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Maria groaned as a shadow blocked her precious sunlight. Ever since she had moved, the red-head spent every afternoon soaking up copious amounts of vitamin D. She lifted her sunglasses off of her eyes to see the tall form of James Diamond, illuminated from behind. He was smirking. Maria forced down her blush and glared at the handsome boy. "What do you want, Diamond?" she asked.

"Same thing as always. For you to be my girlfriend." the egotistical boy replied. He plopped down in the lounge chair beside Maria and began slathering on sunscreen.

Maria tore her eyes away from the sight of the oily substance gleaming on the boy's tan, muscular arm. "Well, I want you to evaporate into the mist and never return, so it looks like neither of us will get what we want." she spat.

"C'mon Marita, we both know I'm the only guy willing to put up with you."

Maria shot out of her chair so fast, The Flash would've been eating her dust. "What. Do you mean. By that." The red-head asked through clenched teeth, trying not to unleash her dark side on the guy she loved.

"Nothing, just that I'm the only guy who likes you." James elaborated without so much as batting an eye.

"So, what, I'm unattractive or something?" Maria inquired, keeping her tone calm.

"No, but besides Kendall, Carlos and Logan, I'm the only guy you know here. And Kendall has Jo, Carlos has Steph, and Logan's crushin' on Sammy whether he wants to believe it or not. So, by default, that leaves you and me." James tried to explain.

"I can get a boyfriend without being a 'default', James Diamond!" The red-head cried.

"Oh yeah? Show me!"

Crap. No matter how egotistical and annoying and selfish and rude he was, Maria loved James. Who could she possibly find to be her boyfriend?

The sweet sounds of strumming hit her ears. She turned and she met his rose-colored lenses. Maria smiled and turned back to James. "Alright, I will."

James watched as Maria sauntered over to Guitar Dude. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but it ended in a hug. James started to panic. Guitar Dude never hugged anyone. Not his groupies, not his parents, no one. He knew Maria was beautiful and sweet, but he just assumed everyone at the Palm Woods thought they were together. The brunette young man began to glance anxiously around the area. If Maria could get another boyfriend, James could get another girlfriend.


Then he spotted her. All alone, in a lounge chair, earbuds in, was the curly-haired Jennifer. Jennifer Mason was always the one James and Carlos always went for first, so she was the obvious choice.

"Jennifer?" James asked. The curly-haired girl removed an earbud and smirked up at the musician.

"Diamond." she acknowledged.

James ran a hand through his hair, then quickly smoothed it back to its impecable state. "So, uh, listen. You know Maria Oliver, right?"

"Red-head? Always drawing in the lobby? Hangs with that chick with the glasses Logan's dating?"

James chuckled inwardly, before answering in the affermative. "Well, I think she and Guitar Dude are an item now, and-"

"And you want me to be your fake girlfriend to win her bacl?" Jennifer asked, sitting up.

"Please?" James asked.

But Jennifer was only interested in herself. "I want to a solo on your next song, a speaking part in your next two videos, and you're doing my laundry AND homework for the next two weeks."

Despite the situation, James had to look at the other girl in apprehension. "That's all? I thought you would've asked for more."

Jennifer shrugged indifferently. "Your band's getting bigger and you're the pretty one, so it's a win-win for both of us."

"Oh." James said. A silence sat between the pair for a moment, before James extended his hand to the girl on the chair. "Fake couple?" he asked.

And Jennifer Mason smiled-the rare, genuine smile she harbored within for special occations- and grasped the rockstar's hand firmly. "Fake couple."

Logan was right. Camille wasn't happy about him 'dating' Sammy. Not happy at all.

"Care to explain?" Camille ambushed Logan and Sammy as the two reentered the Palm Woods.

Sammy, eager to leave the lovers to their quarrel, whispered, "I'll just leave you two alone."

Camille held out her arm, blocking the raven-haired girl's path. "Stay. I need a witness." the actress spoke through gritted teeth.

Logan sighed. He was growing more tired of Camille's jealousy by the day. "What is it?" he asked wearily.

"It was one thing to tell one stupid reportedryou were dating the Torres girl." Camille began, quickly forgetting that the "Torres girl" was standing next to her. "But now the entire world knows! What am I, Logan? A piece of meat?"

"I thought you would'd be happy. Now your dad thinks we aren't dating!" Logan bit back.

"Yeah! My dad gets piece of mind, you and Sammy get publicity, and where does that leave me? A actress trying to make her break-out debut, waiting in a broom closet for her boyfriend that is out on the town with another girl?" Camille began to sob. Logan wanted to groan, but she was his girlfriend- what could he do?

"Look, Camille. You could always do the same thing." Logan pointed out. The brunette looked up, confused. "Pretend to date someone, I mean." The smart boy elaborated.

"That's actually not a bad idea." Logan and Camille whipped their heads around to face Sammy, who had put her two cents into the conversation. "Not only would it make your dad forget about you and L-Logan," Sammy stated, her voice cracking oddly on her fake boyfriend's name, "But it'd get you some publicity for your movie."

Camille began to smile as she mulled over this idea. "I like it." she said finally. "But who?"

The trio scanned the lobby for possible prospects.

"Jake McAllister?"

"No, he's too depressing."

"Vince Mantle?"

"Artistic types are usually freaks. No offense to Maria."

"Wesley Flynn?"

"I am NOT dating a guy in the circus business!"

Finally, Logan's eyes found the perfect replacement. His hair was shaggy and the color of chocolate. His eyes, vivid green. He was dressed in a simple blue shirt and black jeans. He sat on the couch, reading a script, arms waving out for emphasis.

"How about Tristan?" Logan asked. Sammy and Camille's eyes found the actor Logan spoke of.

"Tristan? As in, Tristan DuPree? My co-star?" Camille questioned.

"Nice job, Doc! Tristan is a perfect fit. He's an actor, so Mr. Anderson will like him for not holding Camille back. He's a break-out star, so both of them can benifit from the publicity, and you're playing opposite each other in the movie, so it's incredibly likely you'd end up dating anyway!" Sammy analyzed quickly.

Camille glanced at Tristan. Sure, he was handsome, she couldn't deny that. But she loved Logan. How could she fake date someone else? The actress peaked back at her boyfriend. He was smiling widely, praising Sammy's quick wit while the gray-eyed girl blushed. Jealousy flowed through Camille's body in an instant. She wanted to make Logan feel like she did, wanted to prove she was a prize. "Fine." she said, not even caring if her companions were listening. "I'll go talk to him."

She smoothed her sundress and sauntered over to her co-star. "Hey Triiiistan." she greeted in a sing-song voice. The young man looked up, surprise changing quickly to happiness.

"Camille! This is a surprise. For sure, I thought you'd be off with those musicians you always hang out with." Tristan stated, placing the script neatly in his lap.

Camille had to smile back. Tristan's charm was so refreshing. "Actually, the boys are all sort of paired off. You know, Kendall and Jo, Carlos and Stephanie.

"Yes. And apperantly, James is with Jennifer Mason. And Maria, that new painter. I saw her holding hands with Guitar Dude earlier." Tristan informed her. Camille allowed a small, "Oh." to escape her mouth, but she was quickly back in control.

"So, what about your boyfriend? Where's he?"

"Well, uh, hehe, he's not my boyfriend anymore. We broke up. Logan's dating Sammy Torres now." Camille lied easily.

"Aaaah, that new singer, correct?"

"Exactly. And I feel...kinda lonely..." Camille said softly, putting her skills to yet another test. She inched the slightest bit closer to her male counterpart, letting her hand brush against his thigh.

Tristan smiled down at his co-star. "Well, we can't have that. Care to run through the script again?"

Camille resisted the urge to sigh. Apparently her friend was new to the dating world. "Um, actually, I'd rather something. Do you like Italian food?" she asked, looking up through her lashes.

Now Tristan seemed to be getting the picture. His cheeks turned a rosy hue, but his smile grew into a slight smirk. "I do. Would you care to accompany me for a bite to eat, Miss Anderson?" he asked, holding her arm out.

Camille giggled, only barely needing to force the flirty sound from her lips. "I'd love to, Mr. DuPree." she replied, slipping her arm through his.

"Looks like Cupid's making his rounds a couple months early." Logan remarked, as he and Sammy walked toward the pool. The pair had spotted Jo and Kendall sharing idel conversation, Stephanie lounging in a chair as Carlos read Helmet Quarterly aloud to her, Maria sitting with her head on Guitar Dude's shoulder, Jennifer Mason lying in James's lap, and Camille and Tristan leaving the buliding arm in arm.

"Well, Cupid and us." Sammy amended, and she was awarded with Logan's laugh.

"True." The intelligent boy agreed. He led his 'girlfriend' to a unoccupied table and they sat. "Wonder if everyone thinks we're dating."

"I should hope so." Sammy said. "I, uh, I mean...that's the plan right?" she edited quickly.

"Yeah." Logan replied, his tone far off and thoughtful.

Sammy stared off into the sky. It was pale blue and cloudless. A sigh of ease. Of contentment and peace, Sammy noted absentmindedly. Out of the blue, she was hit with a feeling of courage. She wanted to take a risk, wanted to be bold for once.

She jumped out of her seat. "Logan? Let's go do something." the raven-haired girl spoke.

To her surprise, and slight discouragement, Logan chuckled, "We just came back from a day of playing hockey and you want to go somewhere else now, Belle?"

"Why not?" was Sammy's responce.

Logan beamed. "That's a good question. And one I can't argue with." he answered, standing up. "Where to?"

"Anywhere. I'm still new here, remember?"

Logan let his hand slip into Sammy's. When he realized what he had done, the action felt so natural he couldn't be bothered to let go. "Have you ever been blacklight mini-golfing?" he asked.

"Oh my gosh, they HAVE that?" Sammy cried, eyes sparkling with amazement.

The boy laughed loudly. "Yeah, it's pretty awesome. It's right next door to a multiplex too. So we can go a round or two at the mini-golf place, then catch a movie."

"Can we see Scott Pilgram vs. The World?"

"I thought you'd want to go see Vampires Suck."

"Oooooh, true..."

Logan grinned and began to lead his indesisive friend out of the Palm Woods. "How about, depending on what time it is and whether they're playing consecutively, we make it a double feature."

Sammy's excited intake of breath made Logan's heart melt, and his cheeks flush. "You'd do that, Doc?" Sammy questioned.

"For you, Belle? Anytime."

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