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Pairings are...

LoganxSammy (LoganxOC)


JamesxMaria (JamesxOC)

TristanxCamille (OCxCamille)




Sammy Torres is a nerd. Simple as that. She's always been intelligent, studious, and a bookworm. But she was surrounded by friends and family who showered her with love, so she never really cared.

The first person Sammy ever saw besides her parents was her best friend Kendall Knight. Kimberly Knight and Michelle Torres had grown up together in the tiny Minnesota town of Lakeside. So of course when Michelle's daughter Samantha was born about five months after Kim's son Kendall, the two mothers stuck the kids together practically every day. So, yeah, Kendall was basically Sammy's brother. And vise versa.

Sammy met her closest female friend in kindergarten. At recess, Kendall had ran off to join some other boys in a game of four-square. Sammy was extended an invitation, but the raven-haired girl had declined. She sat on a table, alternating between watching her best friend play and reading the Horrible Harry book she was currently attempting to finish.

"Boys. So cute, yet so stupid."

Sammy looked up at the intruder of her personal space. The girl before her had curly hair colored vibrantly red, with little tendrils tickling her shoulders. Her eyes were hazel- warm cinnamon compared to Sammy's own stormy gray.

"I'm Maria!" the girl greeted, with a grin that Sammy couldn't help but return.

"I'm Sammy."

"Whatcha doin?"


"Borning!" Maria called. Sammy looked up, slightly hurt. "Let's play in the sandbox!"

Sammy wanted to decline, but Maria was tugging on her arm with strength no five-year old should possess. And that's how a friendship was born. Soon Maria joined Sammy and Kendall's little world, and the three became inseperable.

Sammy, Kendall and Maria soon met the newest addition of their group: James Diamond.

It was second grade, and the three were sitting at lunch, swapping their sandwiches like always, when all the girls in the surrounding area began chatting and giggling loudly.

"What's up with them?" Kendall asked. And then they saw him. A tall boy, dressed fashionably without seeming girly, was running a comb through his caramel brown hair with girls trailing after him.

Sammy and Kendall rolled their eyes, but Maria seemed...captivated. The boy stopped and his group of fans all tried to pull him to their tables. But his eyes settled on the group probably least likely to fawn over him. So there he sat.

"Hey there, I'm James." he greeted.

"I'm Maria Oliver!" Maria responded. Kendall raised an eyebrow at Sammy. Is Maria just being Maria or is this guy making her more hyper then usual? he seemed to ask. Sammy shrugged.

"I'm Kendall Knight."

"Sammy Torres."

James stared at each of them before nodding. "You guys are cool." he stated, as if they had asked for his approval.

Sammy stared down at bologna sandwich Kendall had trade her for her original ham and cheese. Ripping it in half, she handed it to James. "We usually swap sandwiches. You like bologna?" she asked. James stared at her quizically for a moment, before shooting her a winning smile. "Yeah, I do. Thanks."

"Want some of my carrot sticks?" Kendall asked.

"I've got some chips if you want some, James." Maria added.

"Thanks guys. You want some cookies?" And the trio became a quartet, through their similar love of lunch food.

The fifth member of the group was Logan Mitchell. In fifth grade, the elementary school took part in a district-wide dance competition. The group's teacher, Mrs. Sanchez, had grouped the class into partners. Sammy, Kendall, Maria and James groaned about not being able to choose their own partners, but soon got over it. Kids have short attention spans, after all.

Maria and James were paired together for the first dance and Sammy was forced to listen to the hyper girl's ramblings about how happy she was to be dancing with her crush. Kendall was dancing with a girl named Isabel Morgan in the finale, and Sammy was paired with a boy named Logan Mitchell for the second dance.

When Sammy met Logan for their first rehersal, he was reading.

She gasped. "A Series of Unfortunate Events? I didn't know anyone else in our grade read those books!"

Logan jumped at his partner's sudden arrival and exclamation. "Uh, yeah, I mean it's not my usual genre, but I like the Baudelaire kids. Especially Klaus."

"Yeah, you kinda remind me of him. Without the glasses, I mean."

"I guess I can always borrow yours, right?"

Sammy giggled, then mentally yelled at herself for sounding like Maria on a James-Rant. "Uh, I'm Sammy."

"L-Logan." Was Sammy mistaken, or was Logan's cheeks red? Oh great, now her face felt warm.

After the initial awkwardness ("You have to put your hands on my waist for this part, Logan." "But isn't that...weird?" "Yeah, but we gotta do it."), the duo began to perfect their dance. They even took first place for their division!

After the competition, Kendall, Maria and James enveloped their friend in hugs.

"Sammy, you were awesome!" Kendall cried.

"Thanks Kenny, but I couldn't do it without Logan here." Sammy turned and gave her newest friend a one-armed hug. He flushed. "So, he's gonna hang out with us from now on, ok?"

"What makes him qualified?" James asked, crossing his arms and staring the black-haired boy down.

"He likes hockey, likes watching TV, and usually packs Oreos in his lunch box." Sammy stated wearily.

"Welcome to the group, Logan." James responded, holding out his hand and smiling. Sammy rolled her eyes.

Carlos Garcia was the last member of the group. It was the summer before the five-some started middle school and they were spending an afternoon at Robbinson Pond. In the winter, the pond was frozen over, making it a choice spot for playing ice hockey and skating. In the summer, however, the group spent their days skipping rocks and wading in the chilly water.

A thunk resounded through the surrounding forest. Logan paused, rock in upraised arm. "Did you hear that?"

Maria and Sammy nodded and stepped out of the water, rolling their pant legs down.

"Let's check it out." Kendall suggested. The five made their way over to the nearest oak tree, and to their surprise, a boy came out from behind it. Shaking his helmet-covered head, he took sight of the preteens before him. "Hi! I'm Carlos!" he greeted.

"I'm Maria!" the redhead responded automatically. Seems she had found a kindred soul.

The others introduced themselves to the Latino, before Kendall posed the question, "Did you hear that loud noise?"

Carlos thought about it, before his face lit up in understanding. "Oh! Yeah! You see, I was chasing this squirrel and, well... let's just say I'm glad I wear a helmet." The five laughed.

"Well, the girls are wading and we're having a rock skipping contest, wanna join us?" James asked. And just like that, Carlos was in the group.

The six friends were as different as friends could possibly be. Kendall was the leader, a level-headed hockey nut who was always looking out for the others. James was shallow and dreamt of fame, but had his down-to-earth moments. Carlos was an adrenaline junkie, willing to do anything exciting and interesting. Logan was the safe one, the voice of reason for the otherwise rowdy group. Despite her hyperactive demeanor, Maria was creative and spent most of her time drawing. Sammy was the bookworm and often flip-flopped from Kendall, James, Carlos and Maria's crazier side to Logan's more sensible side whenever it suited her mood.

They all got along great, and carried for each other as if they were flesh and blood family. Sammy and the boys were there when Maria won her first art award. Sammy and Maria made signs for the boys' first hockey game and treated them to ice cream afterwards, even though they lost. And Maria and the boys cheered loudest when Sammy sang in the eigth grade talent show, even though she only took second place. Sammy even kept the presents Maria and the boys had gotten her for her thirteenth birthday on her bed. (A teddy bear from Kendall, a panda from James, a dinosaur from Carlos, a penguin from Maria, and a zombie girl doll from Logan. The choice had seemed weird until Sammy had explained she and Logan were currently reading the zombie-centric book, Generation Undead.)

That's why the leaving was so hard.

The boys were pouting slightly on the way to the airport. Mrs. Knight and Kendall's little sister Katie were trying to cheer them up, but they wouldn't have it. Sure, they were going to Hollywood, but they were leaving behind their two best friends. It was as if two pieces of their hearts were ripped out.

Mrs. Knight had offered to grab some food, and the four mumbled their agreement. They sat in the hard plastic chair of the airport lounge and sulked.

"Gee, don't you all look like a bunch of future rockstars." They looked up. Sammy was pushing her glasses farther up the bridge of her nose while smirking, and Maria was trying to hid her giggles behind her hand.

"Sammy! Maria!" The boys jumped up from their seats and soon the girls were smothered in hugs.

"Wow, you'd think WE were the ones leaving!" Maria commented jokingly, from her spot squished between her two favorite people, Carlos and James.

"Believe me, I wish we weren't." Kendall spoke from his position beside Sammy, his arm drapped around the girl's shoulders.

"What?" The raven-haired girl cried, bringing her head out of the crock of Logan's neck but still keeping the other boy close. "You can't be serious, Kenny."

"Well, I am."

"We're gonna miss you guys." Carlos whined.

"Yeah, we should've all been in a band together." James added.

"For real." Logan commented unnecessarily.

"Well, you need to go chase your dreams." Maria told them.

"Yeah, what kind of friends would we be if we held you back?" Sammy asked rhetorically.

"Guys! Time to board!" Katie called.

The six shared melancholy looks and long hugs, before the boys boarded their plane.

Sammy and Maria stared as the plane flew through the gray Minnesota sky toward the sunny land of California.

"Do you feel like your big brothers just left for college?" Maria asked.

Sammy nodded. "Do you feel like your favorite toys were just given away in a garage sale?"

Maria nodded. They stared at the sky in silence, picturing the plane even though it was long gone.

"Did we make the right choice?" Maria asked softly.

Sammy nodded.

"Then, why does it hurt so much?"

Sammy turned to face her friend and she noticed the tear tracks on the redhead's face. Sammy felt her own eyes spilling over, and she wiped off her glasses quickly. "Because our group just disbanded. But you know what they say. If you love something, let it go."

"Do you believe that?" Maria questioned.

Sammy tried to nod, but she couldn't lie. Not about this. She shook her head. Holding hands and crying, the two girls wished with all their hearts that the four boys who meant everything to them would get everything they ever wanted in their new home.

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