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Summary: A new mistress - Selina Phantomhive. Modern world! The previous head of the Phantom company gets tricked and looses the company and with time the family goes bankrupt. They lose their reputation, status, name, even their family mansion...After her parent's murder Selina calls upon a demon and he comes to her rescue…

The Butler Returns

A small girl, about the age of 10, ran into the room, where her mother was sitting in a chair by the window. Seeing her daughter she got up and hugged her. The girl giggled happily and danced around her mom, just enjoying the time with her. Suddenly a group of men burst into their small house and pointed guns at the woman and child. Scared, the girl hid behind the mother and called to her dad. He came running from the kitchen as fast as he could and froze on the spot. Someone came up from behind him and made the shot. Seconds later the lady joined her husband on the floor… Her daughter sat on the floor between the lifeless bodies and cried, holding her mother's cold hand. Then she heard another cry… The frightened girl tried to run upstairs to protect her little brother, but the armed people were faster and stronger then she was.

-Why? Why did you kill them? What did they do?

-Because they were members of the Phantomhive family, same as you. You, little brat, are next. Those are orders given to us. We are only servants.

-You will pay for this! You will!- the poor girl wiped her tears. Her gaze became very cold for a child. A shot was the last the girl heard…

Selina POV

I bolted out of bed with my heart racing and with tears in my eyes. The same dream as always… The day my parents were killed… They were betrayed by someone they trusted most… My uncle… Ashley Trancy... He married father's sister Emily… He tricked my father into selling him the Fantom company… He made him lose everything… The Phantomhive family mansion, the money, the respect of the family name… He sent father to live here in one of the small summer houses that were bought for having a quiet time resting in London… Soon after father met his love and got married… Mother turned the house into a café. We worked altogether in it, because we had to find a way to survive…

I looked around my room… Tears sprung to my eyes. I climbed back under my blanket and curled up as tight as I could, hugging my knees to my chest. I just couldn't show my weak side to anyone! Even… no especially not HIM!

I almost died that day too. But I was given a chance for revenge. A chance to set everything right… That day I made a contract with HIM. I covered my right eye with my hand… Yes… I have to avenge my parents, my brother and get back what was meant to be mine! That is what great-great -great grandfather Ciel would do!

-Milady, it's time to wake up.

A calm voice was heard behind my closed door… Milady… Gosh! What century does he think this is? But I had to admit that sometimes, I liked the way he called me that…


-I'm up, Sebastian… I had a bad dream and been up for about an hour already…

The door creaked open and my butler entered the room. He called himself a butler and did everything a butler would do… But unlike in the old days, when all the work around the house was done by him, I was used to working, with mother so sometimes I forgot completely about him. He came up to me and handed me my clothes…

-Thanks, I'll be fine from there.

-Alright, I will wait for you downstairs. Breakfast is ready.


Once Sebastian left the room I let my guard down a little and smiled slightly. If only he wasn't a demon I could fall in love with him. Realizing what kind of thought that was I blushed deeply! I can't think that way! As soon as my mission is complete he will take my soul. That's what he really needs probably… I don't really understand how he let his Earl Ciel Phantomhive live so long… I shrugged and started to pull on my dress.

When that was finished I walked over to a mirror and looked myself over. My hair was a grey-blue color and my eyes were blue. Well one of them at least… The other showed the seal of my contract with Sebastain… I ran a brush through my hair and covered it with my bangs. The rest of the hair I tied into two ponytails… Judging by a portrait I had of grandfather Ciel, I was a complete copy of him… just a girl.

I took a deep breath and went downstairs, to the café area, to have some breakfast, and was welcomed by some friends. Lily, a girl slightly older than me was washing dishes. Tom, the delivery-boy of the café, was sitting on a windowsill smoking and Mary-Anne, my maid "slash" waitress was setting a table for me. They were nice, we've become really close, but when it came to work… I was lucky today… Usually it's very noisy and the whole place is a mess…

Regular POV

-Good morning everyone.

-Good morning, lady Selina!- The girl gaped at them:

-Who told you to call me like that?

-Mister Sebastian… I like the way that sounds! Lady… - Mary-Anne scratched the back of her head and blushed. – You are fit to be one…

-Thank you… Hm, okay you guys can call me like that. But, only, when there are no customers around. They might think it's weird. Now where is that Sebastian with my breakfast?

The man walked out of the kitchen, carrying a tray with a plate of eggs and bacon, some toast with jam in a small dish. Smiling he put the plates in front of me, and left to get tea. Sebastian was a great cook! When he brought the tea, Selina looked up at him and thanked him… The other workers were gone, and the two of them were left alone.

-Why don't you sit down with me?

-I can't. I'm just a butler.

-Well alright… I have a lot to do today, including a meeting with uncle. I will need you to come with me…

-Yes Milady. And also it's the 23rd of December. That means we will have many orders for Christmas.

-I just hope that Tom won't ruin the delivery, like last year! Remember you had to bake all the cakes one more time…

-Don't remind me… When I look at those three, I remember some other servants, who were the same… If not worse.

-Really? Who?

-The young master's servants…

Selina kept looking at Sebastian. Sometimes she asked him about Ciel and how it was like back in those days. But, only, when no one is around. He cleared the table as soon as she finished eating and the girl put a white apron on top of my black dress and Sebastian helped her tie it in the back. The first customer should be coming soon. Hearing the bell ring, she walked up to the door and opened it. It was a letter to her:

Dearest cousin,

I will be giving a Christmas ball in the mansion and I would love to see you there. It will be a masquerade, so don't forget a costume! You can bring someone if you want. And you will have to dance too!


Selina crumpled up the letter and threw it into the garbage. A ball in the mansion… Right… She felt sick at the thought. The nerve of that brat and of that bastard she was forced to call an uncle to!

-You will be going, right, Milady?

-Sebastian! You scared me!


-Yes… I will.. But not for those people! I want to explore the mansion… I heard that before his death grandfather Ciel hid the family ring somewhere in it. If I find it… You?

-No, Milady. I don't know where it is hidden. I'm sorry.

-That's bad. Less chances of finding it…

The girl bit the tip of my nail… If she was Ciel, where would she hide a ring with an extremely rare blue diamond? Sighing she decided to think of that after the work is done. Her regular customers started filling up the café and she got busy, walking from table to table, taking orders… One of usual clients was an elderly woman, who loved to talk:

-Good morning. May I interest you in anything from the menu, Mrs. Tomson?

-Why hello dear. Yes, the strawberry cheesecake. I just love coming here. You have the best desserts in town. No, in the whole London.

-Thank you. We're always glad to hear that. All the credit goes to the one cooking. Sebastian! He really does have a talent for baking.

-Oh, Miss Selina… Please smile… You are so pretty, but if you just smiled…

-I do! Sometimes… It's hard for me to do, after my parent's death.

-I understand… I really hope you will find someone very special, who will help you bring that lovely smile back. Because I remember it so well…

-I'll bring your order up in a couple of minutes...

Deep in thought, Selina headed towards the kitchen and slightly opened the door. There was Sebastian standing at the stove, turning the heat of, with a bowl of chocolate cream in his hand. The girl watched him, as quietly as she could, but the butler noticed her. He turned towards the door and smiled. A blush crept across her cheeks. After shaking her head, she pushed the door and went up to him.

-Orders! I want them to be ready as fast as you can. Up to it?

-Yes, Milady, - he bowed to her. Selina saw a big bowl of strawberries, grabbed one, and popped it into her mouth. Then sat on the edge of the table, looking at her butler cooking, and making sure not to get into the way.

Sebastian to was watching his mistress from the corner of his eye. He of course there were differences between his young master, Ciel, and lady Selina. She was more emotional, and fragile, but they had the same determined expression on their face. When she called upon him, she had no hesitation or doubt in her eyes, when she ordered him to kill the murderers of her family. That was definitely a good thing for an heir of the Phantomhive family.

-Order up, Milady.

-Thank you, Sebastian! – grabbing the trays with cakes she ran out of the kitchen. – You are super!

-I'm simply one hell of a butler, - the girl was already gone, but he decided to say what was on his mind.-Milady, I will protect you with my life…

He was making a batch of cookies when he felt something strange outside. He ran out of the kitchen to see Selina looking out of the window… There was nothing but mere shadows, as it seemed, but Sebastian could tell his precious mistress was in danger. What happened next seemed almost in slow motion. As Selina turned away something flew towards the window. A loud shatter was heard and Selina shut her eyes in fear. The shards of glass were falling all around her, but she wasn't hurt… Only when someone embraced her, she felt safe enough and looked around. For a minute all she could see was Sebastian's black suit. He protected her with his own body. Only seconds later she noticed that the café was a total mess! Luckily no one was hurt. Most of the customers hid underneath tables…

-Smart move, - thought the girl.

-Milady? You aren't hurt?

-No. Thanks to you… - suddenly she felt lost for words and hid her face back into his chest. She was trembling slightly. – Thanks to you…

-I shall take you upstairs. Mary-Anne, if you can, tell the customers that the café is temporarily closed and if they want we will compensate the money they might have lost with free desert. Just make sure to get their names and addresses. We'll send them along with Tom.

-Yes, Mister Sebastian!

With the girl still clinging to his vest, he, gently, picked her up and carried upstairs to her room. Putting her down on her bed, he couldn't help but to notice a tear stain on her cheek. He ran his hand through her hair, hoping to calm his mistress down…

-Sebastian… Do you think it's him?

-Your uncle? I'm not sure… Milady, I should go clean up the cafe, - but he was cut of…

-No! Stay with me just for a little while, please…

-Are you scared, Milady?

-Is it wrong? - Sebastian's lips curled into a smile.

-It's not wrong to show your soft side. Even if you cry in front of me, I won't mind. It's normal for humans to be scared…

-Don't tell anyone about this! – Selina slowly recovered from the shock. She wanted to ask her butler tons of questions, but didn't know where to begin. – Sebastian?


- Tell me about grandfather Ciel? Please? What was he like?

-Why do you ask now, Milady?

-My uncle and cousin… Once you said that grandfather hated the Trancy family… Then how could aunt Emily marry uncle Ashley?

-Perhaps your father didn't know about that feud?

-Perhaps… But if they were enemies…

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation and Lily peeked into the room… She came up to Sebastian and handed him a note.

-What is this?

-The window was broken by rock and this was tied to it… I didn't read it! Honest!

-Alright Lily, you may go. There is a lot of cleaning ahead of you and the others.

-Yes, Lady Selina!

"Phantomhive! You are the last one of them! You will meet your family soon if you aren't careful!"

-Sebastian? Is this a warning or a piece of advice?

-If you order me to, I can try to find the one who wrote this.

-Yes, do so! And while you're at it find me a costume that grandfather would wear. I will show up at the Christmas ball of the Trancy's as Ciel Phantomhive!

-Yes, Milady.

-Going to the mansion could also give me a chance to look for grandfathers lost family ring.

-Two problems, Lady: You can't dance.

- But you can teach me, right?- Sebastian looked directly onto her eyes. There he saw the determination that he admired in her so much.

-That is a good idea. Now second problem: You will have to cut your hair…

-N… Alright! I will do it if I have to! Now go! You have a lot to worry about now. I want the person responsible for the incident caught by tonight! Can you do that? – Selina looked at the demon in front of her. His eye flashed crimson red and he touched her chin with one of his gloved hands.

-Don't forget: I'm one hell of a butler, - bowing, he went to the window of his mistresses' room and jumped from the sill, leaving her alone…

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