The True Romeo & Juliet

"Oh 'Amtaro this has been the best day I have ever had in a long time! Thank you so much im really lucky to have you as a best friend."

"Of course Bijou anytime, you know im always here for you. You're my girl and I have your back from dust til' dawn."

It was March 23 when Bijou and Hamtaro had realized the real meaning of friendship, love, and a truly perfect day. Bijou is a very thin, tall, bleach blonde headed young woman with two blue ribbons on the sides of her head with deep feelings for Hamtaro. Hamtaro is a Tall, muscular with orange and white hair split down the middle of his head in a shaggy hair style with deep, deep feelings for Bijou since the 5th grade and they are both now in the 10th grade.

"Hamtaro can I ask you a question?" Bijou shoved in the air as they were walking home.

"Sure Bij anything." Hamtaro responded eagerly.

"Ok let's say you have a really big love confession for someone else but you not exactly sure how to confess it or how the other will react to it?" she asked

"Well im actually needing the same advice." He said with a tad bit embarrassment

"Oh Haha well we can ask just to take the weight off of our chest." Bijou said compulsively.

"Ok ill go first, well (as he got down on BOTH his knees and but his arms comfortably around hers) Bijou, it's all about you and always has been. I love the way you walk, smell, laugh, make corny jokes, and always so concededly beautiful. Not to sound like all the other guys and to just say this so I can get into your pants. I really truly have love for you and I can say love because we have been friends for 5 in a half years and I honestly trust you and adore you." He finally shoved off his shoulders.

"Oh my Hamtaro I-I-I don't really know what to say, you took my breath away and in one blink of an eye im trying to see if this all a dream but Hamtaro, I had no idea you felt this (with two tears falling down her checks as if they were racing each other for am Olympic cup) and you know what's funny, my love confessions was all about you as well. So I guess this is what you call true love huh?" She said happily

"I guess so" he replied with relief.

As they, both stared each other in the eye with compassion.

Later on that evening that had to decided to take a wonderful risk on there friendship and see where there love life takes them in life.