I did this short fanfic, mostly out of boredom and I need my stories rate go up from 3. I discontinued two of my stories. They wasn't worth writing anymore.

Pretty much it's about Himeno has written down her personal feelings in a poem. Not knowing that a certain someone would accidentally get his hands on it and read it on the air. What would happen if all her friends, the leafe knights (including Yayoi), and her and family would hear it on the radio without her listening to it too. Misunderstanding the poem, jealousy rises. Shocked by what's happened, Himeno tries to hide from all of the commotion.



Chapter One

Having a sort of bad day wasn't new for Himeno. But having a really messed up day was something out of the ordinary for her type.

Something was stuck in her mind, that she's been dazing out of everything. In science she mixed Hydrogen peroxide with acetic acid and heated it up causing an explosion in the classroom. In gym she used a basket ball for soccer and a volleyball for tennis. In Language, she did a math equation on the board when she was suppose to write the meaning for qualm. In Art, she drew a vase of flowers instead of painting a vase of flowers. The look on her face was quiet when thinking, but she never showed any sign of emotion when in doing something wrong.

"Are you okay today Himeno," Yayoi asks Himeno, walking home with her side by side.

Himeno didn't answer, she was looking up in the sky with a blank face.

"Himeno,Himeno. Earth to Himeno." No reaction...

"Himeno! You who," she waves her hand in front of her face. Nothing again... 'Man what's wrong with her lately? She's been wacky like this for two days straight! Even her family doesn't know what's wrong.'

Himeno walks pass her and trips and lands into a mud puddle. "Who, what, when, where," Himeno stutters.

"Finally you're out of it."

"Out of what Yayoi?"

"Why don't you ask the whole school, Himeno?"

Himeno goes through a quick flashback of all the things that went wrong during school. In realization that she looked like she went crazy, blue lines went down her face.

"I...I rather not."

"Mhmm... see."

Himeno stands up with a disastrous look. Mud was all over her, to every length of hair and skin.

"I look like a mess," Himeno starts running through a field of grass that was in the local park across from them.

"Himeno, wait! I don't think running through the park is going to help," Yayoi runs after her.

Himeno looks over her shoulder seeing her friend chase after her. "What are you talking about! This is a good shortcut to home!" She loses her balance and trips over a rock in her path, sending her flying through the air. "GAH," she hits the ground, rolling into a pile of leaves and a foot of a tree.

"Himeno, Himeno!" But Yayoi was too late, Himeno was already knocked unconscious.

Yayoi leans down and picks Himeno up by her shoulders. "Himeno...what am I going to do with you."

She props Himeno's body onto her back. She didn't care if Himeno was covered with leaves and mud, the important thing was she had to get her home.

Yayoi finally reaches her destination at the Awayuki estate, with Himeno, knocked out on her back. Sweat rolls down her face in exhaustion of carry Himeno from the park to her home. Yayoi was strong at will but not strong in the muscles.

Her legs start to wobble, she couldn't take the weight anymore. She carefully sat Himeno down on the fountain close by the mansion. Her body wiggled around she started to fall backwards. At the nick of time, Yayoi caught her centimeters away from being splashed into cold water. "Few, I'm so glad she didn't splash into the cold water."

A familiar young man with blue hair and blue eyes happened to cross through the garden, passing by the fountain twenty feet away. He caught the image of two figures in the corner of his eye. Pausing, he moves his sight towards the two teenage figures. 'Oh it's Yayoi and Himeno.' Hayate started to walk away until he realized Himeno was all beat up.

"C'mon Himeno, wake up please," the nervousness was getting bigger for Yayoi. She had lifted Himeno's head onto her arm, trying to tickle her nose with a feather. It wasn't going exactly as planned, but she kept on trying.

"Why is Himeno all beat up," Hayate unexpectedly stands next to the girl.

"GAH," Yayoi shrieks, dropping Himeno in the act.

"SPLASH" Himeno lands into the fountain. She immediately wakes up sitting in the water, with every inch of her body and clothing soaked.

"Ahhh, I'm so sorry Himeno...IIII didn't mean to drop you," Yayoi panics. Himeno steps out of the fountain, water lingering at her fingers, and her face all red.

She shakes the excess water off of her hands and balls them up into fists. She death glares at Hayate with an evil smile. "How do you want to die Hayate? Be strangled or thrown off the roof?" Dark flames came burning around her, and eyes saying you-are-deader-than-dead. "What are you talking about," backing up into a defense stance, "I saw you out cold so I came to see what was wrong."

"Oh..I uh," the dark flames disperse, "I didn't know."

Hayate lowers his defense status back into normal. "So, what happened? Did you get into a fight and lose?"

"No...," was all she said before passing right by him with hands behind her head looking annoyed.

"Hey, wait!" Hayate runs after her.

"What is it?"

"Are you just going to leave your friend there?"

Himeno turns to see Yayoi, still in shock. "It's okay Yayoi, it was just an accident. C'mon, I got to get myself dried off."

Yayoi snaps back into the real world. "Oh okay." She grabs her and Himeno's bags and catches up to her.

"Tell me why you are hurt?" He immediately wanted to know.

Himeno gives him a poker face like he does to her. "Why do you want to know so baddly? Does the Wind Knight actually care for me?"

Veins start to pop up on Hayate's head. "Of. Course. That's a stupid question to ask me!"

Himeno stares at him with no reaction whatsoever. "Sorry, that was a stupid question."

Hayate's sizzles up with steam, with every vein in his head popping up.


"Okay, okay. Stop yelling," Himeno walks over to him and looks at him, square in the eye. It didn't last long, because she got flustered by looking at his eyes that reminded her of the sky. "I... I tripped and fell into a mud puddle, I also ran too fast through Awayuki park, tripped. Again. Landed into a pile of leaves, and knocked myself unconscious at a foot of a tree."

"That's it?"

Himeno gave him a slight nod.

He put a hand to his forehead, shaking his head. "What am I going to do with you...you are just too clumsy."


"Himeno, calm down, calm down. You don't need to get angry over this," Yayoi put a hand on Himeno's shoulder.

"Huh," Himeno peers over her shoulder. "Uh...I guess you're right. I shouldn't waist my time with this idiot."


"Yeah, I'm talking about you...shall we get going Yayoi," Himeno walks away.


"Bye Hayate," Himeno continues to walk waving goodbye.

"Come back here! Himeno! I'm still talking to you!"

The two girls turn a corner and they leave his sight. 'And this is the girl that I'm in love with? What a pain in the neck.'

"Himeno, do you think it was really okay to walk away from Hayate like that," Yayoi says, utterly confused.

With her face pointed downward, Himeno tries to hide the crimson blush that is spilt across her face. "Himeno?"

She lifts her head in a position to see her friend in the corner of her eye. "I..I don't know."

'Hmm,' Yayoi puts her mind at thought. Being around Himeno was usually really exciting. From the high style luxury to being Pretear, the handsome leafe knights, and scanning down to Himeno just being herself.

The wind buffeted Himeno, making her quiver hastily. She was still teemed with water from the fountain, yet, she still walks slowly towards the hallway entrance to the bathroom.

"Himeno...the wind is blowing awfully ruff. We should hurry inside before you catch a cold." Yaoi rests her left hand on Himeno's back, and helps her pick up her pace.

Once in the bathroom, Himeno sheds off all her wet clothing and throws them aside. She turns on the shower head to warm water. The shots of water come zooming of the tiny holes, mashing the water against the shower room floor, flowing into the drain. Himeno steps inside and begins to gently massage shampoo onto her scalp.

"Himeno, I brought some cloths in for you."

"Thanks, just leave them on the couch."

Himeno scrubs soap onto her skin. "You know Takako, you are not my maid anymore. You didn't have to bring my cloths in."

"I know, but I still like to help you."

Himeno turns to nozzle off, making a terrible squeaking sound. She opens the door slightly waving her hand out. "Can you hand me my robe?"

"Oh! Sure."

Takako picks up the light pink robe, that is folded nicely into a perfect square. She walks over to the shower and gives the waving hand the robe.


"No problem."

She take the robe on slips it onto her skinny arms. She ties the knot and she takes a step out.

"Do you know where Yayoi went?"

"Yayoi went home, she told me about the little accident."


Takako heads for the doorknob of the bathroom before Himeno stopping her. "Takako wait! I uh...want to talk to you about something."

"Does this something have to do with Hayate?"

Himeno slowly nods. Takako sits on the light pink couch, moving Himeno's cloths to the arm rest.

"Come now, lets sit." She pats the cushion next to her.

The girl plops down on the soft cushion. She looks down at her toes and plays with the ends of the robe tie. "So what's wrong Himeno?"


Himeno felt nervous as is thinking about Hayate, she didn't want to talk about him, but she thought it would be for the best if she did. She hugs her knees to her chest, thinking what she should say first. 'Dang is it always this hard?'


Himeno faces her head towards Takako. "Takako..," Himeno babbles out.


"What is it like to be in love?" She feels her face burning up red by just say "love".

"What is going on Himeno? I never heard you ask me this before."

"I think I'm in love..," Himeno blushes again.

"When you're saying about love...are you in love with Hayate.

Himeno slowly nods in agreement.

"Wow, I'm glad you actually admitted you have feelings for him." Takako pulls out a big smile.

"I know what you are going through Himeno. Of course you know I use to be in love with Hayate."

'Shoot, I forgot all about that!' Himeno screams in her head. "Himeno if it's really that hard for you to express how you feel. Write a poem of how your feeling. Then fold it in an envelope."

"What should I do with the envelope?"

"Keep it to yourself. Don't let anyone else read it."

"Hmm okay." Himeno softly smiles.

"Anyways...it's Valentine's Day tomorrow; Just to give you the heads up."

Himeno dots out. "Huh, I didn't know that."

"Well it's good to know now right?"

Himeno slightly nods. "Yup!"

"So Takako?"


"What are you gonna give Sasame for Valentine's Day."

Takako slaps her hands to her face blushing. "Now that you mention it, I don't know what to give him!"


"What are you laughing about? You probably have to give Hayate something too!"

Steam blows out of Himeno's ears with a dark crimson blush splattered all over her face.

"Pff. You should see how read you are Himeno."

Himeno hits Takako's shoulder playfully. "Oh shuddup."

"Hahaha, no really. Your whole face is red!"

"Ssso! It's natural to be embarrassed."

Takako pats Himeno's in the back. "I know... I just think it's funny to tease you."

"Boo, just like Sasame."

"Better believe it."

Both of the girls laugh at the remark.

"Now...are you feeling better?"

"...yeah, thanks."

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