((~from zhorla))

Dear Ivan,

After hearing how my letter got lost in the mail, I decided to write you a new one. I was wondering what happened.

So what's been happening? How's your project been going? Has Natalie been bothering you? Some very strange things have been happening. I've been getting things in the mail; beer and flowers. And what I think is a drunken love letter from Ireland- although it is kind of hard to tell, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Um… I think I hear knocking; It's Natalie, so this is all for now. She's attempting to take the door down by force…



P.S. The Sunflowers are in full bloom here!


Dearest Yekaterina,

Спасибо, must have been a mix up at the post office because I seemed to have lost dozens of them. That is awfully nice of you!

Uh, nothing has been happening as of recent, besides claiming Ontario.. nothing new.

SHHHH! Do not speak of the project so loosely...

But it is going well... since you are asking...

Oh, everyday. сестра, she even tried to attack Matvey! So I shooed her away with a broomstick and made a nifty escape in a golf cart.

Just an average Tuesday, really.


Ireland is writing to you? Urgh, I told that-

Well, do you... uh.. do you like him?

If you like him, I am disappointed but... oddly proud. He is not as much of an asshole as he is a drunk... but... he is a drunk. So it's hard to tell how I feel about Daniel :I

Take him on a few dates and see how things go!

Just, remember the rules!

No drinking

No hand holding

No touching


No staring into eachothers' eyes

No soul searching


No touching


And be home by seven!

Маленький брат has your back!


Иван Брагинский

P.S. Send your Маленький брат some!


Translations in order:

Спасибо - Thank You

Маленький брат - Little brother

любовь - Love

Иван Брагинский - Ivan Braginski


I hope my reply wasn't a total fail!