Chapter 4: Awkward Nerves.

As it got later, the nerves only intensified. Draco'd never shared a bed with anyone, not including inanimate objects such as a pillow for example. He blamed the nerves on seeing his mother killed only a few hours before. His mind tended to wander to places he never wanted to think about. Like now. He thought of how he must of looked when he had one of the many breakdowns of the day. Why would anyone be able to look at him and not be repulsed. Anyone he knew would of walked away without so much as a second glance. Billie Joe was different. Something about Billie changed Draco. Maybe it was the way his soft smooth voice sounded to his ears. He craved it. The gentle twangs of the guitar strings against Billie's soft, angelic voice...

Suddenly Draco snapped back to reality. What was he thinking? Boys where only supposed to think that way about girls! Why was he thinking of Billie Joe like that? They're friends! Friends don't think this way. At least all of Draco's friends never felt that way. His mind wandered back to when he was taken back to the room. How Billie held him in his arms. Chin atop his head, even though he was conciderably shorter, and he kissed him. Not on the lips, or the nose. The forehead. A humble, small, kiss on the forehead. Draco shivered at the memory, and wondered why he didn't respond the the uncalled for action. This was the total opposite of how he usually acted. He was becoming soft, like Potter. This made Draco sneer. Perfect Potter, Draco thought. But inside, he still felt a twang of jealousy for the life Potter had.

He looked over at what appered to be a clock, but Draco wasn't sure. Muggle objects confused him. Especially the concept of electricity. It was 8:37, but he was tired as Hell. Time differences, how he hated them.

His thoughts we're interupted by the sound of footsteps entering the room. He looked up to Billie Joe's sister scowling down at his blonde head. A look of confusion spread over his face. What did he do?

"Okay." Marci began, "Why in freaking Hell, can you have that hair color, and not me!"

Draco just laughed. He laughed so hard he fell over and hit his head on the wall. That made Marci jump, but Draco just kept laughing.

"What's so freaking funny? I asked you a question! What do you bleach your hair with? Cause what I got doesn't work." She said pointing at the faded blonde in her hair which obviously wasn't her real hair color.

"Umm," Draco said while still chuckling under his breath, "I've never bleached my hair. It's always been like this. I don't even know what bleaching hair means!"

He burst into another fit of laughter as Marci left the room pouting, unsatisfyed with Draco's answer. He didn't care. He was actually happy here. He'd never been so happy in his life.

Billie Joe walked in with his toothbrush in one hand, shirt in the other. Immediately, he stopped laughing, but a slight smile was still on his face. Draco couldn't help but stare. He was, perfect. Draco looked at Billie Joe unable to tear his eyes away from his perfect chest. The smile on his face decreased. He had the nerves again, but this time he felt a bit of a rush. Cheeks Burning, he looked away. He was so confused. So incredibly confused.

"You made my sister throw a tantrum." Billie Joe said with a stern, serious look on his face, Draco shrank back to it, unsure why, Billie continued. "No one get's under her skin that bad!"

He laughed a little bit, but he noticed Draco didn't get the joke.

"I-Is th-hat a bad thi-ing?" Draco stuttered. He was definately nervous.

Maybe it was because he was scared. He was just abused by his father, and his mother died recently, He began to think about what he said earlier, because he wasn't focusing about what Draco was saying as apposed to Draco's face, which he couldn't help but stare at. Then he realized...

"He killed my mother and when I yelled at him..."

The words echoed over and over. Was she just... murdered? When? In this town? Do the police know? Did Draco see it... happen? He thought he should answer Draco's question before he asked anything out loud.

"No, Draco," Billie Joe said in a low tone as he sat down on the bed next to him. He was distant in thought, "it's a good thing..."

His voice trailed off into silence, still wondering, until he was brought back to reality by the touch of Draco's hand on his shoulder.

"What are you thinking about?" Draco said softly, "You seem a billion klicks away."

"Draco, did...Well what you said earlier about your mom..." Billie Joe said looking at the floor akwardly. "Did she really get murdered? Like right in front of you?"

Draco took the this well, not a single tear was shed from his gorgeous grey eyes as Draco nodded solemnly. He decided to drop the conversation there. He was furious as it was. Not only because he didn't have another excuse to touch Draco, but because of what Lucius was capable of. What he did to Draco's mother and what he did to Draco. He was unsure why he thought of Draco in the ways he did, but he couldn't refuse his feelings. It was just a crush; it couldn't be love. Could it? The feeling of confusion was drowned out by the anger in him. He was cursing up and down, threatening to kill Lucius if he ever saw him, but his rage was ceased when Draco grabed his hand. He exploded with a massive array of emotions and hormones. Just by one touch. He was wanting so much more but he would never tell. He could tell by the look on Draco's face he wanted more as well, but he withdrew his hand anyway and ran it through his pale hair, revealing the small scar on his forehead.

He noticed Draco look at the clock, so Billie followed his gaze, it was 9:53. His mom should be home any minute, and he was scared they would all be kicked out again.

"Okay, so what do you have in that trunk of yours?" Said Billie Joe trying to change the subject.

Draco got up and silently dragged the trunk infront of Billie Joe and sat down on the bed. Unsnapped the straps on either sides of the trunk and flung it open. It was filled with Green and Silver colors, and robes of black with a patch on the right side that said Slytherin and had a majestic green snake. Billie Joe was amazed. He'd never seen clothes like that. Draco took notice to his amazment and looked worried.

"I thought I put a charm on those so muggles couldn't see..." Draco whispered, probably thinking no one else could hear him.

"What's a muggle?" asked Billie, with his head slightly tilted to the left. He'd stumped Draco. He was definatly hiding something. "Nevermind... It's okay, I don't need to know."

The sound of tires crunching gravel interupted the conversation. Mom was home.

"Come on..." Billie Joe whispered as he crept toward the door of his bedroom. He knew nothing would happen if he went downstairs before she walked in the door, but he wasn't quick enough tonight. Today was encased in devistation. This only added to it.