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Chapter Nine: Sunday


Naruto grinned to himself. Surely, this place was Heaven. He carefully balanced his three plates, one containing nothing but a heap of bacon, and his glass of juice and moved to the closest table. The wedding party had gotten up at some un-Godly hour to see the newly weds off to the airport. And then, much to Naruto's eternal joy, he had discovered that the lodge provided a complimentary breakfast to all the guests. He had missed it, due to being away and then all Hell breaking loose, but now he was making up for lost time. He had lost count how many times he went back for "seconds."

He very nearly choked on his toast as he felt an arm wrap around his waist from the side and a face bury itself in his neck. Sasuke had, at some point apparently, sat down next to him. For a brief moment, Naruto almost pulled away. After so long of hating the man, that would be a hard habit to break. But he caught himself in time and instead tilted his head to kiss Sasuke's temple.

"They have food!" Naruto sang, waving his toast around. He felt Sasuke smile into his neck.

"I can't. I have to go. I came in to say good-bye." Naruto frowned.

"Go? Go where?" Sasuke drew in a long breath before he lifted his head so he could see Naruto.

"There was a robbery at a high-end jewelry store. They got almost a million dollars worth of diamonds and shot the security guard." Naruto felt like he had been shot. He had almost forgotten that Sasuke was a police detective. This was the type of thing that he had to deal with on a daily basis. Naruto swallowed his toast and took a sip of juice before he replied.

"Is he okay?" Sasuke shook his head sadly.

"No. He died on the way to the hospital." Naruto frowned and looked away so he could fidget with Sasuke's fingers.

"You'll find them, right?" Sasuke nodded, sure of himself.

"Yes, of course." He grinned back at Naruto, finally. "I'm very good at what I do." Naruto hummed before he narrowed his eyes at him.

"And you'll remember to wear your bullet-proof vest?" Sasuke's grin widened.

"Yes, of course." Naruto jerked his head in a nod before he flicked his wrist in a dismissal.

"Okay then. You can go." Naruto reached forward and took the top-most piece of bacon off of the mountain and crunched on it happily. It took him a few minutes to realize he still had an audience, grinning at him stupidly. "What?"

Sasuke shook his head slightly. "I'm almost afraid to leave this place. Like, this has all been a dream and once I leave, everything will go back to the way it was before."

Naruto's heart broke. What had he done to this man? He carefully re-balanced his bacon and wiped his fingers before running his tongue over his teeth and turning to face Sasuke. He stared at him, rememorizing his face before he leaned forward and kissed him hard. Sasuke moaned a little before he reached up to cradle the side of Naruto's head, running his fingers through his hair slightly. Naruto grinned into the kiss before he pulled away slightly and pecked Sasuke's lips once, twice before sitting back in his chair. He tried very hard to keep a straight face at the sight of Sasuke's pout, but he managed, and he reached forward to run his hands over Sasuke's shoulders, pretending to straighten wrinkles in his pristine shirt.

"You can call me, after you've caught your bad guys, and we'll pick up where we left off." Sasuke's pout eased up.

"You taste like bacon," Sasuke teased. Naruto wrinkled his nose.

"Better that than tasting like cigarette smoke." Naruto made a face so Sasuke could get the hint. He did. He winced and stood up.

"Yea, yea, I hear you." He kissed the top of Naruto's head, and then he was gone. Naruto waited for the screen door to bang shut before he retrieved his piece of bacon. He paused with it half-way to his mouth when his eyes caught a smiling Ino two tables over. Her smile widened when she saw she had his attention, and she inclined her head slightly in his direction. Naruto was in far too good a mood to glare at her, but he wasn't quite ready to make nice with her, so he settled for sticking out his tongue. She seemed amused by this, but she stood and left the room anyway.

With that settled, Naruto went back to crunching on his bacon and thinking about Sasuke. Perhaps, he would call Sasuke when he got back. Or, he grinned, he would happen to swing by the police station one day over his lunch break. It was only two miles from his own office. He was happily munching away, making plans to surprise Sasuke, when the screen door made a horrible bang as it was slammed open. Naruto jumped, whacking his knee on the underside of the table. He turned to look at who had blown the door off its hinges.

His jaw dropped. It was Sasuke! He started to tease him, but then took a second look at the expression on his face. Sasuke was livid about something. Naruto stood to meet him half-way, a question already on his lips, but Sasuke interrupted any question that Naruto could have asked.

"Tell me Sakura's number." Naruto's jaw clicked shut.


"Her number. I wish to speak to her. Now." Naruto turned his head slightly to the side, keeping his eyes on Sasuke. It was an odd request, even for Sasuke. He wondered what Sakura did now to set him off.

"She might already be on the plane."

"She's not. Her flight doesn't leave for another ten minutes."

Naruto weighed his options before pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. Between Sasuke and Sakura, he'd choose Sasuke every time. And Sakura had what was coming to her anyway. He rattled off her numbers and watched as Sasuke dialed them into his own phone. There was a pause as the phone rang on the other end, and Naruto took the lull to wrap his arms around Sasuke's waist and leaned his head against his shoulder. Finally, Sakura apparently answered on the other line. Sasuke blew up.

"Sakura, you bitch, you owe me a new car!" A new car? Naruto frowned. But Sasuke loved his car. Why would he request a new car? Sakura apparently asked the same thing. "Why? Because, you spoiled little brat, your fucking useless little road trip killed my car. The engine won't even turn over."

Naruto snorted, he clenched his teeth, he bit his lip, but nothing he did could stop the laughing. He doubled over, clenching his sides as the hysterics rolled off of him. If he had been paying attention, he would have seen Sasuke's expression soften as he watched Naruto try and control himself. Finally, Naruto composed himself and Sasuke finalized the agreement with Sakura before clicking his phone shut. Sasuke sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Naruto grinned and leaned forward to kiss his cheek.

"Let me finish breakfast and then you can come help me pack." He shrugged and moved back to the table. "I guess the least I could do is drive you home."

Six Months Later…

"But what if they don't like me anymore?" Naruto didn't try to hide the whine in his voice. His tone of voice only earned him an eye roll from the man in the driver's seat.

"They loved you ten years ago; they'll still love you now."

"Yea, but…" Sasuke sighed and reached over to lace his fingers with Naruto's.

"Naruto, stop worrying. Mom and Dad are both very excited to see you again." Naruto wasn't sure he bought that, after the entire breaking their son's heart thing, so he winced as he looked back to the house.

It was the day most normal boyfriends dreaded, and Naruto was no exception. He still remembered the first time Sasuke had introduced Naruto as his boyfriend. He had met Sasuke's parents before, of course, but then only as Sasuke's friend. Parents tend to treat friends and boyfriends differently. Sasuke's father had narrowed his eyes and his mother's jaw had dropped, but other than that it had gone over rather well. Now, Naruto wasn't sure what to expect. He was so sure that there'd be another long conversation. It'd be the second he'd have in the past six months.

His conversation with Sakura, Ino, and Kiba went as well as could be expected. Sakura had done a lot of crying, which was sort of like cheating in Naruto's book- he always found it difficult to stay mad at a crying girl. Eventually, it came down to if and when Naruto could forgive her. Eventually, Sasuke had pointed out that Naruto hadn't forgiven him for ten years, and he was innocent, so Sakura shouldn't be forgiven for at least twenty. Naruto didn't know why, but for some reason he found Sasuke's suggestion humorous. He had laughed, felt much better, and told Sakura she was on probation. He was very tired of holding grudges. Furthermore, Kiba was still his best friend, and being at odds with his wife might put a strain on their relationship.

And Sasuke had gotten his new car; Naruto had gone with him to pick it out. Sasuke had been at odds with himself between his vindictive side, wanting to choose the most expensive luxury car he could find, and his more practical side that wanted a reliable car. In the end, he had gotten the newer, big-brother version of his old car- an Altima- in dark blue. Sakura had willingly paid for the car, no questions asked.

There was a sigh and a shifting in the seat next to him. "Are you ready? We're late." Naruto looked at the dashboard clock and scoffed. It was only a minute passed the time they had said they'd be there. Sasuke had a thing about punctuality. Naruto huffed and moved to get out of the car, growling at the chuckle behind him.

In the end, Naruto's fretting had been for naught. Sasuke's mother had squealed in delight and just about strangled Naruto in a hug, and his father had about knocked him over when he thumped him on the back. His mother's cooking was not any better, but Naruto still choked it down with a smile, and his father read police files all through dinner. In the end, it was like ten years hadn't even passed and Naruto was grateful for the consistency.

After dinner, they kissed and hugged Sasuke's parents good night and headed back to the car. They drove in silence for a while, both lost in their own thoughts and memories. Finally, Naruto reached over to pat Sasuke's thigh. "Well, that went well." Sasuke flashed him a grin and reached down to take Naruto's hand in his.

"Yes, of course. You had doubts that it wouldn't?" Naruto shrugged and kissed Sasuke's wrist as they slowed to a stop at a stop-light. They listened to the quiet hum of the new car before Naruto turned and pouted at Sasuke. Sasuke frowned back. "What's with the face?"

"I miss your old car's growl. This one's too quiet." Sasuke had the nerve to laugh.

"Well, if you stick around for a few years, this one will eventually growl too." Naruto caught the unasked question and he tightened his grip on Sasuke's hand.

"Well, I suppose I can wait for a little while then." Naruto didn't miss the slight twitching of Sasuke's lips or the returned pressure on his fingers as the car accelerated. "But I guess this car doesn't have the fond memories the other one had either."

Sasuke hummed. "Well, if you stick around for a few years, this one will eventually have its own memories too." Naruto laughed and kissed Sasuke's wrist again as they turned into the parking lot of his apartment complex. Sasuke grinned at him and opened the car door to get out, but Naruto pulled on his wrist to pull him back in the car. He leaned across the seats to kiss Sasuke's neck.

"Why wait?" Naruto asked. Sasuke groaned in the back of his throat and turned a confused frown back at Naruto. "Let's make some new memories now." The sound of a car door closing and laughs echoed through the parking lot.