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Chapter One:

Introduction to my Life?

Have you ever had a moment in your life where your friend betrays you, tries to expose you, and your school crush who you hate, because you share a secret and you parents hate each other, helps save you?

Yes or No

If you have stop reading! If you haven't you can keep reading, but I warn you things get well, out of hand?

Hey, I'm Alexandra Leos. I'm 15 years old; I have a pretty normal life. I have one parent, my dad, Cy Leos. Yes, one parent. I don't know who my mom is; my dad doesn't like to talk about her. We recently moved to New York, from Athens, Greece. We moved because of my dad's job, I don't really know what he does. I know that we have to move a lot, but we stayed in Athens for maybe 8 years? We move because of this thing my dad calls Western Civilization. But since we moved, and my dad is always busy with work he's sending me to William Alexander Boarding School. It's named that because, I think, my dad said he was some famous General.

My dad walked me into my new school. I had my backpack on my back, my duffle bag on my shoulders, and my suitcase behind me. I looked around me, and saw people in front of me, either waiting to start, or asking to take their child out for lunch or the weekend. Finally as we reached the administrator lady, my father talked to her.

The lady was old, her gray and black hair was pulled back into a tight bun. She had glasses that sat on the bridge of her nose, she messed with them a lot. You would've thought she was a normal old lady, but when you saw those eyes you knew she was different, like she had a secret. Her eyes were a dull dark blue, her appearance looked happy, but her eyes told you something different. I shook my head; It's nothing I should be worrying about. Maybe someone just died in her family. Don't think anything of it. I thought.

She stood up and looked at me, she smiled. I smiled back, "Alright-y. Just fill these out quickly and you will be good to go, sweetie. Oh, and Alexa?" She asked.

"Uh, yes ma'am?" I answered politely.

"Here are your schedules and a map of the campus. Good luck, honey." She said sweetly, and with that she sat back down.

My dad walked to one of the chairs and sat. He began filling out the papers, I had to sign a few things. You know rules. Which I normally don't follow, I'm a kind of person who doesn't like rules. After my dad finished I grabbed my things and we went to find my dorm.

"Remember Alexa, no shenanigans. Don't back talk; don't do anything that can get you sent home." My dad said, lowly.

"Yes, dad. I already told you, I'll try my hardest. Don't want your job to get messed up." I grumbled.

He sighed, "Don't go blaming my job; you knew we would have to move sometime."

"Yeah, but we were there for 8 years!" I said kind of angrily.

"Do not raise your voice with me, young lady." He yelled in a hushed tone.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes, a looked at the doors. 812, 813, 814 ah! 815! My room. "Well this is my room."

"Yes, right." He said while putting my boxes down, "Call me tomorrow when you get settled."

"Ok," I hugged him then walked into my "new" room.

"Hello?" A feminine voice called out.

"Oh uh- hi. I'm Alexandra Leos. Your new room-mate?" I said, unsure.

"Oh!" She called out, suddenly a girl popped out of a closet. "Hi, I'm Brittany Smith."

"Hi." I answered back.

"Oh! Let me help you." She offered and walked over to my boxes.

"Yeah, uh thanks." I put my stuff down on the empty bed.

"No problem," She answered coming into the room with a big box in her hands.

"Oh, that's my comforter." I said, she handed over the box, and went back out to get another one. I ripped open the box and grabbed my Athens Comforter.

"Oh wow, that's beautiful!" She put my other box down.

"Thanks." I started making my bed.

"So, Alexandra where you from?" She asked while sitting down on her bed.

"Um, I'm from Athens." I said, while smoothing out my comforter

"Athens? GREECE?" She asked, quite happily I might add.

"Yeah" I nodded, while heading to my suitcase.

"Oh that closet nearest the wall is yours. But seriously? Greece? What is it like there? Hot guys I can imagine, oh! I'm getting excited already." She giggled.

"I liked it, actually loved it. It was really pretty; I guess the guys were hot. But I was like 12, 13 and 14 there so I was a gross typical teenager. Like still a tomboy, hair always in a ponytail, braces." I answered putting my clothes away.

"Oh, yeah understandable. But I would've never guessed. You're so pretty!" She complimented.

I guess she was right. I get compliments all the time, about being pretty. I have curly blonde hair, I had a good tan that never goes away, and the only thing that isn't normal is that I have gray eyes. I dress normal, so sure I guess to sum me up I'm kind of pretty.

"Uh- Thanks, I get that a lot." I shrugged, and walked over to my bed. I plugged my phone charger into the wall, and plugged in my phone.

"Oh, and I absolutely love your outfit that you're wearing! Let me guess all from Greece?" She asked.

"Yeah, and a little from Rome." I said calmly.

"God, you are so lucky! Once people hear and see you, you'll be so popular!" She said, while bouncing on her bed.

"Really? I kind of just want to focus on my school work." I said, while grabbing my laptop out of my bag.

"Oh, well who says you can't be popular and smart?" She stretched out the word 'and' to make her point.

"I guess you're right." I said while sitting down and letting out a huff.

"Come on, you need to meet some people before you start school tomorrow." She said while walking over to her closet and grabbing a Gucci purse.

"Ok," I agreed and grabbed my phone and bag.