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Under Stars On The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Chapter One: Shine Down

Draco had known that the summer between 5th and 6th year would change everything. But, never once had he thought that the Dark Lord would ask him to become one of his followers. Draco remembered the grimy smile on the Dark Lord's face and his father's look of pleasure as the dark mark had been burned onto his arm. Draco pulled on the ends of his sweater. He hated being forced to wear these muggle clothes. But, he had to stay in hiding with his father until school began. His father had brought him to this god awful muggle town called Oakland, California to hide from the ministry after what had happened with Potter and Dumbledore.

That stupid Potter, Draco thought as he felt the fabric burn the mark on his left arm. He always seems to run my life. Now, because of him, I've been forced to become the one thing I hate the most-the son my father always wanted.

His feet pounded on the asphalt as he turned the corner to the small park. Up ahead, he could hear loud strumming and a soft mellow voice. Draco slipped behind the park sign as he pushed a lock of his white blonde hair behind his ear. A boy around Draco's own age sat on one of the swings with his back to Draco. The rest of the park looked deserted but was filled with life from the boy's smooth voice as he sang.

The boy had spiky black hair with razor cut bangs that had been angled over his right eye. His orange flannel was blowing back unbuttoned in the wind revealing his green mountain dew tee-shirt. Draco stepped foreword to listen better. He felt his foot slip as he fell face first on the ground.

"Staring down the barrel of a 45-" the boy stopped playing as Draco hit the ground. Draco let his gray eyes slide up to meet his companies green ones. Both of their faces turned a slight pink as Draco stood up dusting himself off. The boy held the guitar in his left hand loosely as he ran his right hand through his hair. "Oh. Looks like you caught me singing."

"Sorry." Draco said as he stepped back behind the sign a little. "I didn't mean to intrude."

"Where are you from dude?" The boy asked picking up on Draco's obvious accent. He set his guitar lightly against the swing-set bar.

"London. My dad's here on. . . business." Draco said as he mindlessly picked wood off the back of the sign.

"I'm Billie Joe." The boy said stepping forward with his arm out. Draco placed his hand lightly in Billie Joe's and shook it.

"I'm Draco." He said with a slight nod. "Are you from around here?"

Billie Joe nodded with a smile before he looked at the darkening sky. "Um, I should actually start heading home now."

"Yeah." Draco agreed absentmindedly.

"Um, maybe you might wanna come too?" Billie said quickly.

"Don't you think it's a smidge dangerous to let a person you don't even know into your house?" Draco said with a small smile purging onto his lips.

"You just have one of those faces you can trust. Ya know?" Billie Joe said with a shrug.

Draco's eyes turned icy towards him as he felt his arm burn. He pulled the fabric down farther on his left sleeve."You shouldn't trust people so easily."

"I'm a teenager." Billie Joe said with a smile. "It's the way we are, right?"

Draco looked at the ground stunned. Billie Joe was surprisingly unaffected by Draco's stare. He has actually been kind to him in a way other than fear.

"Draco?" Billie Joe called pulling Draco out of his thoughts. Draco turned to see Billie Joe standing a few feet away down the road. He smiled and motioned his head away from the park. "You coming?"

"Um." Draco said before nodding and following Billie Joe.

"So how long have you been in town Draco?" Billie Joe asked once Draco had caught up with him. He swung his guitar gently with each step.

"Since summer began." Draco said as he watched the rhythm that Billie Joe walked with. It seemed so natural and relaxed unlike his own. Draco's step was forced to look graceful.

"Are you staying here long? It might not seem like a great town," Billie Joe said as he turned to corner at the first street. " But, with the right kinda friends-it can be a blast."

Draco nodded slightly without replying. For some reason, Draco felt comfortable around Billie Joe. There was just an instant connection between the two of them. Draco was working out why he was feeling like this. It was a feeling he'd never felt before. But at least it kept his mind off of his father and being a death eater.

"Hmm..." mumbled Billie Joe, "I wonder if Mike's home."

"Is Mike your brother?" Draco asked.

"Nah," said Billie Joe in a low tone, "but he's kinda like a brother. Ya know? He had no where else to go so he moved in with me n' everyone."

"Everyone? And does your Mom care that he lives there?"

"Nah. I'm the youngest of seven childeren. My mom doesn't care what I do or who stays for X amount of time. Once when I was eight, my friend gave me a haircut it was like the opposite of of a mohawk but worse. When I got home I walked into my mom's room and said hi. All she said was 'Oh god. Billie Joe what the hell did you do to your hair. Nevermind. Just go watch TV or something' So i watched Thunder Cats with my sister." Billie Joe laughed softly.

"You have it easy. If my father see's me slip up even once, it's like i've gone to hell and back again." Draco said as he looked at the ground and then back at Billie Joe. "Is your father like that?"

"No. He was the best dad ever. If I got in trouble it would only be for ten minutes or so. Definately not as severe as your dad. I lost him though. I was ten." Billie Joe started to cry softly as he continued to walk.

Usually, Draco would be disgusted and would probably just walk away with a sick smirk on his face, partially because Draco was taught by his father that muggles where filty and terrible since he was young, but this was different. Billie Joe was different. Yeah, he was nice to Draco, but wasn't he still just a muggle. Draco could never be friends with a muggle. But then of course he had never wanted to be a death eater and so all Draco could think to do in this moment of, basically, shear panic was comfort him.

This is absoulty humiliating, thought Billie Joe to himself. I shouldn't be crying. Not infront of him. But who is he and why do I care so much? His mind was reeling with questions that seemed to enter his mind faster than a rapid tsunami.

Suddenly he was caught in Draco's embrace and his eyes burst open in shock. His gutair fell to the ground and it was, suprisingly, undamaged.

He was frozen where he stood as he felt the pale teens arms around him. He couldn't blink although the tears still flowed from his green eyes like warm waterfalls falling against red rocks.

Finally, Billie Joe found the will to hug Draco back. His senses were exploding-it was like he was drowning in a swimming pool of pins and needles, but it felt alot better than what someone would imagine.

As soon as the moment came it had passed. Draco's face was beat red which obviously meant he was as embarrassed as Billie Joe was. Billie Joe wiped his face with his sleeve.

"I'm really sorry, dude. I have no freaking clue what came over me." Stuttered Billie Joe as he slowly picked up his guitar from the cold concrete sidewalk.

"It's okay. I know exactly how you're feeling. My father ignores me all the time. He's acts as if i'm not even there, but he's the only thing I have to look up to and trust. It's so difficult, but I have to press on." Draco said as he pulled down on his left sleeve. Billie Joe noticed that seemed to be a habits of Draco's.

Billie thought that he should start walking again, so he swiftly turned on the corner of Campbell and 16th as Draco struggled to catch up. Billie Joe was reminded of something his mom had once said, 'When Billie Joe gets nervous, he's faster than Superman on his way to save Louis Lane.' A pretty far-fetched analogy in Billie's mind, but accurate.

Soon, they arrived at a red two story house, the paint was faded and it almost looked pink. The finish of the door was also in bad shape, but it was decent enough. Billie liked it all the same. He dug through his pocket for the key to the door, but it was already unlocked.

Billie stepped back for Draco to get in through the door. He walked with him up the stairs to Billie's room where they ran into his sister, Marci, on her way to the stairs. She said a quick goodbye and left.

"Is it normal for her to leave so fast?" Draco asked confused.

"Yeah. No one really wants to be here when my mom's husband gets home" Billie Joe said as he opened his door which was spray painted black and littered with bumper stickers and band logos. The look of confusion on Draco's face made Billie Joe assume that Draco wasn't into music.

He watched Draco stare in amazement at the walls of the room. The artwork spraypainted onto the black and red background, the random posters and sayings pasted all over, a televison on a rolling cart was set infront of a beat up old bed with a cheap bed spread; definately not what Draco was used to.

"Crash land wherever, I have to wake up the bear if he's still home. You can put on a tape or whatever." Said Billie Joe as he swept through the doorway to the bathroom mirror.

He was still red as a fire engine, so he decided to stick his head under the sink and try to get a little less color from his cheeks. Besides, he hadn't washed his hair in ages. After leaning on the sink for a few seconds he went a few doors down to Mike's room and kicked the door a few times.

Mike groaned which meant he was half awake. At least he wasn't dead. Billie opened the door slowly, waiting for something to be thrown at it like usual. Nothing today.

"Goodmornin' starshine. The demons say hello." Whispered Billie.

"Tell em' they can kiss my bass." Groaned Mike in a groggy tone as he pulled a pillow over his head.

"Hey, when you get finished with your morning rituals, can you come over to my room. I found something in the park today. He's brittish so don't use too much Califonia slang. K dude?" Said Billie as he slipped out of the door frame and back into the hallway. Then a clatter came from the otherside of the door causing it to close. Delayed reaction.

Soon enough Billie returned to the room to see Draco searching through his mix tapes. He was shocked to see the look of puzzlement on Draco's face. It was if he hadn't even seen the damn things before. At least they weren't falling off the shelf again. Billie decided to watch as Draco picked out what he wanted.

"Having fun?" said Billie in a sarcastic tone after watching for a short while.

Draco jumped and dropped the Ramone's tape he was holding. Billie picked it up and popped in in the player.

"Stayin' true to your country I see. You a big punk fan?" Asked Billie as he sat on the bed.

"I can't listen to that kind of music. My dad says its rubbish. The most I listen to is the music my school choir sings." Replyed Draco quitely as he stood akwardly next to the tapes.

"Then allow me to school you in the ways of punk rock and the revolution of music." Billie smirked in an evil sort of way, but his eyes still had that spark of light that showed he was kidding.

This was going to be a long day.

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Lyrics for songs used:

45 by Shinedown

Send away for a priceless gift
One not subtle, one not on the list
Send away for a perfect world
One not simply, so absurd
In these times of doing what you're told
You keep these feelings, no one knows
What ever happened to the young man's heart
Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart

And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45,
Swimming through the ashes of another life
No real reason to accept the way things have changed
Staring down the barrel of a 45

Send a message to the unborn child
Keep your eyes open for a while
In a box high up on the shelf, left for you, no one else
There's a piece of a puzzle known as life
Wrapped in guilt, sealed up tight

What ever happened to the young man's heart
Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart


Everyone's pointing their fingers
Always condemning me
And nobody knows what I believe
I believe