Bright blue eyes looked up at the building before them, a slight dread entering the usually cheerful atmosphere.

"Where are finally here," whispered the breath of a red-head.

Deidara looked at Sasori, a wavering smile on his face. Nodding, he squeezed the other persons hand, before they walked inside.


It was the year 2167, a year where everything was different and nothing was the same. Science was far beyond from imagined, and most people during this time lived off three basic rules:

1) Same on same marriages were allowed... These marriages where one of the most popular since it was approved over a hundred years ago. Less than twenty-five percent of marriages are male on female.

2) Baby making is legal as long as no chaos is created by it... A few decades after the before mentioned law, there was a major decline of new born children. This became a problem; there would be no more heirs left and they could not illegalize the very much popular law. Thus, for, a major investment was made in the since of genetics. The first child was made in 2124, and the process of baby making was born. The main company in this was B..

3)All crimes have to be dealt with harshly by the leader himself and his associates… Leader Pein could not let evil come to his people. His associates could be called his closest of friends, and their families. They were in charge of ridding the body left behind.

Two of his closest friends where Deidara and Sasori. They were intertwined with all three of the rules, most of the population only having to deal with the first and the second. The two before mentioned people have known each other for six years, spending five of those as a married couple. Being wed off young irritated the both of them, but it was the way their families worked. Over in time, they met Pein and agreed to help him in gaining a massive amount of control. He succeeded and became the leader of all, or God, as he referred to himself, while Sasori and Deidara began living on their own.

Now Deidara wanted four children.

Where we left off…

The cold air hit them, reliving them of the late summer heat. A sunset could be seen setting at the east horizon through a large glass window; earth had flipped its orbit.

The president of the company walked towards them, smiling widely. Konan, the woman who is the second most powerful person in the world and is being lately rumored with affairs with their leader.

"Here to finally get the babies you have always wanted?"

Deidara nodded, "We want quadruplets. Two boys and two girls."

Konans smile grew. "Shall we begin?"

It begun with basic blood test, and samples. Sasori's DNA was going to be tweaked into a female. Then, there were the adjustments. Deidara's personality DNA was going to join Sasori's and vice-versa.

In the end, standing before a holographic computer, Konan pressed, 'Enter.' She looked back at the male couple, grinning. "Its all done! Come back in about nine or ten months, by then they will be about six months into after birth development.

They both nodded, speechless by the fact that they were going to be parents in a few months.

When they stepped out the twin doors, a recipt printed out, and Deidara read it carefully, memorising its every detail. He turned to Sasori, a slightly dazed smile playing at his lips.


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