Heart pumping, I strapped on my lifejacket.

Why did I choose this over an animal park?

I walked up the jetty and slid myself into the corner seat.

Everyone - including my 9-year-old cousin - was enthusiastically

chatting , while I just sat there, trying to convince myself It'll be fine - unlikely!

We were on an Easter holiday in the relaxing settlement of Taupo, in our PJs having breakfast. Someone abruptly knocked on the door - it was uncle Lincoln - one of the more adventurous people in our family.

"Who wants a thrill?" he asked, "Who wants adrenaline?"

I shifted in my seat nervously; were we going to have to go swimming with sharks? Mile-high roller-coasters? You just can't trust uncle

Lincoln! "What are we doing?" I asked, anxious of the answer.

"Either paragliding or jet boating." He replied.

Sounds pretty fun! - I thought… until my cousin charlotte told me

people die on those sort of things - now that's what you call instant

regret - I had already said yes to Lincoln!

So here I was, in the cold, shivering, on a massive boat with about 30 excited people. I was distracting myself, looking at the beautiful Huka falls, when suddenly the boat shook. A man with a blue cap got in. He was dressed for summer - T-shirt, shorts and a cap. As soon as he touched the boat he started blabbing on about how I looked so nervous - I could tell he'd be a pain later. Finally, he moved onto a more sensible speech about safety in the jet boat - something I needed to know! Still terrified, I listened intently to his instructions as the motor started up.