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Now I'm Safe

Bella POV

The past few days have passed with a struggle. Dr. Cullen – or Carlisle as he so begged me to call him – has done test after test. Apparently I'm asthmatic. They years without medication and the punches in the ribs didn't help.

Most tests came out negative. I was most worried about the pregnancy test as Charlie never used condoms and when I asked him to give me money for the pill, he beat me. Also, the STD tests were nerve wracking. I knew Charlie wasn't just getting his pleasure from me. I've noticed different women in our house at nights and I notice when he stuffs a check in their pockets. It's disgusting. He even had me join them once, ugh, but I was safe now. He and those women couldn't hurt me.

Also, I met my social worker; a woman named Victoria. I instantly disliked her and I could tell the feeling was mutual. I told Carlisle this and he said he would try to get me someone else.

I was quite popular here at the hospital; most of the doctors loved me and my room lay laden with gifts. Much to my relief, they're all books. I love to read. I managed to find a copy of Wuthering Heights and it hasn't left my side since.

My father, ex chief of police of Forks, is now behind bars and awaiting trial. I remember the day Carlisle told me this. I was elated. Then he said I would have to stand as a witness. Usually, most people are unsure of doing this but I was happy to oblige.

All in all everything's been better. Soon I'll be able to go to church and thank God for saving me. Soon though. For now, I'll just pray silently.

Carlisle said his daughter and his wife had a similar past to mine and that they wanted to meet me. I wanted to meet them too. I knew any family member of Carlisle's would easily become my friend. They would come to visit tomorrow. I couldn't wait.

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