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Eddie waved at Laura as she was driving and she stopped.

"Wow," he said, "You're going like a million miles a second"

"NOT NOW EDDIE," she yelled, "My day was bad enough"

He pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back while she cried. Laura was NEVER upset unless it was really serious.

"What happened," he asked her

"S…s…s…s…s…someone at school called me a really bad word."

"Oh Laura," he said, "did they make fun-"

"No it was n…n…n…n…n…n…n…n… THE N word," Laura sobbed.

At that moment Eddie felt rage pulsating through him.

Laura was only two years younger then Eddie but she was always the mature one in the bunch. Still Eddie took his role as older brother seriously. He never teased his sisters and always protected them even taking the rap for them when necessary. He got in trouble a lot more with Judy then with Laura. Now his little sister, his best friend was in tears.

He wanted to take that SON OF A BITCH who said that to his sister, rip open his heart, feed it to him, make him vomit it up, show him how gross it was and then feed it to him again. (Or her as the case may be)! He knew that he had to stay calm for Laura's sake. The last thing she needed was craziness in her life.

"Hey look at me," he told her.

She lifted her tear-filled eyes towards her brother.

"Laura they're idiots. They don't know their brain from a hole in the wall"

"But they know how to hurt people," Laura sniffled.

"They hurt themselves worse," Eddie said.