The queen looked down at her daughter in her arms, she was so little. How could she even think of leaving her only daughter with other people, but she had to. If she didn't they would surely find her and kill her.

The queen nuzzled the newborn child against her cheek, "Sakura, I will always love you. Remember who you are, don't forget your throne."

She walked up to the door and laid Sakura down on the mat, Sakura's pink hair shone in the firelight that lit the doorway to the small cottage.

"Sakura, this is the last time you will ever see me, but I hope that when we see again it will be many years from now."

The baby seemed to understand what her mother meant and started to cry. The queen laid a note on the silk blanket Sakura was wrapped in. She knocked on the door with tears in her eyes.

This was the only way to save her daughter. She saw a light through the window and fled not turning back knowing it would be to hard.

A blond woman opened the door, she looked around to find nothing, just as she was closing the door she heard the small whimper and gasped.

She looked at her doorstep to see the small girl, with pink hair! She was startled to see such an abnormality, but it made her that much more beautiful.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" She heard her two year old son call from the stairs. Kushina picked up the small child and cradled her in her arms; she picked up the note and read the front cover of the envelope.

Minato and Kushina She turned it over and gasped it was sealed in fine wax with the queens seal.

"Nothing Naruto, go back to bed. It seems the stork has brought you a younger sister." Naruto's face lit up at her words, "Yes! She can sleep in my room with me!"

Kushina smiled and lead her son to his room, "Of course." Naruto gripped the teddy bear he kept with him at all times in excitement.

"What's her name?" He asked as Kushina opened the envelope and read the letter written in gold ink.

Dear Kushina and Minato,

I apologize deeply for leaving my daughter in your care without notifying you first, but it was life or death. It seems the Akatsuki has found us and is after Sakura. I am almost certain I will be killed, but if I am not I will return for her as soon as I think it is safe.

First I must ask you that you that you act as if you are her true mother, just in case I am killed. Second a man will come to find her soon, he will be wearing a black cloak with a red and white fan symbol on it. You must show Sakura to him, if I am not mistaken the prince has been waiting quite a while for her.

Third, tell no one of this letter, if anyone were to find out that I left her with you, it would be then end of your family.

Tell Sakura of me; tell her that I love her. I know it will be difficult to do this since in her eyes you are her mother but I just want her to know, if she were ever to find out you weren't her mother that her true mother loved her and would have gone to the ends of the earth to keep you but it was impossible.

I know I'm putting a lot on top of you, and I apologize once again. Please, take care of her.


The Queen of Konoha, Suki

Kushina was close to tears, the queen had been her closest friend. They had been through everything.

"Mommy? What's her name?" He asked a second time as he crawled into his bed. The Uzumaki family was wealthy but not rich, if that makes sense.

Naruto's bed was a full, and his parents were a king. Kushina laid pillows down as a makeshift crib on Naruto's bed.

"Mommy! Why won't you answer!" He whined causing Sakura to cry a bit. Kushina gave Naruto a stern look for waking the baby.

"Her name is Sakura, Princess Sakura." She said softly as she lay down the little princess and stroked her long pink hair.

"That's such a pretty name! I'm going to be the best big brother ever!" He shouted softly.

"That's sounds nice, why don't you start by getting some sleep so you can play tomorrow?" She stroked his forehead as he lay down and yawned.

She walked out of the room and shut the door quietly. She rushed to her room and awoke Minato immediately.

"Minato, wake up!" She said shaking her husband awake. He reluctantly opened his eyes and sat up.

"It can't be morning yet, what's wrong?" She didn't reply just handed him the note. His eyes widened as he read through it, he read it two more times just to be sure he read correctly.

"Kushina, where is she?" She took her husbands hand and led him to Naruto's room, where he was already fast asleep.

She lead him over to where Sakura sleep, she was dressed in a fine silk nightgown fit for a princess.

"Sakura?" Minato stroked the young girl's forehead, "What did Suki mean when she said a man would show up?" He asked that part of the not bothering him the most.

"I don't know, but we need sleep. Naruto is going to be extra energetic about his new little sister, so we'd better get as much sleep as we can.

The two walked back to bed the thought of the cloaked man not leaving their thoughts and haunting their dreams.

"Sasuke-sama, I have just been informed about the birth of a princess." The prince looked down from his throne to his servant menacingly.

"So? Children are born everyday, what makes a certain princess different?" He was tired of people telling him his child had arrived, the one he was meant for and it ending it up being just another child.

"She is Queen Suki's and King Haruto's (AN- Since the Uzumaki's and the Harunos were such good friends I thought Id make it seem like they named Naruto after Sakura's dad.) daughter, she has pink hair." Sasuke's eyes widened, "Where is she?"

"She's staying with the Uzumaki's." Sasuke grabbed his cloak and walked out the door the Uchiha crest shining in the moonlight.

The Next Morning

Kushina woke to her son shaking her awake. She slowly opened her eyes, "Mommy, baby is awake." Kushina got up carefully so she didn't wake her husband.

Naruto walked a little in front of her towards his room, it was odd Sakura was awake but there was no crying.

She walked in the door and walked to where Sakura lay. The tiny princess lay awake and giggled at the sight of Kushina. It was amazing; she had only been a princess a short time and she already acted like one.

Kushina picked her up gently and laid her over her shoulder. They walked down to the kitchen; Kushina sat Sakura in Naruto's highchair leaving the two year old confused.

"Mommy, where do I sit?" He asked not knowing if he was allowed to sit at the big table yet.

"Your going to sit at the table with me, is that ok?" She already knew the answer. "Yes! I told you I'm a big boy!" She rubbed his head and started making breakfast.

"Good Morning everyone!" Minato greeted pleasantly as he came downstairs. "Daddy! The stork brought me a little sister! See?" Naruto cried happily to his father.

"Oh he did? Well why did he do that?" Minato joked, "'Cause he knew I'd be the best big brother ever!" Naruto said standing on his chair triumphantly.

"Ok now, don't hurt yourself." Minato said as Kushina sat plates of scrambled eggs down at the table.

She gave Naruto a spoon which he reluctantly took and picked Sakura up to feed her a bottle.

She sipped it slowly enjoying its taste, Kushina waited till Sakura was finished before eating herself.

Minato left for work, he was a hired guard, and left Kushina to watch the children. "Mommy, I want to play with baby Sakura."

"Alright." Kushina laid out a blanket in the living room floor and lay Sakura in the middle of it on her stomach.

Naruto lay on his stomach in front of her, "Mommy, can I hold her?" Kushina had sat on the couch and started her cross-stitching, "Maybe when she's a bit older Naruto."

"Aw, but I want to hold her now!" Kushina gave Naruto a warning look, "Naruto, no whining or you won't hold her at all."

Naruto sighed and put hiss attention back on Sakura, she had pretty green eyes and long pink hair.

She was so unique, he couldn't wait til she was old enough to play with him, he had never had anyone to play with.

That Night

"But I'm not tired!" Naruto whined as Kushina carried him to bed. Sakura had already fallen asleep in Minato's arms.

"Quiet Naruto, or you'll wake her up." Minato warned. "You like her better than me don't you!" His voice was raising.

"Naruto we love you both the same, she will never be able to replace you, alright?" Kushina comforted him by rubbing his back, Naruto's thumb went to his mouth and he fell asleep before they even reached his room.

After putting the children to sleep the two sat in the living room discussing the matter of how Sakura should be raised.

"We could never substitute for the royal life, she's a princess Minato. What are we going to do?" Minato stroked Kushina's arm in comfort, "We'll figure something out. It's fine, her mother should show up anyday now."

"I really hate when you do that.." Minato looked confused. "Do what? She sighed and closed her eyes.

"When your so optimistic, we both know Sakura's parents are dead." Minato hugged her close to him as a few tears fell down her cheek.

There was silence except the chirping of grasshoppers and other animals outside. They jumped at the sound of knocking on the front door.

Kushina gulped, and got up. Minato followed slowly behind her. She slowly opened the door and almost fainted.

A person stood before them, they couldn't tell if it was a man or woman because their hood shadowed their entire face.

"Where is the girl?" It was a boy not more than eighteen. "Who are you?" Kushina growled at the stranger.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to harm her or any of your family. Just need to see her." Minato pulled his wife out of the way and the stranger walked into their home.

Kushina let out a relieved sigh as she saw the red and white fan symbol on the back of his cloak.

"Follow me." Minato said leading him up the stairs. Sasuke's heart would have been fluttering had it been beating.

"In here." Minato opened the door. Sasuke walked in not caring to be quiet with his steps.

His rushed footsteps awoke Naruto. He screamed when he saw the cloaked figure.

"Daddy! Mommy!" His cries awoke the sleeping princess causing her to cry as well.

Kushina rushed over to Naruto and comforted him. Minato went to pick up Sakura but Sasuke beat him to it.

He picked up the crying princess. He cradled her to his chest, she opened her eyes and immeadiatly stopped crying.

He pulled back his hood, his hair seemed as dark as the room and the same with his eyes. Something snapped inside his head and he felt the connection.

She was it, this child in his arms was his, and he was hers. "What is her name?" He asked realizing he didn't even know her name yet and yet he loved her.

"Her name is baby Sakura, and she's my sister! Give her back!" Naruto yelled trying to attack Sasuke.

"Sakura..." Even as a baby, Sakura was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his entire life, and he had been living a long time.

Sasuke smiled, "I'll be back when she is ready." Sasuke sat her down gently, she was already back asleep.

Sasuke walked towards the door, not wanting to leave his princess but had to. "Who are you?" Minato asked his suspicion growing.

Sasuke stopped and turned his head slightly. "Sasuke Uchiha."

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