Linus stands up to Lucy

Linus was looking around the house for his blanket. He had searched everywhere for it, but there was no sign of it anywhere.

"Hey, Lucy" he asked. "Have you seen my blanket?"

"That old thing? I threw it in the trash." Lucy smiled.

"You what! Why would you do that! I loved that blanket!"

"You're way too old for that thing now! Also I did it because it was really, really funny!" Lucy then began laughing.

Now that was enough for Linus, all his life for what somehow felt like 50 years, his sister had been a bitch to him. She had locked him out the house before Rerun was born, stolen his toys, beaten him up and hidden his blanket numerous times leaving Linus to look for it himself.

"Right, that's it!" Linus shouted. "Now you're gonna get it!"

Linus rolled his hand into a fist and punched Lucy in the nose as hard as he could. Lucy went flying across the room. She got to her feet, blood poured out of her now broken nose.

"What are you doing! I'm a girl! You can't hit a girl!"

Linus had heard that excuse before. "So what! I don't fucking care! You're not walking all over me for the rest of your life and making me your little bitch!"

Linus then came over and punched Lucy in the face, this time knocking out two of her teeth. He then began to mock feminests.

"Oh you men are all pigs!" he said in a mocking voice. "We women are peace-loving, kind and considerate! We're so much weaker, we don't deserve violence! If that's true, then ACT LIKE IT ! !"

Linus punched her again knocking out another tooth.

"That punch is for Charlie Brown for the numerous times you took away that football!" Linus shouted at Lucy.

Linus then punched Lucy in her left eye, giving her a black eye. He then kicked her hard in the stomach, sending her flying to the floor. He kicked her in the stomach 3 more times and stopped, giving a relieved sigh. Lucy held her stomach in pain.

"If you ever mess with me again, I will break every bone in your fucking body!" Linus shouted at the seriously injured Lucy. He then walked off satisfied, Lucy should have known better that all the anger he had received from Lucy over the years, would finally get to him and drive him insane.

Rerun had sat in the couch watching all of what just happened. He sat there not knowing what to say, he then walked over to Lucy still groaning in pain.

Rerun then pulled down his pants and took a piss all over Lucy. Lucy didn't move, she was too injured.

"Go fuck yourself, Lucy." Rerun snapped at Lucy and walked off.