My Ruined Date

"So Caroline, I guess you should know that I really like you." said Marc.

"You do!" said Caroline, very surprised. They lean in to kiss, but as their lips are about to touch, Caroline's phone rings. It's her dad. "Hey Sweetie, I'll pick you up soon. Your mom made Cornish hen. Be careful out there. We love you. Bye!"

Caroline hung up her cell phone and looked up at Marc. Marc looked back at her with a weird expression. "I'm sorry my dad can be very…embarrassing." she said worried.

Marc replied "Yeah, I can see… I think I'll be going now. My mom is probably worried."

"Yeah worried." Caroline said to herself.

Sadly, she watched as Marc left the restaurant. She picked up her phone and called her dad to tell him to hurry up.

"Hi sweetie!" he said as he picked her up. "How was your date?"

Caroline rolled her eyes. "Good I guess." She ignored him for the rest of the ride home.

Her little sister greeted her at the door of the car as it pulled into the driveway.

"Hey Victoria, what's up?" said Caroline.

"Nada, I'm okay. How was your date?" she said.

Their family is half Latina so they frequently speak Spanish around the house.

"Am…I'd rather not talk about it." Caroline replied exasperatedly.

Caroline ran up to her room and slammed the door shut. She took out her diary and the special fountain pen she got for her 13th birthday and started writing in her diary.

Dear Diary,

Well today was my SUPER IMPORTANT date and just as it was getting to the best part, my phone rang and who was it, my ever-so wonderful father. He TOTALLY embarrassed me. I just want some more freedom to do what I want when I want to. Dad makes that so hard. I love him but I wish he would just stop butting into my life. I mean, Marc tried to kiss me. He TOTALLY ruined that. I wish he would just let me finally start to live my life. All I HOPE is that Marc will talk to me tomorrow after he totally bailed-out on me and our date.



"Caroline, dinner's ready" called Victoria. "Coming..." she shouted back as she closed her diary and put away her pen. "Come on Caroline, dinner's getting cold!" shouted her mother as she began down the stairs. Somehow, she began to believe she wanted to be free of both of her parents and eat dinner when she wantedto. "Carolina Juanita Sánchez don't you speak to your mother like that!" her father said angrily as she sat down at the table. "Sorry" she said then murmured a "Whatever."

"Oh Caroline, I forgot to ask you," her mother said in a lighter tone, "how was your date?" Caroline swallowed the piece of Cornish hen she had in her mouth. "It was great, mamita. Thanks for asking." She lied