Chapter Five

After finding out from Mayune and Mawata that Hayate walked out of the room without a word. (Plus, they heard all the banging outside...)

Himeno began to panic.

She was outraged. She was seriously upset because Takako double-crossed her. Before she was able to do anything, her parents restrained her by the arms. It was not that Himeno was mad, she was scared more than anything. She was afraid Hayate might've gotten the wrong idea. But from how things were looking, she wasn't so sure about his feelings. Did he feel the same for her or did he just act like that towards her just to make her feel good about herself?

"Why did you do that Takako? I wanna know why," Himeno yelled.

"It was for you Himeno honestly!"

That wasn't what Himeno wanted to hear. "Why didn't you at least tell me? Let me in to the plan?"

"Because that would mess up everything Sasame and I have worked out so far!"

"But do you know what you have done," Himeno almost began to cry out of frustration. Takako kept her distance from the violent redhead.

"Calm down Himeno, it's not like it's the end of the world," Natsue said.

"It might as well be!"

"Himeno, don't say that," Kaoru said with his anxiety at his limit. "Hayate may never accept my feelings!"

"Why do you think that," Takako said slowly inching towards Himeno. "Because, I know he doesn't feel the same.. I mean, I'm not so sure anymore if he even likes me or not." Running out of energy, she plopped to her knees with her head hung low. "A..and what I said... I lied to him... t..to try to cover up how I felt."

"So that's why you're worried," Takako sighed. She crouched down to Himeno's eye level and lifted her chin up by a thumb. "You don't know how much you are wrong Himeno."

"W-what do you mean?"

"You can't say that Hayate doesn't like you from how he acts around you. You can't read his mind and neither can I. You may never know how he feels at all..."

"Until I ask him...," Himeno finished that sentence. "Exactly," Takako wrapped her arms around Himeno's exhausted body. "Everything won't be solved until you figure it out for yourself."

"Which means I'm on my own from this point on," Himeno groaned.

"I'm sorry Himeno, I really am."

"Then why?"

"Because I don't want to be the only one with the happy ending," Takako whispered.

Then nothing less, Himeno falls asleep in her own tears. "She fell asleep," Kaoru pointed out.

"Yeah, she needs the energy for tomorrow. Tomorrow is Valentine's day."

Kaoru rubbed the back of his neck smiling out of relief. "I guess I'll tuck her in bed." Natsue looked down to her feet nervously with a little blush on her face. "Umm, is it okay if I tuck her in instead?"

"Natsue," Kaoru was surprised.

"Well since she is also my daughter, I want to treat her like one of my children."

Kaoru couldn't help but smile,"Of course Natsue."

The novelist knelled down and scooped Himeno in his arms like a little princess. 'She'll always be my precious daughter even when she falls in love.'

Laying her sleeping body on top of a mattress as soft as a cloud; he wiped away her salty tears slipping down her rosebud cheeks. Natsue sat on the bed next to her step-daughter and pulled the covers up and over Himeno until it reached her chin. She leaned down and softly placed her lips on top of Himeno's fore-head. Then she whispered softly to her as if she was awake,"Don't worry Himeno, I think that he's a lot closer to you than you think."

"I think we should leave her be now," Takako stood by the bedroom doors. "Let's," Natsue grabbed Kaoru's hand, dragging him to the doors.

"Goodnight Himeno, I don't know how it'll go tomorrow, but I hope it'll be for the best," Kaoru then closed the door behind him.

From a good morning with a pale blue sky and the sun shining down. It was Goh's day off and he took a little trip in to the Awayuki estate. Humming along to a tune, he wasn't really paying attention to what was in his way until he bumped into someone with short dark blue hair and a navy blue polo.

"Oh I'm sorry sir..." Goh opened his eyes and rubbed the back of his head nervously.

"Pay attention to where you were going next time Goh," a deep familiar voice came from the man. "Wait... Hayate?"

Then the man turned around and surprisingly... it was no other than Hayate. "HAYATE?" Goh was outrageously shocked to see the man before him.

"What do you want?"

"You... you...," Goh was trying to get the words all out while pointing at Hayate's hair.

"I got a hair cut," Hayate's patience was running out. "Dang dude, I didn't even recognize you!"

"Keep it down Goh, it's not that big of a deal."

"Not that big of a deal? Hayate, you pretty much changed your whole appearance by getting a hair cut so short!"


"And how about your Leafe clip?"

Hayate dug in to his pocket and puled out the clip. Goh was speechless. "Dude!"

"Like I said Goh it's not that a big of a deal. So if you don't mind, I have work to do," Hayate began to walk but with a depressing aura surrounding him.

Scratching his head to get everything straightened out in his mind, Goh suddenly noticed that Hayate wasn't in front of him anymore. "Oh hey!"

"What now," Hayate groaned.

"How'd things go with Himeno?"

And those were the words that he didn't need to hear, for he became even more frustrated with himself. "I don't know, go ask her for yourself," he said harshly.

"But I thought..."

"THOUGHT... what," Hayate cut him off. He didn't seem to get any better than before, his heart only began to hurt even more. "I thought that you and Himeno would, y'know... be together?"

'Dang it, why did he have to say that?'

"She seemed to like you a lot, because she hangs out with you more than the rest of us."

"I only wish that were true..."

Goh's mind popped back in to reality, "Wait... what?"

"It's true... she loves another guy."

"WHAT? But I thought..."

Hayate hung his head lower. "You thought she loved me?"

Goh didn't know what to say to make anything better, but more on the topic of how things turned up this way! 'Hayate doesn't know how wrong he is!'

"So are you just going to give up," Goh panicked. "I might as well give up," then he walked away without speaking another word.

"What in the world happened," he whispered.

"Himeno," Goh appeared behind the girl in the hallway who was in front of a window that looks out to the garden.

"Don't talk to me right now Goh." Himeno's face looked pale and slim as she turned to look at him; she didn't look like she ate anything the whole day. "But I want to know what happened between you and Hayate!"

"It's nothing important!"

"Yes it is!"

Himeno threw a punch at the wall next to Goh's head. "How the heck is it important," she glared. Goh's face turned purple with fear, then he shook it off and pushed Himeno's hand to the side. "Because Hayate said that you loved another guy."

"So it is true... he got the wrong idea." Himeno looked straight down to the floor ready to cry.

'Crap..,' Goh thought in his mind. "Himeno please don't cry!" Goh waved his hands in front of her while looking around to see if anyone was looking. He got an idea but it was kinda risky... Goh caught hold of her wrist and pulled her in to a hug.

Himeno was caught off guard, but felt too weak to pull away. "I'm okay Goh, you can let go of me," Himeno said softly.

"Promise you won't cry."

"I promise.."

Goh unwrapped his arms and Himeno took a few steps back. "So.. what exactly happened."

"Takako and my sisters asked me who I made the Valentine's day chocolates for while Hayate was with us in the room.."

"How did you reply?"

Himeno looked down to her feet. "I said that it was for someone they don't know. Then Sasame's radio show came on with my poem."

Goh smacked his forehead and sighed, "I can't believe they would tease you like that."

"Well it's kinda too late worrying about that. Everything's screwed up."

Goh scrunched up his eyebrows thinking really hard for a good idea. "You know Himeno... to fix things, all you have to do is give Hayate a proper confession while you give him the chocolates."

Himeno's face turned bright red, "No no, I.. I can't do that!"

"You have to Himeno, cause Hayate's already starting to give up."

Himeno crooked her head to the side like a confused dog, "Huh?"

Goh sighed again, "You're so thickheaded."

"Whatever," Himeno almost punched him in the jaw by purposely punching the wall again. "Girl, you got to control that temper!"

"Hmph," she crossed her arms to her chest. "Well, there's a Valentine's day dance later on tonight."

"And I'm guessing your dad forced Hayate in to going," Goh pulled a piece of wall from his hair while Himeno nodded slightly.

"Then you can just confess to him there."

"But... I'm nervous."

"No buts, you have no choice." Himeno scrunched up her face and looked away from Goh. "Fine..."

"Good... and don't you have to get ready?" Himeno's face perked in realization, she already forgot about the dance.

"Crap, I totally forgot!" Himeno then ran down to the dressing room, leaving a cloud of dust behind her. 'I guess I have to get ready too,' Goh thought to himself before casually walking away.

Outside, down below the window where Himeno and Goh were standing at. A dark black, enraged, exasperated, aura was twirling around up in to the air. Yet, it was coming from Hayate himself. He dropped the bag his suit was in for the dance right after Himeno departed. He was just happening to walk by, already depressed from before, and then suddenly catching a glimpse of Goh hugging Himeno in front of the hallway window and seeing her blush a few minutes later.

'She... LIED TO ME?' Hayate's eye started twitching, "IT WAS GOH THE WHOLE TIME," he shouted. "HIMENO!"

He was definitely going to confront her later about this. And it didn't look like it was going to go all that well either.

The pink and red lights danced across the ball room of 300,000 square feet with red ribbons tracing against the pearl white walls and ornament hearts hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the whole room, there hung a slow spinning disco ball from the ceiling with pink and red lights reflecting from it. A third of the room, there stood 100 tables with 7 seats at each table making the place fit 700 people. The rest of the room was the dance area and 4 speakers as tall as 5 and a half feet stood in the corners of the dance floor while the dj was towards the front.

It was a perfect way of decorating for such an occasion. The rich people of the town were all invited to Awayuki ballroom to the Valentine's day dance. Married couples, girlfriends, boyfriends, singles, and even little kids were dancing and eating... all having fun for the official day of love and happiness. Himeno walked in the room with a mid-thigh length strapless shiny blue dress sequined with tiny diamonds tracing the top of the chest and back around to the back. A brooch was pinned up against the waist of the dress, giving it's final detail. She wore half inch heels, which she is still getting use to, and a heart necklace around her neck and a silver headband to complement the dress. Himeno wore pink lip gloss and light blue eye shadow and no blush. Himeno was stunning and it caught the eyes of most of the guys she walked by.

Some whistles and some got smacked by their partner, yet it was still a good day so far for all of them other than Himeno and Hayate of course.

Himeno coursed her way to the first table, sitting down and opening a blue bag she brought to carry the chocolates she made for Hayate. But, she still had no idea how to succeed in such what seemed an impossible task. Only if things were easier if she wasn't so nervous and scared.

'How am I going to even do this? What if he rejects me?'

Himeno was the only one sitting down while everyone else danced with a partner or stood up against the wall. She felt terribly alone and uncomfortable, this was the first dance she ever been to. It's not like she didn't know how to dance or have a good time, but the pressure and urge to find Hayate made everything else harder to enjoy. This was not a good day for her at all, in fact it was killing her.

'How am I going to find Hayate in a room filled with 700 people? Ugh, this is harder than I thought it would be..'

Kaoru noticing his daughter sitting alone, he jogged to her side with a smile planted on his face. "Himeno... why aren't you dancing?"

She put a hand to her face and sighed deeply. "I have no one to dance with, I don't have a partner."

"Then why don't you dance with your dear ol' father," he asked with open arms. "Sorry dad, but I kinda don't want to," she shot him down in an instant.

"I can't believe you don't wanna dance with your own flesh and blood," Kaoru whined like a baby.

"Exactly why, it's too weird to dance with someone who I'm directly related to."

"Then do you want me to get Hayate to dance with you?"

Himeno's eyes perked up, "No no no no, you don't have to."

"Then I'll just take you to him," he grabbed her wrist and started pulling.

"No dad, I said no!" Himeno dug her heals in to the rough carpet, but her father was still able to drag her along.

Across the room, Hayate leaned up against a wall in deep thought. He was dressed in a black tuxedo with a blue bow around his neck. He wore black string-less dress shoes and a red rose in his chest pocket. Since his hair was cut short, it made him look more handsome than Josh Duhamel. "Hey handsome, you wanna dance," a few girls about a year older than Himeno came up to him, determined to hook up with him. "I'm good, you can leave now."

"Awww, you don't want to dance with a drop dead gorgeous girl like me," one of the girls tried to show off.

Hayate fixed his eyes on her, giving her a stern look. "W-what is it," she was a little spooked. "You don't look that gorgeous, you look like you are trying too hard to impress others," Hayate said bluntly.

The other girls gasped and laughed while steam was rising from the one girl's head. "You... you, you low life jerk!" And she stormed off stomping her heals on the floor. The left over girls turned to Hayate, wanting an opportunity to ask. "You all can go now, I'm not interested," Hayate glared. The girls' faces turned blue in fear and they stammered off to the dance floor avoiding all costs in getting insulted. 'Finally, I'm alone.'

"Hey Hayate," Kaoru came up.

'What now,' Hayate thought. "Yes Mr. Awawyuki?"

"Oh, you got your hair cut Hayate! It looks very good on you!"

"Thank you sir, is there anything you need?"

"Will you dance with Himeno for me? She's been alone since she got here with her sisters." Hayate's eyes popped open with his heart racing faster than a mustang. "Where is she?"

"She's right here with m.. oopp, shes gone." Arrows formed the spot where she just was, but Kaoru could notice her running around the corner. 'Finally, I've got out of dad's grip,' Himeno ran back to her table. Then she was stopped by Mayune and Takako. "Where do you think you're going," Mayune tapped her right heal with arms crossed. "I'm just going back to my table," Himeno said sheepishly.

"I don't think so," Takako grabbed her wrist while Mayune got the other. "You are going to dance with Hayate if you like it or not."

"I thought you said I was on my own this time," Himeno whined. "We're just giving you a little push that's all."

"Nooo... please no!"

"Too late," Mayune smiled evilly. Then she pulled Himeno in front of her and gave her a shove towards Kaoru. "Here ya go father. I caught her just like you asked."

"Thanks Mayune."

Kaoru held Himeno by the shoulders,"Now Himeno, you're going to dance with Hayate."

"Do I have to dad? It's already hard enough as it is to be in the same place as him."

"I'm sorry Himeno, orders are orders." Then he placed Himeno in front of him and whispered in her ear. "Have a good time." Then Kaoru walked away.

"Umm hey," Himeno broke the silence as she looked down to her feet. As she looked up, her face turned beat red. She never knew how hot Hayate looked with his hair short. Secretly, she loved his hair being long. "What?"

Himeno smacked herself out of daydreaming. Hayate jumped as soon as she did that. "Oh, it's nothing..."

'I'm getting nervous again!'

Hayate didn't really want to do this, but he really didn't have another choice. He went for her hand and started to lead her to the middle of the dance room as soon as they started a slow dance song. 'Great, the dj decides it's time for a slow dance.' Himeno looks up at the dj and Sasame looked at her smiling. "Dang it all Sasame," she cursed under her breath. But she was more focused on how Hayate was holding her hand. It felt like he was angry, because he was gripping so tightly and a vein in his hand just popped up.

'He is mad...,' Himeno's face turned blue.

Hayate then stopped as soon as they made it to the middle of the dance floor. Unexpectedly, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. 'Are you for real?'

"Hayate," Himeno looked up at him. His face may look calm, but you could tell by the look in his eyes that he was deeply hurt. "Hayate, I.."

"You don't need to say anything Himeno."


"I already know you lied to me." Himeno's heart skipped a beat, hoping she wasn't thinking the wrong thing. "I know.. I did.. I'm so sorry," Himeno lowered her head to face his chest.

Hayate couldn't help but to feel completely betrayed. He gritted his teeth together, almost breaking his jaw. "I know I lied to you, but can you forgive me," she looked up at with with no idea with what he was thinking.

"Then why...," his voice deepened.


"Then why did you lie saying that you liked someone who I never heard of?"

Himeno felt her heart sinking, "Because I was afraid of how you reacted if you found out how I honestly felt." Hayate has enough of this, so he unwrapped his arms from her and pushed her away. Himeno tumbled to the floor and she looked at him desperately confused. "What the heck was that for," she yelled at him.

"You hate me don't you," Hayate's spoke out loudly which made everyone stop to look at them. "What are you talking about? I thought you would understand!"

"Understand what? That you had feelings for Goh?"


"I saw you! I saw you with him earlier in the hallway!"

Goh unexpectedly rushed in, finding out about what the whole commotion was. Hayate saw Goh and glared at him with death in his eyes. "Huh, why are you looking at me like that for?"

"Do you like Himeno?"

"Wait what?"

"Answer me! Do you like Himeno or not!"

Himeno jolted realizing what was going on. She finally remembered the scene where Goh hugged her to comfort her and Hayate probably saw.. that means he was misunderstanding the whole thing!

"Why would you care?"

"What," Hayate hissed at her.

"Why would you care if he liked me or not? It's not like you love me!"

"I don't love you," Hayate lied right through his teeth. Just a harsh response made Himeno freeze at the spot.

Hayate was more than angry now, he has the strength to hit Goh and knock him out with one blow, but since he already started a scene, might as well not do that.


"I saw you with her in the hallway earlier!"

"But Hayate you misunderstand! She was crying because she was afraid how to confront you!"

"Lies! Do you think I would believe that load of bull?"

"It's true you idiot! And If you didn't love her, why would you be acting this way?"

Himeno slowly rose to her feet, unable to fight the tears running down her face. She felt like she was drowning is misery and anger. All the sweet words she heard from him, all the times he treated her with kindness... it was to lead her on? It was all a lie? She couldn't believe that her intuition was true, she was hoping to at least prove herself wrong. But now, it's all nothing.

"Himeno," Goh called out her name. She just stood there as she lifted her face up. The salty tears of anger began rolling down her face like rivers. Depression, grief, disappointment, despair, was all that crossed her mind.

Without thinking.. she took her blue bag and threw it hitting Hayate in the face and knocking him down in the process. "Happy Valentine's day you jerk!"

And ran off to the lobby crying her eyes out.

Kei, standing off by the lobby door with Mawata; saw Himeno dashing through the ballroom entrance and in to the ladies room balling her eyes out.

"What the?"

Mawata thought of only one thing that would've made her this way, "Hayate!"

"What do you want," Hayate growled as he got up to his feet. "Are you blind?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," he brushed off his tuxedo. "You just made my sister, the woman you love, cry! How can you just stand there and act like it doesn't bother you?"

"Why should I care? She hurt me deeply as well.."

"Hurt you? She didn't even do anything! All she did was make chocolates for you for Valentine's Day!"

Hayate jolted from confusion. "What are you talking about? She didn't make them for me."

"Think again smart one. Just look inside that blue bag she threw at you and decide if she made it for you or not," Mawata said in an intimidating tone of voice.

Hayate took the bag and opened it to find a red box with a white bow. He pulled it out and dropped the bag on the floor. He opened the box and read the note that was written on the inside top cover.

'Happy Valentine's Day Hayate, I know it's not much but.. I took my time to make these for you. I hope you like them.

~ Himeno'

His eyes widen to the familiar handwriting. Picking up a chocolate piece shaped heart, he placed it in his mouth letting all the flavor of sweetness roll over his tongue. It tasted like sweet pleasure to his taste buds, he never tasted anything so good for piece of candy.

"What have I done to her?" He closed the box and ran in to the lobby leaving the bag on the floor next to Goh. "Himeno!"

Hayate found her sitting in the lobby next to Takako, who was eyeing him down as soon as he entered the room. "I don't think she wants to talk to you right now," Takako spoke sternly.

"Just let me talk to her," Hayate demanded. "I don't think s-," Himeno cut her off. "It's fine, I'll take the rejection on my own."

"But Himeno," Takako said.

"Please Takako." Takako couldn't disagree with her descision. She stood up and walked away to the forming crowd at the ballroom entrance.

Himeno stood up and faced Hayate. Her eyes were swollen with tears and her eye shadow was removed by Takako using a wet cloth. Her cheeks were flushed and stinging from the salt in her tears. She looked straight at Hayate in the eye, with all the anger built up in her, she let her violent side smack him across the face.

"Himeno...," Hayate felt the stinging pain of where she slapped.

"You know how much of a jerk you are? I shouldn't forgive you from all the pain you just caused me to have. Are you here to reject me some more or humiliate me in front of 688 people in the next room?"

"Himeno listen to me, I didn't know."

"Of course you didn't know. You always jump to conclusions whenever you see something that you don't like."

"Himeno please let me speak."

"Why should I," she began to scream. "You never wanted to believe everything I said earlier! Plus you even rejected right on the spot without any hesitation!"


"No! Why should I let you humiliate me even more?"

"Himeno, I lied!"

She felt herself draw back to his desperate reply. "W-what are you rambling on about now?"

"Himeno Awayuki...shut up and listen to me. I lied when I said that I didn't love you!"

Her mind went completely blank.

"I was only mad, I didn't know what I was thinking. You don't have to forgive me for anything. Everything I did just now was just my jealousy taking the best of me. Everything I did was wrong... I don't deserve your kindness at all."

Himeno was flabbergasted, but she brushed it off with a tiny fake laugh. "Feh, don't make me laugh. You don't love me. All this time you were just leading me on."

"I'm not the type to lead someone on." Hayate's face became more calm at that moment as he took out a heart shaped chocolate and slipped it between his lips. He walked closer to her and Himeno couldn't move her legs for a short time before she began to back up. She really wanted to believe that he was telling the truth, but his harshness took most of her hope away.

"What are you doing," Himeno blushed as he drew closer. "Hayate this isn't funny."

She felt the wall right behind her as she took another step back. "Hayate you.." She was cut off when he suddenly pulled her in to an embrace and pressed his lips against hers.

"Aahhh," Yayoi came out of nowhere screaming in excitement. "This is so romantic! Placing a chocolate in his mouth and feeding it to her through a kiss. How lovely!"

"Shut up, you're going to ruin the moment," Mayune elbowed her in the side.

Hayate drew back to find Himeno in pure bliss. "I'm sorry Himeno, can you forgive me after all?"

Himeno could feel the weight being lifted off of her shoulders. She placed her fingers to her mouth, tasting the overwhelming sweetness of chocolate he placed in her mouth. 'My chocolate,' her mind wondered in to the world of sweet kisses.

"Himeno, what's your answer?" She simply looked up and smiled at Hayate, she never felt this happy for years. "How's this for an answer?"

She encircled her arms around his neck and pulled him down lips to lips. It caught Hayate by surprise at first, but then he just melted right in to Himeno's forgiving kiss as he pulled her closer to him; leaving no space in between.

"Finally, I never thought they would get together," Kei smiled. "You're right, Hayate was stubborn, but at least he pulled through his anger," Goh agreed to Kei's statement.

"We're not the only ones with the happy ending Sasame," Takako kissed Sasame's cheek. "I have to agree with that my dear."

"Hey... aren't they enjoying that kiss a little too much," the girl from before steamed with jealousy. "Buzz off, let my sister have her moment," Mayune pushed the girl away.

"They are kinda taking long with that kiss," Natsue pointed out. "Why can't they just hurry it up," the jealous girl spoke up again. "Didn't I tell you to take a hike?"

"Ahahahawww, my little girl's growing up," Kaoru cried on Natsue's shoulders. "Now now darling," she patted her head while a drop of sweat formed on her head.

"Hey let me through, let me through," Mannen squeezed out of the crowd and out in to the open. "Hayate, just because you love her doesn't mean you could kiss her to death! Hayate aren't you listening to me," Mannen yelled with a little embarrassment blush on his face.

Hayate ignored Mannen's actions and continued to pour more of his love in to the sweet chaste kiss.

The next day wasn't as hard as the day before. Everything went back to normal before everyone knew it. No anger, jealousy, or confusion took it's place during this day. Himeno and Hayate sat up against a tree with Himeno sitting in Hayate's lap. His arms were wrapped around her stomach while she was looking at pictures of her mom in an album.

"Say Hayate," Himeno said.


"How did you get your hair back to the way it was before?"

"Shin helped me out..."


"Well even though he is the Knight of plants, he still has the power to control growth."

"Oh, that's nice," Himeno said bluntly. "What, you don't like my hair long?"

"No it's just that.."

Hayate turned her face towards his. "Just what?"

"I don't like it that you cut it at all. Why'd you even cut it anyways?"

"I thought if I cut it, it would help me give up on you."

Himeno stared at him will realization. 'Goh was right about that after all...'

"What is it?"

"Oh nothing," Himeno whistled as she got up from Hayate's lap. "What is it Himeno?"

"Hehehehe," Himeno giggled.

"Don't play jokes with me, now come on."

"Catch me if you wanna want to know so badly," Himeno took a head start at running. Then Hayate realized she wanted him to chase after her. He got up and ran after her.

'I guess that poem worked after all,' Himeno said silently in her head.


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