I'm sooooo sorry that I have disappeared for so long… I've had an awful writer's block(_) I knew what to write, but didn't know exactly how to write it out the best way =P I have a couple of drafts, so I will try my best to get back to work. If my main work let's me… I've been so busy lately. Gosh, I must sound lame now =( Don't haate meeee (T_T) Those of you who still support the fic – I will try to be back with a new chapter ASAP… I hope…

Love you, my dear readers, thank you for staying with the story this far =) I'm really happy that my writing isn't all that bad *hugs and cookies to everyone*

I really don't want to abandon the story, and I want to write more, but as I was advised, I decided to look for a beta to help me correct the fic. If anyone would be interested then PM me okay? We'll talk =)

Hope to make a comeback with more chaps,

Yours, CutieKitty69~