EPILOGUE - December 24, 4 years from now:


"Merlin Harry! You'd think that by now we would have gotten the hang of the whole getting places on time thing. Ron's probably devoured half of the wizarding population of England by now!"

I huffed impatiently, tapping my foot to the ticking of the clock. He glared at me in frustration.

"Well maybe if you actually helped me for once…?"

He glanced through his bangs pleadingly. I sighed in defeat.

"Move your hands." I brushed fumbling awkward hands from a silky tie. "Stop squirming!" I mumbled under my breath. "I'd like to get there some time this century…"

I tried meticulously to flatten the ridiculously unruly black hair I was faced with. He huffed at me and I couldn't help but glare in impatience.

"Caelum James Potter-Malfoy. I mean it young man. Stop squirming or I'll hand you over to your aunt Hermione. Don't test me. You know I will."

That shut him up. His wide grey eyes got impossibly round and he stood stalk still as I tried to adjust his hair into some semblance of normalcy. Oh Caelum. Why are you so stubborn? I suppose you would have to be being raised by Harry and I. You were doomed.

Ever since we adopted Caelum he's been trouble. Takes after Harry I suppose. That's not the only way he takes after Harry. Merlin the boy looks so much like him. And me I'm told, but its harder to see my influences. That's the best part of a blood adoption. Although Caelum isn't physically our child, by blood adoption his genetics change so he is as much a Malfoy or Potter as he would be if somehow it were physically possible for us to procreate. Which it clearly is not. I shudder to think what would have to go on down there for that to happen.

After finally deeming Caelum's hair beyond salvation I took his tiny hand in mine and led him to the floo.

"Harry. Seriously. We have to go. Now."

He chuckled from the other room where I could hear him banging around in a drawer. He emerged, a huge smile on his face. I would never, ever get tired of that face. Sweet Salzaar he was beautiful. His arms were laden with presents for the enormous Weasley clan. He smiled at me.

"Ready to go?"

I growled.

"I've been ready to go for hours."

He laughed.

"who would have ever thought you would be so eager to go to the Weasley's?"

I felt a blush creeping up my face as he said that, but I merely shrugged. I lifted the basket that lay beside the hearth into my free arm. Couldn't forget that. Harry and Caelum went through first, and I watched my boys leave with a warmth in my heart that words couldn't define, but I wouldn't trade for the world.


We rushed into the Burrow and took our designated seats. We glanced around and muttered our apologies looking down sheepishly when Hermione glared at us pointedly.

"Good thing you guys got here now…"

"… Ron was about to faint…"

"…Poor guy hasn't eaten in almost a half hour!"

Ron glared at his two brothers affectionately. He was however, eying up the food on the table like a man who hadn't eaten for days. He hastily began his speech.

"Alright, now that Harry and Company are finally here, we can get started with this year's announcements!"

George piped in.

"And then Ronnikins can finally eat!"

Hermione and Ron divulged details about how Rose was in her first year at Hogwarts. A Gryffindor, like we expected. She was top of her class and on the Quidditch team already, making both of her parents exceedingly proud.

George held hands with his girlfriend of 3 years. Him and Angelina had finally gotten together and were talking about getting married. Fred had somehow inexplicably ended up meeting Luna in Diagon Alley a year and a half ago, and they announced that they were going to be moving in together.

Charlie and Oliver were happily married living in Romania. Training dragons and playing Quidditch, respectively. Fleur and Bill told of visiting Beauxbatons where their two daughters went and where Fleur taught charms. They were blissfully happy. Percy of course was busy at the ministry, and Ginny didn't come to these gatherings anymore. Arthur and Molly had joined us this year, back from an extended vacation where they had their vows renewed in honor of their 35th wedding anniversary.

Now it came time for Draco and my announcements. And this year we, unsurprisingly, had another big one to drop on everyone. I reached down in between Draco and my chairs and grasped the handle of a woven basket. I pulled it up onto my lap and gently brushed a shock of brown hair off a tiny forehead. Tiny green eyes rimmed with silver blinked slowly awake. A tiny mouth opened in a soundless yawn. Everyone around the table strained to see what was in the basket, earning tender touches and glances from Draco and I.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Cassiopeia Lilly Potter-Malfoy! Her blood adoption just come through a few days ago and we wanted to introduce you all to her."

Coos of adoration erupted all over the table as Draco gently scooped her from the basket she was resting in. He turned her to face the entire Weasley clan and picked up her tiny hand.

"Wave to everyone Cassie!" he murmured softly.

There was a blur of red around the kitchen and I felt a tiny body slip in between Draco and I and I looked down to warm brown eyes widened in excitement. Not so little anymore Hugo was practically thrumming with excitement.

"Uncle Coco, can I hold her please?"

Draco rolled his eyes.

"Only if you stop calling me that insufferable name!" he sighed in affectionate frustration "Weasley's, they never change."

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