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Chapter 3

I opened my eyes to a bright, white light… I thought I was dead. I sat up and there was an old man with rather brilliant blue eyes sitting in a chair by my bed. He was smiling a very kind smile and I knew right then that I HAD to be dead. The old wizard then said something, seeing I was fully awake.

'Hello, Remus. Welcome to St. Mungo's. I was quite afraid you wouldn't wake up for a while. It's been 3 days since the werewolf known as Fenir Greyback attacked you.' I remembered the night vividly. If a werewolf attacked me, then I must be one, too… But then, what about my mother? The old man seemed to read my mind.

'I'm very sorry to inform you that your mother was killed, just before the Aurors got there. I'm very sorry.'

'How did you know? That he was attacking us?' The old wizard didn't answer but instead introduced himself.

'My name is Albus Dumbledore. I am headmaster of Hogwarts. I have come to let you know that you will not be attending Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express but shortly after the next full moon. We have taken precautionary measures to allow you to transform in peace. Almost all the teachers know of your situation and are onboard to make sure you have a perfectly normal school experience!'

ALMOST… that meant some teacher's didn't like the fact I was a werewolf… how was I suppose to have a "perfectly normal school experience" if I was locked up in a classroom once a month? This would be an interesting year… if I last that long…

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