"Wang Zi, where are you taking me to?" Gui Gui queried another time as he pulled her along down the sidewalk lined with street stalls trying to grab the attention of passers-by heading in various directions.

He heard her but only faced her with an all-knowing smile to yet trigger more curiosity in the confused girl. She tried her best to make out any sign of clue hinting their purpose to coming to this part of the town. In spite of his secretive attitude and quizzical expression, they still succeeded in putting Gui Gui at ease as though she could naturally forget all worries and placed her full trust in allowing him to lead her all the way. She knew that she could depend in him, because Wang Zi, like her destined Prince hardly ever disappointed her. Revelling in his eagerness to show her perhaps, a certain anticipated surprise, which he somehow managed to keep her from knowing at all, Gui Gui's heart just filled with ever much excitement.

Holding her hand firmly in his, Wang Zi turned to Gui Gui again with that tender look on his captivating face, "It's just around this corner..."

She beamed, "We're almost there?"

He nodded and they crossed the street. At a fleeting glance, she thought that there was a certain spot which caught her sharp attention. Then, from the side, she was also half-aware that Wang Zi's gaze was on her. Gui Gui scanned around where they had reached another stretch of a sidewalk. She could see families, big and small, walking along together for presumably the weekend's window shopping. Parents holding tightly onto their little girls and boys. They all make up a heart-warming scene, which added much ideas to Gui Gui's world of imaginations.

Not long, Wang Zi slowed his steps before he stopping after some while. Gui Gui looked up at him, "Wang Zi, I was eyeing this corner since moments ago..."

He turned her around, "Do you like it?"

She was a little startled upon hearing his question, "But, what do you mean? You worked on all those order transactions in my place the whole night just to let me get enough of sleep...And now, coming here when it's barely eight in the morning...Wang Zi..."

He only dismissed her concerns and grabbed her hand again guiding Gui Gui closer towards the inner sheltered area of the sidewalk, "I know, we've always had a dream held deep in our hearts...So, Ying Jie...here's my belated 21st birthday present for you..." He took out a little case before her.

Gui Gui gasped, "I never thought you'd still have something for me, Wang Zi...Thank you..."

He was glad to see her so delighted, "I guess now is a perfect time to open it..."

She was extremely elated, "Really, then I'll do as you've said..."

Removing the glossy wrapping paper, Gui Gui was even more surprised to see a shimmering golden heart-shaped key, "Wang Zi, it's beautiful, but..."

He smiled and took her hand, "I'd spent a considerable amount of time before encountering this location...Did you see how it's suitable?"

Gui Gui now understood and together with Wang Zi, beheld the welcoming store front by the sidewalk. Approaching further inside, she got a better view of the display windows, "Nice..."

He added, "This store's renovation work was just completed 3 days ago...But what's more important, is whether our lovely new owner-to-be would like to accept it...Gui Gui, what do you think? It really matters to me..."

Gui Gui saw the earnest regard so evidently displayed in his deep brown eyes. She held up the key in her hands and his, "Wang Zi, I know that I have been really busy with my online store...Oh, I shouldn't have told you that I needed a physical store location in the first place..."

Seeing Gui Gui contemplating seriously over with what he had given her, Wang Zi knew she did not expect this in the least. There was a moment of hefty silence before he gradually pulled her towards himself into a hug, "Gui Gui, let's do this together...I won't allow you to handle it all alone anymore...I'll help you...This plush-toy store will belong to the both of us...We'll be by each other's side and build a future of our own...Trust me..."

Gui Gui was immensely touched. She even felt her eyes slowly turning a little wet with gratitude, "Wang Zi, help me unlock the door...I don't think that I can do it by myself..."

Smiles of blissfulness spread across their faces. When they finally did insert the key to open the door, Gui Gui was momentarily overwhelmed by the charming store interior. Wang Zi uttered, "Congratulations, Miss Wu Ying Jie...We did it!"

She never believed such a day as this would come so soon. Now finally having the opportunity to deliver more joy and happiness to many other children, Gui Gui cherished the opportunity to realise this dream. She got closer and kissed Wang Zi, "Thank you for giving this to me..."

He smiled, "I'm happy that you let me do this for us..."