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Title: Athens to New York

Rated: T- for suggestive themes, violence, and language

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Chapter Two:

Who Knew Your Back Could Tell You Something About A Person

I walked along side Brittany and we talked about shopping mainly. Not really my thing. I could swear she was a daughter of Aphrodite. She showed me around, I found out they have a huge library, good! Also there is a spot just for us kids. That's where Brittany took me to.

"So this is the hang out area!" She said gleefully.

"Cool," I looked around. There was a TV area, snack bar, and desks.

"Oh, come on. You have to meet the gang!" She grabbed my arm and dragged me over to a table.

"Hey guys!" She said loudly, a bunch of people turned around.

"Hey Brittany, who's the chick?" Some guy asked. He has brown hair, brown eyes and a tan. He seems ordinary.

"Oh, this is Alexandra Leos, she's new and she's from Greece."

Every body's mouth dropped, "Greece?" The dude asked.

"Yes, ok. This is Bryan Dung." Pointing to the brown headed dude. "This is Ashley Peterman." She pointed to a red head. "That's Harold Chimers." He had black hair with one streak of blue in it. "That's Taylor Walker." She pointed to a brunette.

"Hi," I said. They were about to speak when the door burst open.

"Oh hey Calix!" Harold said.

"Hey guys, and girls." He turned to face Brittany, "Oh, and new girl."

"Calix this is Alexandra. She moved here from Greece." His eyes perked up,

"Really, well it's an honor to meet you, Alexa." He smiled. I even think I heard a few girls swoon in the background.

"Believe me the pleasure is all mine." I smiled back, but not the same smile. Mine was an 'I-know-what-kind-of-guy-you-are' smile.

He looked me up and down, and then he smirked. He sat down next to me. "So Alexa what brings you here?"

"My dad's job." I said pissy. His job was a sensitive area for me.

"Oh, do you like it so far?" He asked.

"Um, I've only been here since 8 this morning, but so far it's ok." I said, not even looking at him.

"Ok," He sighed, "Um, I'm going to get something to eat. Alexa come help me."

I was about to say 'no' when Brittany stomped on my foot. I glared at her, "Fine."

"Why do you hate me?" He asked as we walked over to the snack table.

"I don't hate you." I said while grabbing water and an apple.

"Ah, healthy eater. Then why do act like it." He asked while grabbing Doritos.

"Ah, pig." I said.

"Wait? I eat like a pig or I am a pig?" He asked man boys can be stupid.

"Gods, you're stupid. It was an answer to both!" I said.

"What?" He said, suddenly I heard a crash. I stopped and turned around to find Calix with a big bowl of chili going down his shirt. "Shit"

"Here," I said while grabbing napkins and trying not to laugh.

"It's not funny." He groaned. "Hold up." He ripped his shirt off, and he was well, ripped.

"Um, what are you doing?" I asked, looking away.

"My shirts ruined, I have another one in my bag. Just come on." He turned around and walked off. I saw on his back he had a tattoo of a Trident.

"What!" I whispered to myself.

He turned around, "Coming?" I nodded quickly and ran up to him.

How could I have not seen it before? His green-ish blue-ish eyes, his black hair, his tan skin. He looks just like -