Sam and Rory walked a few paces behind Dean and Lorelei on the way to town, Sam sneaking sidelong glances at Rory beneath his too-long bangs. He couldn't characterize all the emotions he was feeling. Everything seemed familiar, but not. Like a movie you've watched too many times. Or an event from your childhood that you don't really remember, but your brother has told you about so many times that it seems like your own memory. The dreams were all there, just at the edge of his memory, tugging at his consciousness, but overlaid with the brighter, more vivid, real memories – of Dean and his dad and Jess. . .

Sam cleared his throat, deciding it was time to clear the silence. "So. . . journalist, huh? That uh, Obama deal sounds like, a uh, pretty awesome opportunity." Sam was not at all following the presidential election. He used to be really interested in politics, considering he was pre-law and had been double majoring in history and political science when he was at Stanford. But since then, other things, you know, like this crazy thing he called a life,had gotten in the way.

Rory looked up at him, smiling and nodding in assent. "Yeah, it is a great opportunity. I'm really happy to be there," she said simply. "Not too sure what's going to happen when the election is over – but I'm trying not to worry about that." She smiled wider at Sam.

Sam nodded eagerly, attempting to seem invested in the conversation when he was really just wracking his brain to come up with response. Luckily he was saved by their timely arrival at the front of Luke's Diner. Sam noticed Luke inside at the counter and groaned inwardly. He was rethinking his decision to completely disavow all knowledge of Dean Forester. Damn, but this was going to be awkward.

"You okay?" Dean asked under his breath. Sam hadn't even noticed when Dean had sidled closer but he felt a little better having Dean close by for support. He nodded shortly and moved forward to open and hold the door for Lorelei and Rory.

Lorelei and Rory entered the diner, Lorelei instantly tensing when Luke looked up toward the door. She hadn't even thought how Dean and Sam would be viewed. Of course everyone would think Sam was Dean Forester; she wasn't even convinced he wasn't. And Luke and Dean hadn't been on the best of terms before Dean left Stars Hollow.

Lorelei raised a hand to Luke, but made her way to a table with uncharacteristic silence. Rory, not uncharacteristically, was also silent. The silence was noticeable as, as soon as Dean and Sam had breached the doorway, the entire diner had quieted.

Dean and Sam looked at each other for a split second before pushing their way inside. They made noise, attempting to counteract the unnatural silence; boots stomping too loudly, chairs scraping the floor as they were pulled back; menus thwapping against the table.

"So," Dean said enthusiastically, his voice carrying throughout the room, "what's good here?"

Gradually, noise returned to the diner as conversations restarted, and new whispered ones started. Sam watched with some trepidation as Luke stalked over to their table.

"Lorelei. Rory." Luke said shortly in greeting before turning the full force of his frown to the two men. "What are you doing here?" he demanded.

Dean inwardly laughed; a smirk all that showed on his face. This guy could give Sammy a run for his money on the bitchface. He did his best to hold back a snort.

"To eat, of course," Dean answered easily. "You got any specials, man? What can you recommend?"

Luke glared a little at Sam, but Sam decided to act like he didn't notice. It wasn't too hard considering he was noticing an unfamiliar face regarding both him and Dean a little too avidly from across the diner. The blond girl wasn't someone he'd seen in Stars Hollow in his dreams, and she was watching them both with an intense, unblinking stare. As he watched, she seemed to shake herself out of her trance, and turned back to her companion with a laughing comment.

Sam mentally shrugged, but found himself nervous enough by the way the girl had looked at him to risk clueing Dean in. Sam smiled briefly at Luke, "Coffee, thanks," before nudging Dean with his shoulder.

Dean leaned toward Sam, still eagerly perusing the menu. "Whatcha gonna have, Sammy?" he asked, but the undertone was there, What's wrong?

"Something strange about the blond at 10 o'clock," Sam muttered under his breath before leaning back and focusing his attention on Lorelei and Rory. Dean flipped his menu closed and glanced around under the pretense of looking for Luke. He shrugged a shoulder at Sam.

Lorelei and Rory traded glances. Lorelei was trying her best not to look at Luke behind the counter. She knew he was glaring in her direction but she pointedly kept her head turned away.

"So, Sam. . . " she started warmly, only to be interrupted when Luke returned, slamming coffee mugs down on the table. He poured coffee into each mug sloppily, spilling coffee here and there.

"Lorelei," Luke all but growled, "I'd like to speak with you please. Now."

Lorelei laughed a little nervously. "Oh, Luke, if all you wanted was a kiss, you just had to ask." But she got up anyway, smoothing down the skirt of her business suit.

"Hey!" Dean interjected. "Before you two run off to make out, think you could take our order? Seriously, I'm about to pass out."

"What'dya want?" Luke growled, not bothering to take out his pad to record the order. Dean nodded toward Rory. After she ordered "the usual," Dean unsurprisingly ordered a cheeseburger with fries. However, when Sam followed suit, Dean turned in his chair in surprise.

"Dude! Seriously? You don't want your chick food?"

Sam rolled his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Shut up." He muttered. "The burgers are good here . . . I'm sure . . .," He tacked on with a quick glance at Rory. "I mean, they look good."

Dean patted Sam awkwardly on the arm. "Well, good. It's about time you ate some real food." He grimaced and reached for the sugar to doctor his coffee.

Rory looked between the two of them curiously. She felt like she had missed something important. She couldn't figure out why the two brothers were acting so strange. Then she remembered, Oh that's right, they just took down a poltergeist . . .so yeah, they're totally normal – nothing strange about that at all.