he felt like his whole body was on his mind was even being devoured by the flame. As she snuggled into him he felt like his feet were gone, like he was floating.

It was so stupid to be thinking like that, he had never thought it was true, that all the cliches could line up just to taunt you when it happens to you. Reminding you of every time you sniggered at a corny line in a chick- flick, every time you told one of your female friends to stop being so cheesy...every time you laughed at one of your friends describing how they felt about a girl.

Asuka Jr shakes his head and smiles, he knows what he has to do, he knows how he can make this last. Meimi looks up with a look of surprise in her eyes as he gently draws her into him, lifts a hand to move her silky hair from her ear and whispers: "You know Meimi, I...I love you." His voice sounds slightly scared but also resigned, as if there is no more escaping the truth, as if he's finally made peace with his feelings.

She draws in a sharp breath, he moves away and holds her out at arms length, looking into her face smiling. Her eyes are wide, she looks bewildered. He isn't worried, because he knows it had to be done, if she doesn't feel the same he'll find a way to deal with it.

Her eyes water but she doesn't cry...instead a big bright smile spreads evenly over her pretty face. She rushes her body into his in a tight hug, smiling into his chest, he can hear a muffled "Me too" come from her lips against his shirt and his heart leaps in his chest, those famous butterflies start batting their wings around in his stomach.

He had never thought he could be this happy. Slowly she draws away from him, looking happily into his smiling face, slightly blushing. Then suddenly, without even realizing what he's doing, his lips are on hers. It's a soft but burning kiss, as if it had been long awaited and couldn't be put of anymore. After the kiss they smile contentedly at each other and settle back into their dance, swaying happily to music no one else can hear.